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The BC Rail Political Corruption Trial - October 18, 2010

BC Mary comment: Were you there? Did you see the trial go down?


Guilty pleas in the BC Corruption trial

CBC - Oct. 18, 2010

Dave Basi and Bob Virk, co-accused in the BC Rail corruption case, have pleaded guilty as their trial was about to resume in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Monday morning.

Charges against a third man, Anneal Basi, were stayed and he is no longer before the court.

More to come

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Unfortunately this is pretty much the outcome the pundits predicted from the start. Basi and Virk get their hands slapped and we never really find out what happened with BC Rail.

Thanks to Mary and all of the others for trying to keep this issue in the public eye for the past several years.
Getting to close for comfort in higher places. Let's see where these people end up.

AND - What has this cost the BC taxpayer's in legal fees for ALL involved?
Thank you, Anon 11:03,

It's the awful stench that's so appalling ... but on the other hand, it's not as if we didn't know that this might happen.

So while our special, Special Prosecutor was said to be shortening his witness list, he was in fact negotiating (litigating, as is his professional specialty) with the Defence on an agreeable penalty for Dave Basi, Bob Virk, and Aneal Basi.

Pretty nice deal for them. All of them, including Bill Berardino.

Not so good for the rest of BC ... so my feeling is: this isn't over until the people of BC say it's over.

Time to roll up our sleeves again!
In other news, BC Courts are officially run by kangaroos! I'll be spreading the word...
After the time, the money, and the outcome, nothing less than a public inquiry.

all this confirmed that this thing we call the law is a sham,and only applies to the masses,what a pile of steaming crap all involved are,so we are to keep working and pay taxes for what to get pissed on by unholy alliances.
Hi Mary....What about legal fees?

The defense owes for their legal fees now that they are found guilty(plead guilty)...

Unless as part of the plea agreement that the crown(province)...Picks up the legal fees for the defence!

There's got to be a way for the public to file abuse of process charges, this is outrageous. Bribery, threats, or a golden handshake - someone no doubt will come forward to cover their legal fees - this has all the evil smell of a dirty, dirty deal. But then it has from the start, hasn't it?
Disgusting, revolting, but as Mary points out not unexpected. Now that this isn't "Before the Courts" let's ask some real questions and water board people if I don't recall and Wally will have to learn a new line!

It is disgusting listening to the usual pundits on the radio already saying it's all ain't over - only the criminal staged trial of BBV is over, now the REAL TRIAL can shift into high gear or the pitchforks can come out or both!
The sewerage farm on Iona Island smell a whole lot better than the BC judicial system.

I'm afraid the rule of law is no longer applicable to BC, rather it is the rule of Gordon Campbell.

If the presiding judge had any honour, he would throw out the guilty pleas and see the trial through!

Of course not, the judge's job was to thwart justice and apply the government desired outcome.

Corrupt - the entire judicial system.

Corruption, thy name is British Columbia.

Shame, shame, shame, my father fought in the second wold war and both my grandfathers fought in the first world war and for f*****g what, to have the province run by fascist pigs!

They are all spinning in their graves.
I am not shocked really, but everyone should be outraged.

Why plead guilty now? Why not 4-5 years ago? Methinks the defence team have successfully prolonged this process to favour their pocketbooks!

I vote for a full public enquiry, headed by someone from outside this province.

Truth now!
Of course I am outraged. I wonder if there are statutory time limits to lay criminal charges in Canada? Could this have been the reason for all of the delay toward what seems to have been this inevitable end.

Yes, I think the fight has just begun. The public will be choked -far more (I think) than the Campbell gang realizes. The anti-HST campaign could seem like a mild annoyance if the public is willing to take a lesson from France.

BTW, Thanks for everything you have done to this point, Mary.
Exactly Merv

They recess under the guise of shortening the list. Backroom deals are done and the accused plead out.Probably had there lawyer fees guaranteed for them.

