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The APGCI is an integrated set of federal investment and policy measures focused on national trade with the Asia-Pacific Region. Its mission is to establish Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor as the world’s best transportation network facilitating global supply chains between North America and Asia. Yeah, right. It's a little more than that, isn't it? And BC Rail is where?

BC Mary comment: can you believe this? Holy Ratzinger! Shirley Bond and  Stockwell Day, two of our most brilliant rocket scientists -- one provincial, one federal -- have figured this whole thing out for us. But where is Big Media on "TPP", the Trans Pacific Partnership -- which is where this little road project in Delta is leading? The implications for Canada are huge ... huge:

For Immediate Release
Oct. 5, 2010

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Work begins on Highway 17 Interchange in Delta

DELTA – As part of the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) project, construction of a new interchange on Highway 17 in Delta is underway, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Shirley Bond and the Honourable Stockwell Day, President of the Treasury Board of Canada and Minister responsible for the Asia-Pacific Gateway announced today. The new interchange will improve mobility, reduce congestion and support economic development in and around Deltaport.

“This project sets the stage for improving Metro Vancouver’s major road network,” said Bond. “The interchange will connect to the new South Fraser Perimeter Road, which will reduce heavy truck traffic on community streets, improve the movement of people and goods and will create up to 7,000 jobs.”

“This announcement brings us closer to realizing the full potential of this region as an important national trading connection with the Asia-Pacific," said Minister Day. "The South Fraser Perimeter Road, including Highway 17 Interchange, will help to strengthen our trade competitiveness by improving the movement of goods and people, while creating jobs and enhancing traffic safety and travel times throughout Delta.”

The interchange will be built adjacent to the existing Highway 17 crossing of the BC Rail line and will connect Deltaport Way and Highway 17 traffic to the new SFPR.

A $12.1-million contract has been awarded to Westpro Infrastructure Ltd. of Surrey to build the interchange, which is expected to finish in the fall of 2011. Minimal traffic delays are expected during construction. The final paving of the interchange and its connection to Deltaport Way and Highway 17 will be carried out by the South Fraser Perimeter Road Concessionaire.

The new 40 kilometre, four-lane SFPR will run along the south side of the Fraser River, improving the movement of people and goods through the region, providing better access to major trade gateways and reducing east west travel times. It will extend from Deltaport Way in southwest Delta to 176th St. (Highway 15) in Surrey with connections to Highway 1, 91, 99 and the Golden Ears Bridge. The Province is contributing over $600 million toward the SFPR project.

The Government of Canada, through its Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative (APGCI), is contributing $363 million toward the SFPR project, in addition to a $2-million contribution toward the environmental assessment process.

The APGCI is an integrated set of federal investment and policy measures [must see this!] focused on national trade [?] with the Asia-Pacific Region. Its mission is to establish Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor as the world’s best transportation network facilitating global supply chains between North America and Asia.

Media Contacts:

Jeff Knight 
Public Affairs Bureau

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

250 356-7707

Mélisa Leclerc

Director of Communications

Office of the President of the Treasury Board and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway

613 952-5051

For more information on government services or to subscribe to the Province’s news feeds using RSS, visit the Province’s website at [That's probably the Province of B.C., not The Province newspaper.]

See the source HERE


It doesn't stop there. From Salt Spring News: 

U.S. economic, political and military expansion in Asia-Pacific region

Dana Gabriel
Be Your Own Leader USA
October 4, 2010

Visit this page for its embedded links.

