Tuesday, October 12, 2010


BC Rail Political Corruption Trial resumes today Oct. 12, 2010 at 10:00 AM in BC Supreme Courtroom 54. Open to the public.

BC Mary comment: while we are waiting for news from Courtroom 54 to find its way back to us, HERE are some solid thoughts about why the Mainstream Media has become almost worthless. Not kidding: worthless. Even dangerously worse than worthless to the public who, ironically, usually end up paying the bill for the propaganda which shapes and re-shapes information for special purposes.

There are five reasons that the mainstream media is worthless



"Powerlessness and silence go together. We...should use our privileged positions not as a shelter from the world's reality, but as a platform from which to speak. A voice is a gift. It should be cherished and used." – Margaret Atwood


Oops, another delay while the witness list gets adjusted

Surely to god, you're kidding us?
Mary, just posted (therealstory.ca) my thoughts about the delay. I was mighty surprised sitting there for less than fifteen minutes, when I expected hot action all day.

You also posted on my site about Carole James' position on a public inquiry. I responded in the comments but here's a copy of that response. James made this statement on the second day of the last campaign.

"Here’s what Carole James announced in the first week of the last campaign and has repeated in the house. Much of this agenda has been introduced as private members’ bills by James.

‘People have a right to answers to the many questions that surround Gordon Campbell’s privatization of our resources and assets.
I am announcing today the steps New Democrats will take to get to the bottom of the mess at B.C. Rail… and the steps we will take to make sure people are never again kept in the dark about the cost of the extreme privatization Gordon Campbell has imposed on our province. As soon as the current court case is concluded, we will call a public inquiry into the sale of BC Rail, and the private deals that swirl around this scandal.

We will put the public interest ahead of private interests, and halt the wholesale privatization of public assets, rivers and resources. We will introduce an Integrity Act. Gordon Campbell refused to act when we introduced these reforms in the Legislature. He won’t end political corruption and insider deals. We will. The Integrity Act will expand conflict of interest laws to include political appointees and senior public servants. It will establish new rules for blind trusts for elected officials. It will reform campaign finances to ensure the public interest comes ahead of political donors.

And it will empower the Registrar of Lobbyists to investigate and enforce the rules. Finally, we will ensure there is openness and accountability… so the true cost of privatization is no longer hidden from the families and individuals who pay the bill.'"
Many thanks indeed, Ian.

It's like an echo from something I posted here yesterday: how Big Media is becoming worthless.

Amazing turn of events in today's BCR Corruption session.
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