My only hope now is that Campbell resigns, the recall is successful, the government changes before the next election and any new government opens the books on the Giveaway of our Railway.
With the trial truncated, all we are left with today is speculation, so I shall speculate.

We wanted transparency, we got it. This deal is transparent beyond belief. The Liberals must have got really scared by the sheer incompetence of their witnesses on the stand, with more incompetents to come.

While I hold no brief for V and B, I hope this cost the Liberals a lot of money. However, it's more likely since the government are the real experts in money laundering, that it has cost the taxpayer a lot of money.

This deal is not 'in the best interests of the justice system'.

And it ain't even over yet.
No surprise. Well, the truth may be effectively lost but the delays, obfuscations, evasions, etc., have not been lost on the public. Nobody can ignore the stench emanating from all angles and levels of this shabby affair, so I guess it has been worthwhile. I reckon you deserve the Order of BC in recognition of your service to the public of this province, Mary. Well done!
The Vancouver Sun is taking your questions in a live chat at three pm. Anyone got a question? Go.
What makes the stink all the worse is that, despite the bias of the ACJ, the defence team was clearly why cave in to a guilty plea, if not a deal so as to shut them up, and keep the CEOs and cabinet ministers and the Premier's inner circle and rumoured paramour from the stand.....I mean, didn't we all want to see Lara be questioned, with the inevitable "do/did you have a relationship with the Premier?", which would be relevant to her reliability as a witness.

I imagine Gordo's upcoming speech is some send-up or grandstanding, maybe a la BCRIC, as a way to divert attention from the scandal, now that it's (ostensibly) been shut down.

History will examine the details, however, and if the courts were unwilling to lay charges and render due verdicts, historians surely will....
"I vote for a full public enquiry, headed by someone from outside this province."

I think any inquiry needs to be headed up by somebody from outside of this f***ing country, this country of Harperland, where Harper is King and his most loyal butt kissing prince is Prince Gordo!

Today I am ashamed to be a North American and wish my mother's folks had never left France, where at least the people still have a modicum of self respect.

Generally in criminal matters in order to come to a plea agreement an ALLOCUTION of the facts of the case is required. Obviously not in the Banana Republic of British Columbia the Best Place on Earth for the most corrupt new world politicians whose native tongue isn't Spanish!

I noticed in the Sun that the cartels from Mexico are moving into the province, even the Okanagan, how in the hell is anyone supposed to even notice the difference?

But I'm with Mary, this ain't over!
do you think that now that it is not before the courts that these guys can talk?
who picks up the LEGAL FEES? I thought that could never be part of a plea ... ?
Could it be that the Liebrels came across with the hush hush money in the right amount that caused the guilty plea. You bet it did._

I'm surprised that it took this long.

My guess is that Gary "the ferret" Collins was about to feel the heat and didn't take too kindly to a little jail time for his part in this sleasy affair.

The NDP and the MSN should be all over Campbell and is hoods like stink on a bear to get answers about the BC Rail sale. No more "Its before the courts" now.??

I wouldn't hold my hand over my ass while this happening though, it might become a permanent patch.

Mary...It has just been revealed that the special prosecutor was the one to forgive all defence legal fees, Mike De Jong just made the statement, .....Mike De Jong said...

"It was the special prosecutor who forgave the legal fees for the defence, it was not the attorney general" snip
Just surmising.....

Due to the unexpected heat of the witness stand, there was obviously a mutiny on board that had to be handled. These pirates aren't used to having to be answerable or accountable to anyone. The highly contagious H1N1 of memory loss viruses they thought would give immunity was only making them all look like incompetent fools. So fearful and offended by the rapidly deteriorating state of their specialness there was refusal after refusal to take the hot seat, under threat of bean spillage if required to do so - spillage which would have dire implications to the implicated.

The implicated meaning 'all those on board' - even, and especially including Captain Always Off the Hook.

Can't have that! Thus, a last ditch attempt at cutting the witness list.

