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BC Rail Political Corruption Trial: "We did a good job."

N.V.G. sent a tip-off to this statement by Al MacIntyre:

After seven years of complex legal wrangling, I am proud of the RCMP investigators whose work, in part, led to guilty pleas in the political corruption trial of aides at the B.C. legislature. Yet, in the blood sport of competitive news reporting, The Vancouver  Sun's editorial board insists RCMP investigators "found nothing to back up any of their wild allegations."

Consider this: In spite of having some of the best defence lawyers in this province, David Basi and Bob Virk could not dispute the essential facts, and in the end they admitted to their criminal acts. That is now a matter of public record.

The statement of facts agreed on by Basi and Virk is virtually identical to the RCMP's theory in the first report to the Crown. Defence lawyers were provided with 50,000 documents -almost a million pages of text -and spent years looking to find fault. Very few professional organizations face that kind of scrutiny.

The editorial goes on to claim that the RCMP's Project Every Which Way never found "organized crime spreading through government." In fact, the RCMP has always been adamant that this investigation never resulted in evidence implicating any elected officials.

However, it's important to remember that Project Every Which Way involved more than a breach-of-trust investigation. This file was also about drug trafficking, and that led to the conviction of a man named Jasmohan Singh Bains. He is spending nine years in jail after being found guilty of importing cocaine. This was a day when our members did a very good job under intense public pressure, and The Sun chose the low road with its editorial.

Al MacIntyre

Assistant Commissioner,
Criminal Operations Officer,
RCMP "E" Division

Source is HERE:

BC Mary comment: There's good reason to remember that there's one (maybe more) straight-up cop who insisted upon completing their investigation into Organized Crime by entering the premises of the BC Legislature.

Consider the odds. The odds were surely stacked against him. Only a strong cop chasing a serious major crime could've overcome all obstacles, and gone ahead with the first-ever police raid on a House of Parliament. Imagine, if they had found nothing significant!
But even worse: imagine how it felt when they DID find items of grave significance: not only Organized Crime -- the Jasmohan Singh Bains factor -- but also the unpleasant reasoning behind the tainted negotiations to dump Canada's 3rd largest railway into foreign control. 

Someday we may know the full story of who inspired and led the raids on the BC Legislature. We need to reach out to them, with heartfelt thanks. We need to hear their advice for our future efforts.Very special thanks to Assistant Commissioner MacIntyre for today's statement.

I have always wondered if the name of that very special cop who wouldn't give up, was Victoria's Chief Constable Paul Battershill. 

Battershill was to suffer one of those trademark campaigns ...  one of those campaigns at which the Campbell Gang excels. He was bullied into resigning at an early age ... and who now lives with his wife in the Okanagan. If so ... Battershill is one of the special people we need to come back and help us finish the job. 

It would be nice to say a proper "Thank You," too. 


BC Rail: Unfinished Business

By Ian Reid
The Real Story - Oct. 22, 2010

Quote:  " ...  So where’s the investigation into obstruction of justice and other violations of the Criminal Code with respect to the Premier’s office handling of documents at the heart of the investigation?"
Weird item:

MLA's say call Mike De Jong -- BC Rail issue sparks silence

AM1150 Newscentre - 10/22/2010

If you want the opinion of a Kelowna MLA on the issue of a BC Rail the Attorney General.

AM 1150 has been redirected to Mike De Jong's office, saying the AG would prefer all inquiries regarding the issue, go through him.

De Jong says not all MLA's are fully aprised on the details surrounding the BC Rail corruption case, and therefore it's unfair to ask their opinion on the matter.

"When it comes to this matter and what has taken place, I am speaking for the government and I am answerable to the people. The complexities of the matter are such that we do want to have a spokesperson on behalf of the government, and I am as the Attorney General, that spokesperson,

Two of the three Kelowna MLA's, Norm Letnick and Ben Stewart, refused calls to speak to the issue, while a call to Steve Thomson was never returned.

Hayley Cooper - Kelowna


"Are You Lobbying? Take Our Test"

Use the link below to use the pdf version:
There is something else very important to remember here.

And that is the fact that absolutely no one in the proMedia commented on Mr. Bains conviction until our friend Mary told them it happened.