The U.S. is stepping up efforts to gain more influence in Asia-Pacific through participation in more regional institutions and negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. U.S. foreign policy seeks to shape the future of the region in an attempt to dominate economic, political and security issues. There are concerns over the rise of trade agreements in the Asia-Pacific by U.S. competitors that could greatly affect its interests. The TPP is seen by many as a key component of America’s trade strategy for further engagement in the region. A U.S. government fact sheet describes the TPP as a, “potential platform for economic integration across the Asia Pacific region. The United States will engage with an initial group of seven like-minded countries, Singapore, Chile, New Zealand, Brunei, Australia, Peru, and Vietnam, to craft a platform for a high-standard, comprehensive agreement - one that reflects U.S. priorities and values - with these and additional Asia-Pacific partners.” The TPP is open to other countries with Canada, Malaysia and the Philippines, among some of the nations that have shown interest in joining. It has been suggested that the U.S. may want the current eight partnership countries to reach an initial high-quality agreement before bringing others into the pact. In an effort to play a more dominant role, the TPP could be a means to address long-standing U.S. economic interests in Asia and be used to counter increasing Chinese trade in the region. ...

Earlier this year, Kurt M. Campbell Assistant Secretary, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs made it clear that the U.S. seeks to play a more prominent role in the region. In a Statement on Regional Overview of East Asia and the Pacific he emphasized, “In every regard - geopolitically, militarily, diplomatically, and economically - Asia and the Pacific are indispensable to addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities of the 21st century. As the Asia-Pacific century emerges, defining the new international environment, the United States must enhance and deepen its strategic engagement and leadership role in the region.” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s recent Remarks on U.S. Foreign Policy before the Council on Foreign Relations also lays out America’s strategy. She stated, “the Asia-Pacific currently has few robust institutions to foster effective cooperation and reduce the friction of competition, so we began building a more coherent regional architecture with the United States deeply involved.” Clinton also added, “the Asia-Pacific region will grow in importance and developing these institutions will establish habits of cooperation that will be vital to stability and prosperity.” ...

During a trip to Asia last year, Obama proclaimed himself to be America's first Pacific President and noted the importance of, "multilateral organizations (that) can advance the security and prosperity of this region."

He also asserted, “As an Asia Pacific nation, the United States expects to be involved in the discussions that shape the future of this region, and to participate fully in appropriate organizations as they are established and evolve." American economic, political and military expansion in Asia-Pacific is being used to counter growing Chinese influence. The U.S. continues to strengthen old alliances and forge new partnerships. Through various joint security exercises, it has increased its military presence in the area. With the U.S. and China vying for more control, this could further escalate tensions and lead to a potential confrontation between the two powers.

Corporatist Canada and British Columbia are very pleased that the Obama administration is willing to do some heavylifting for them. Canadian politicians (federal and provincial) are doing their best to help too.


Compliance Energy Press Release
...  a new press release on a recently completed technical report. See it here:
Important information from the press release in terms of trucking and other things:

"An annual average of 1.88 million tonnes of raw coal will be processed on site, resulting in total average annual production of 0.83 million tonnes of saleable semi soft metallurgical and thermal middlings coal per year over a 16 year mining term. Processed coal production will range from 0.65 million tonnes to 1.1 million tonnes per year after the initial start up period and excluding the final year of mining."

Originally it was slated at 2.2 million and up to 1.5 million tonnes a year.

At 1.88 raw and up to 1.1 million saleable that is not as good yield as before (59% vs. 68% before)

It also affects the amount of transport needed of course.  1.5 Million meant 96 trucks a day, 4 loaded an hour.  1.1 Million is 72 a day, 3 loaded an hour.

It also means a change for trains of course.  One 46 car train needing a 132 second wait was the original estimate, now that will be one 33 car train needing 96 seconds to pass.

"Processed coal will be transported to Port Alberni on the west coast of Vancouver Island and marketed into Asian coal markets, likely Japan and Korea. Infrastructure construction is anticipated to commence in 2012 subsequent to the receipt of all necessary permits. Mine construction and development would take approximately one year to complete and the first shipment of coal is projected to commence in 2013."

Port Alberni is still squarely in the crosshairs.  Though i do notice that they do *not* mention the method of transport to the Port.

"The PFS concludes that the Project is financially attractive with an estimated pre-tax NPV (8% discount rate) of CDN$201.9 million at an average realized coal price of CDN$142 per tonne (prices are FOB Port Alberni). The Project returns a non-levered, pre-tax discounted cash flow-internal rate of return of 20.7%."

