Monday, October 18, 2010


Back in BC Supreme Court today: the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial

Confirmed: today at 10:00 AM, all present in BC Supreme Courtroom 54 will rise to their feet for the entrance (late or not) of the Honourable Associate Chief Justice of BC Supreme Court, Anne MacKenzie who is expected to preside over the latest episode of the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial.

For those who may feel that seeing may help them believe that justice is what's going on there: Courtroom 54 remains open to the public, subject only to the infamous publication ban.

My understanding of the MacKenzie ban  is that citizens are entitled to observe provincial business -- just as BC citizens are entitled to attend Legislature sittings on the rare occasions when those, too, are allowed to occur.   By attending the BC Rail trial in person, citizens may become well-informed, and are at liberty to tell me (or anybody) what they hear in the corridors. Citizens must note, however, that we most definitely aren't entitled to (and will be punished if we do this) reveal anything to anybody about what they've been lucky enough to hear in the actual courtroom without the jury present. (Jury present, then it's OK to mention these things which may or may not have a sharp significance in the minds of all British Columbians.)  I hope I have ... well, made these important matters clear.

October 18, 2010 at 10:00 AM in BCSC Courtroom 54. That much does appear to be clear on today's Supreme Court schedule. But we never really know for sure, do we? - BC Mary.


The trial is overrrrr read Gary mason...looks like your now going to have to find something else to complain about
Wow! The dynamic duo Have just pleaded guilty and the trial is over> Now we don't get to see the rest of the characters squirm on the witness stand.
Well. Surprise, surprise. NOT. Now I'll be keeping an eye on them to see how, and by whom, they are rewarded.
I feel like crying!!!!!! This is disgusting!!! I feel sick, frustrated,and mad as hell. Who has to pay for this Trial?
If Basi plead Guilty to accepting money from Pilot House, will they be charged?

"Basi admits he accepted benefits totalling $25,695 from Erik Bornmann of Pilothouse"
Oh Mary, I wasnt ready for this, I am sure You were
not either.

Read more:
Anonymous at 10:28 you are either a paid hack or a really stoopid and venal person or all three.

As mentioned above, the device that has been chosen in British Columbia to reconcile the need for both accountability and the independent exercise of prosecutorial discretion is the requirement that any direction that the Attorney General might give with respect to the prosecution of a specific case or with respect to matters of policy must be subsequently published in the Gazette, (a public record of government decisions), pursuant to ss 5 and 6 Crown Counsel Act. This requirement, while recognizing the lawful authority of the Attorney General, a requirement in a representative democracy, ensures transparency with regard to any such direction and ultimately creates a mechanism for holding the Attorney General responsible for the direction. The public can be satisfied that any decision relating to a prosecution not published in the Gazette is one made by the Criminal Justice Branch without the involvement of the Attorney General.
In British Columbia an Attorney General has chosen to exercise the power to provide direction in such a way that it was published in the Gazette on 4 or 5 occasions in the past 7 years. This fact, as well as the use of independent special prosecutors pursuant to ss 7. of the Crown Counsel Act has resulted in a perception by the public that charge decisions, whether good, bad or indifferent are free from political interference.
Mary Im like many others sickened over this latest out come so many criminals walk away exonerated... Mary what the hell happened? this cant be the end, the leg should be recalled immediately and the real criminals made to answer questions and mary.. thanks again for all your hard work in keeping us the great unwashed informed you my dear Mary deserve the order of canada
BC is a morass of corruption, because of Campbell. He had to put a stop to, his corrupt sale of the BCR trial. Up coming witnesses, could have done serious damage to Campbell. This province is practically leaderless now. Only lies and greed govern. No BC Legislature, until next year, if then. Do we have to wait until Campbell registers 0%?
The trial certainly proves, the BC Liberals are corrupt. I think fight HST, could now have Campbell and Hansen recalled. It's getting ugly out there. It doesn't matter where you go, everyone despises Campbell and Hansen. I can't say I am surprised, by the trial being shut down. Campbell is the master of dirty tactics. To lie, deceive and cheat to win, is exactly what dictators do. Everyone knows, anyone opposing Campbell loses their jobs. And that includes judges.
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