All of which helps explain why most members of the proMedia 'round here* are doing their level best to burn the $6 Million Straw Man to the ground and dump the ashes down the memory hole right this very minute.

*Paul Willcocks is a most notable exception to that rule.

Mary, are you being facetious when you thank Inspector MacIntyre for his statement? Other than rightly calling out the Vancouver Sun (but not necessarily for the right reasons) his statement is disingenuous at best and self serving.

"Consider this: In spite of having some of the best defence lawyers in this province, David Basi and Bob Virk could not dispute the essential facts, and in the end they admitted to their criminal acts. That is now a matter of public record."

Nobody is disputing that Basi-Virk took a piddling amount of a bribe, yet if the investigation was so marvelous, why did the other criminals who also committed a crime by offering the bribe have to be given immunity? Additionally, of course, his statement completely avoids the indication of "investigative bias" and withholding/misplacing of evidence (Sgt. Bishop's notes to mention a specific example).

"The statement of facts agreed on by Basi and Virk is virtually identical to the RCMP's theory in the first report to the Crown."

But anyone not in a coma KNOWS that the RCMP's "theory" was highly shaped by the need to cater to the wishes of the RCMP lead investigators brother-in-law, Kelly Reichart, and make sure to not implicate any elected (read BC Liberal) officials!

"This file was also about drug trafficking, and that led to the conviction of a man named Jasmohan Singh Bains. He is spending nine years in jail after being found guilty of importing cocaine."

This is rich, as nobody would have ever known about the conviction of Mr. Bains, without the persistent digging of you Mary. Highly unusual when the RCMP usually takes every opportunity to crow about anything they can portray as a "victory" like today with Officer Romanchuck filling the media, in Southern BC at least, about their "smart" police work in confiscating 4 million joints worth of grow op product in the Kootenays this year. He didn't mention that the police work was so "good" that most of these were "grab and go" (confiscation of plants and/or equipment - with no arrests or unsupportable in court arrests) with few charges and most likely fewer yet that will stand up against anyone with a lawyer.

I feel sorry for the RCMP members who actually have ethics and have to deal with a public, most of whom have, for good reason, lost all respect for the once rightly proud force. Monty Robinson, the Bush murder, the murder of the cell phone wielding man in the park, all the transfers of members to make problems go away (like the previous history of Monty Robinson before he started his annual killing events).

Just like what we were served after the VPD report on the Pickton investigation became public (much to the Mounties chagrin)- another self-serving statement from the non-accountable storm troopers of Canada. After all, one of their top men himself said, "We know how to conduct a smear campaign."

But I guess the BeeCee contract is very important to the Horsemen and they fear it won't be renewed if they piss off the Campbell Crime Family! And I guess a little bit of in-breeding goes a long way (Reichart-DeBrucykere)
Well, Sweetie ... if you narrow your eyes into a hard squint and study what I said ...

it's not about the conclusions of their raid.

It's about the simple act of DOING the raid: how much arguing, pushing, disagreeing, persuading, pleading, bullying went into the final decision to

come to that joint decision (RCMP and VicPD) to run an integrated team through those sacred doors ... like, that awesome moment when it was turn away (to chicken-hearted safety)... or ... the decision to :let's do it ... Sunday morning when everybody's on holiday ... OK?"

And they did.

No other police force in the entire British Commonwealth had ever gone so boldly where no cops had ever gone before ...

Admit it, Sweetie: it took some moxie to pull that off. And that's what I'm talking about: the straight-up cop(s) who made that happen.
Tried to Call Erik Bornmann working in Ontario. Maybe he should pay some of the money back.

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I completely disagree with your conclusions, Mary. This raid was self-serving for the RCMP from the gitgo and I doubt it had anything to do with seeking justice.

The RCMP are one of the most corrupt police forces on the planet. (I exempt the average street cop from this, but none the less many know there's something extremely rotten with management.)

Please don't cheerlead for this brutal police force.
Okay Mary, I get you and the moxie you refer to is most likely that of a man who has since been run out of the profession of law enforcement, because he apparently was not only willing to actually go "so boldly where no cops had ever gone before ... ," but dedicated to following the evidence to where ever it led - which led to his retirement in the Okanagan.

