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BC Rail Corruption. Premier's office appears to break the law on document destruction

BC Mary Comment:  There are some very, very good BC blogs available these days ... and Ian Reid's blog -- The Real Story --  is one of the best-ever sources of information and insight on the BC situation. 

Go HERE for today's report ... then keep on scrolling down, from one irresistible news-bite to the next.


Bill Tieleman has an excellent 3,000-word commentary today:

Sudden Basi-Virk ending will be costly for taxpayers as Gordon Campbell says Basi and Virk always criminally guilty

Go HERE to read it all. Highly recommended.



Gordon Campbell says Basi and Virk always criminally guilty ..... so was Doug Walls! and taxpayers picked up the legal bill tab on both instances. How about that?

Sean Holman You Tube

"Can you believe it"

is it all going to be shredded before inquiry or can someone get an injunction if possible.?
Basi pleaded guilty because he was guilty. The wire tap evidence I suspect would have sunk him big time.

If that wasnt the case, he would have forged onward, and you would have seen the biggest wrongful dismisall suit ever.

But that didnt happen. He pleade guilty. And while the Premier looks like a fool to parrot that, Basi's guilty plea does not take away from the fact that the Premier is a fool on so many levels, it just amazes me he keeps getting elected.

But then again, getting past James is no difficult feat.

Bill Tieleman is live blogging during GC waste of Tax dollars speech tonight.

What about Bill Berardino. Is itb true that the BC Taxpayer is on the hook to pay him 18 million dollars for his work as special prosecuror?
Mary, I agree with your comment about Bill's piece. One of the best synopsis' around.
Mary! The lamestream media finally takes a swipe at Campbell. Good on ya Dan Murphy!

a good time now to unplug this site and move on. its all over.
Hi Mary, Hope Your OK, haven't seen anything from You. Warm soft Hugs.
Another interesting column:

...hmmmm...I happened across this while snooping for something else and had to wonder if perhaps this isn't the reason for the sudden end to the BC Rail Corruption Trial? From an article at The Tyee titled "News Smothered by Secrecy"

"As well, former Liberal aide Dave Basi, now on trial for various offenses, told the court he assured others not to worry about their e-mails to him emerging under FOI, because he just prints out his emails and then deletes them. Basi quipped that "FOI is for purists."

Perhaps someone was really in a state of panic about just what emails he had printed out and kept...vs. those he deleted?

Methinks this whole thing needs to go to appeal.

I've been offline because of moving into a new home.

Should be re-connected by Monday.

Your comments are safely waiting moderation. I can't believe how much I miss you. Like, when I see/hear certain things (like the big Non-Speech-Taking-Our-Minds=Off-Corruption-Trial, and wondering how we could charge Gordo as an "Unindicted Co-Conspirator", etc etc) who do I talk to? It just ain't the same without you.

See you soon, I hope.
I just heard that Dave Basi has had his leash tightened a few notches - apparently he was playing kinda fast and loose with the terms of his house address...

Nothing serious though, the rules haven't changed much - now he has to lay out all the details of his movements for a week at a time and provide this schedule to his 'minder'.
Hi Mary,

More arrogance.

Could it be that Basi broke the terms of the house arrest or did he say something. I bet he'd be in a whole lot deeper if he violated the confidentiality agreement than if he went out for an unsupervised visit or dinner. Oh well, maybe somebody will find his briefcase somewhere accidentally, of course.

Oh and by the way anon 6:19, hopefully the only site getting unplugged is the pAB site. This is far from over and will be the basis, more so than the HSt to rid the province of your handlers. And to think you would tell us we have to be scared of the Opposition. Get lost.
Oh Mary, I am so relieved, rest assured We have missed YOU!! I have spending my time reading the many comments on other sites, the one that really sticks out is "Take care Regina....Squeeze too hard and the canary might start to sing."

Lots of talk about publication ban
on Friday's appearance in room 55.
I also wonder WHY it always is listed on SC page 23299 HMTQ vs Ltd Access for count 003 Accepting bribe from person dealing with gov't 007 Breach of trust by public officer.
and below that
23299-25 HMTQ vs Basi Udhe S CNT 001 Accepting bribe from person dealing with gov't.
From the

The Sc website say's this @ Publication ban notice
R. v. Udhe Singh (Dave) Basi
Supreme Court
Criminal Code of Canada, s. 517
The evidence, representation made and the reasons given at a show cause (bail) hearing shall not be published in any document or broadcast or transmitted in any way until a preliminary hearing is held and the accused is discharged, or if the accused is ordered to stand trial, the trial has ended.
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