WOW!  A 20.7% rate of return.  Incredible profitability... that we will see VERY little of.

Chris Alemany
Say No to 100 Trucks a Day!

 BC Mary comment: And people ask: why was Gordo invited to the last Bilderberg conference!

Take me home ...

BC Rail 4616, Hawthorne 2 by ~eyepilot1~ 10/4/10

[Old song] Show me the way to go home ... 

Where ever I may roam
On land or sea or foam
You will always hear me singing this song
Show me the way to go home ...

 Hawthorne Yard on Cicero's South side across from the former "Sportsman's Park" Horsetrack's parking lot (now home to many Mexican carnivals). A CN CM40-8 sits in the yard still in BC Rail livery.

From Los Angeles Times
October 13, 2009
Organized Crime: 15% of world's Gross Domestic Product
 SINGAPORE - Deputy US Attorney General David Ogden, speaking at the 78th general assembly of the global police agency Interpol, told delegates that they needed to act more forcefully to combat transnational organized crime groups whose proceeds now comprise up to 15% of the global gross domestic product.

How come this trial, scheduled to take 3 weeks, is now going to take far, far longer? How come it was allowed to break for summer vacation, to break for jury appointments, illnesses of a defendant, etc and so on??

What if someone's cat didnt come home one morning, would the court sit or not sit, to allow a juror, a defendant, or a counsel, to spend the day at home, calling for thier lost puddy tat?

How much more tax payers dollars are going to wasted on this circus???

Chill out, 7:16, you're being silly ...

the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial was never scheduled to be completed in 3 weeks ...

remember ... we even thought the judge was showing her ignorance by suggesting that it could be done in 8 weeks.

But I certainly agree with you on the 2-month summer break, and the decision to wait while an important Crown witness toddled off to party in Toronto.

But if you're going to try to tell us that we should begin to agitate for shutting down the trial to "save money" ... holy Ratzinger, you want to give up just when it looks like we're winning?

Now that REALLY would be wasting money!
This sounds like the SPP (security prosperity plan) is coming into fruition. Other wise known as the super highways across N.America,

... and BC Rail just happened to get into the mix without anybody noticing ...

but we still have the Deltaport connector.

Or ... do we?
Mary, this is a game of monopoly and pretty soon we'll be voting for a president. I remember that one of the ports was supervised by a chief of police, until he was run out of town by organised crime!
This has been long in coming but we, Canada, need to be governed by the Dept.of Defence.
Sorry, but organised crime is much bigger then our beloved mounties can handle.

Part I of what you say is pretty obvious, i.m.o.

But Part II ... Holy Ratzinger, your next Big Idea is brilliant! ... you say we "need to be governed by the Dept of Defence" which would make that proven double-crosser Peter MacKay the King?

Need to be governed by the military? After narrowly missing Col. Russell Williams climbing up near the top of the chain of command, you actually think the military should be crowned to rule us all?

You're kidding, of course. However, I must ask about the

"Sorry, but ..." thing. What are you apologizing for? And why stop there?
PJ - your brain works in part but as to:

"This sounds like the SPP (security prosperity plan) is coming into fruition. Other wise known as the super highways across N.America,"

You're close but the name of the game is resources from the north, cheap labor from the south and counting all the money would be the Yanks and their Mexican and Canadian quislings! Of course it must be inconvenient that there seems to be a bigger war going on in Mexico today than Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Don't worry though, soon enough somebody will do something stoooopid in the ME (like attack Iran or ?) and we won't even notice Mexico anymore.
Harper, is harping about, global governance. Our Canadian Constitution, is dead. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Democracy and Freedom are no longer rights, for the citizens. Every citizen in this country has the right, to good, honest and fair government. Our governing bodies, seem to think we can't connect the dots, that we can't see the corruption, lies and deceit. The pollution plans for BC are, bad, bad, bad. So, heads up people. Unfortunately, BC has vast natural resources. And, it is corruption and greed, that really governs, this country, and the provinces.
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