I think it is likely that the entire everywhichway investigation did start as basically a drug investigation, and the Ledge became a target for surveillance and wire-taps because the biggest dope dealer on the southern Island was calling his cousin there regularly.

Unfortunately for Chief Battershill, the wire-taps indicated OTHER hanky panky, even more serious than mere drug dealing, but involving breach of the public trust by the highest placed public officials. When the Chief felt ALL the evidence should be followed up on and not just the drug kingpin issues he became an impediment to the REAL organized criminal organization led by Capo Campbell and the end of his career became necessary by whatever means. As it turned out the old Gordon Wilson gambit was good enough to serve the purpose and voila, now everything and the scope of the investigation was entirely up to Kelly Reichart's brother-in-law and the good cop goes fishing.

When the history of the darkside of BC History is written, certain spots like the highway on Maui, a hangar in Kamloops and a lodge on Savary will gain their place in infamy.

Limiting the scope of the investigation, picking the patsies (BBV), delaying, destroying evidence, holding the Bains trial itself in a virtual black hole, as far as any media attention at least - were all part of the, so far successful, major project to change the subject and protect the real criminals who should be charged with the real and ongoing crimes that have been and still are being perpetrated against the people of British Columbia.
If i see Basi down at the rink at his kids skating lessons, should I call the cops? Is he allowed to do that, to be there?
Kootcoot - well said!!!

Maybe you should start teaching courses on citizen responsibility and why people should give a damn about the big picture.
@ Anonymous 4:55

It is a rather generous house arrest. He can leave for work, daily recreation and family activities and more. If he is self employed, he might work 18 hour days.

But, he doesn't have to worry. No one (in authority) will be watching anyway. It is a joke. What should have been a lengthy in-custody sentence is almost nothing. Add in the millions in legal fees dropped on the table and the defendants did alright. It's the public that is screwed.
From Al McIntyre's letter:
In fact, the RCMP has always been adamant that this investigation never resulted in evidence implicating any elected officials.

Only a man with his horseman's blinkers firmly tied on and knotted could say such an absurd thing. Fingerprints concerning influence peddling, breach of process, fraud and conspiracy and illegal lobbying and so much more are all over the evidence in those documents and in what's surfaced since, whether pointed declarations of "corrupted process" from CP or the obvious fact of the destruction of evidence (handily undertaken by a US contractee of the Premier's Office, interestingly, and just as illegal under US law as it is under Canadian...). Yet McIntyre can claim that the only wrongdoing in question was that of the Premier's joe-boys, Basi, Virk and Basi.....or wait, Charges against Aneal were stayed, so we must ask "why?".

The RCMP's ability to not-see things that are obvious to the rest of us deserves a whole chapter in logic textbooks....oh, but they don't teach logic in university anymore, they teach "business as usual".

The RCMP corporate/political crime squad need a more thorough education in the nature of right and wrong than is evinced by McIntyre's self-justifying twaddle. By trying to re-focus the investigation on the original drug-related investigation he's also managing to deflect the reality that the can of worms (and writhing snakes) that was opened up by the pre-trial hearings nearly imploded our political system (as it deserves to be) and revealed the intransigence of police, prosecutors and judges when faced with actually having to investigate sitting politicians.

That sitting elected officials were excluded from investigation was ludicrous in the first place. McIntyre patting himself on the back for this is nauseous and noxious. But par fo the course in what we've learned of the "way things are done" in BC.

Paul Nettleton's criticisms alone should have been enough to launch an investigation, long before the Legislature Raids themselves....and the appointment of a government-friencdly Special Prosecutor to decide whose offices would be search and whose wouldn't is blatantly conflict of interest and also contrary to legislation In other words, Berardino's appointment was illegal; apparently the RCMP just doesn't give a shit about that though....they do like to write themselves self-congratulatory letters though....
March on the Legistlative Lawn this Friday to demand a PUBLIC INQUEST INTO WHY WE ARE PAYING THE FEES OF BVB AND WHY THEY WALK!
The officers who made the false or misleading complaints against the Chief have almost all resigned or "retired early" Mary. We hope someday all the facts are publicly known, the Chief hasn't missed much that's for sure, policing has pretty much been in disarray since he left. And YES, he is owed thanks and a proper send-off, he made an incredible difference to policing and was very very kind to our rank and file officers.
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