Only that just made some of 'the special' more special than others -

And then the knives, (along with a lot of noisy silverware) must have come out

With the threat of full-scale mutiny on board.....

And things had to be fixed. Fast.

I, too, agree with Mary, this ain't over. Far from it.

Yes, the sham performance is over.

As kootcoot says, "let the real trial begin".


On pirate ships there is always a parrot,

And eventually it always talks.
The Vancouver Sun still hasn't got their facts right:

"In a statement read in court, the two former ministerial aides in Premier Gordon Campbell's Liberal government changed their pleas on four charges."

They pleaded guilty on two charges each.
Don't expect any calls for a public inquiry from our MSM. In the eyes of certain MSM reporters this result vindicates their position -– that there was no conspiracy. Don't expect these journalists to now ask the tough questions that the BC Liberals refused to answer during the trial. Instead, expect condescending remarks about "conspiracy theorists" and "unaccountable bloggers" when pressing them to get to the bottom of things.

Their pride is what prevents them from getting to the truth. They would rather say, "we told you so", then get to the bottom of this fiasco.
The key to the deal is the indemnity. The government negotiated with the defense and offered to pay all legal fees in order to kill the trial. That deal overturns government policy and buys silence.

More on my blog.
So, two years less a day of house arrest is seen to be punishment enough, with all costs for both sides being paid by the taxpayer - a final gift to the defendants from Berardino.

That punishment smacks of a teenager being sent home from school for 3 days for bad behavior - the kid loves it! No school, no and rest.

Sorry, I hope they ALL rot in hell.
That's a very good blog post, Ian, and I think you've hit on a key point wrt indemnity.
Should BC have a public inquiry in relation to the sale of BC Rail
Simple Poll Here
If the Crown Proscutor has authority do over ride long standing policy by agreeing to pay legal fees for those employees found guilty. But if so, those who had to pay out should be able to make claim retroactivly for fees they incurred in their losing battles, no?
Baldry gave a pathetic report where he had deJong on camera only to accept without question that there would be no inquiry, and also failing to ask: "Now that the case is not before the courts, what have you and the Campbell government to say about x,y, z...? etc.

The concluding statement of Gailus after Baldry: "One for the archives."

We cannot let this be swept away. BC Rail had better be in the news, in the letters to the editors, in the blogs and in the streets - on the lips of every citizen. Gordon Campbell needs to tell us about his part and his government's part in the sale of BC Rail in his Oct. 27 address.
Information pickets on the sidewalks!!
Checked out the Globe and Mail's pathetic report on the plea bargain, but found this very interesting posting by a reader:

by the bike racks
10:33 PM on October 18, 2010
Once when I lived in BC I ran into Gordie buying a bikini for a twenty something redhead at a shop at 4th and MacDonald. It was an awkward moment for him, I don't think he was expecting to run into another guy, and as it was bikini store we had to sit beside each other in a designated space. He left quickly.

A month later came the Hawaii DUI with a passenger in his vehicle that was never identified. I have my suspicions.

Anyway, he's scum and I would say to his face. He would know what I was saying was true.

A disgusted Bruce Hutchinson from NaPo was in the gallery for the done deal.
Any bets on who these two "malleable members" of the press are??????

"For their defence strategy, reliant on rumours, innuendo, and one or two malleable members of the press whom they used to promote an agenda of obfuscation outside the courts?" - Bruce Hutchinson from the National Post
Paying for the defence fees is just a back door way of buying the guilty pleas. What a sweet deal for Basi and Virk. What a sweet deal for Campbell and his corrupt followers.

Unacceptable! and the stink just keeps getting worse.

Breach of Trust! Breach of Trust! Why should our tax dollars be spent this way? To save the hide of a spent politician?
I wanted to hear the WIRE TAP EVIDENCE.

I betcha it would SINK them all but good.

What was on those takes Dave Basi?



Alas, we shall never find out, will we?

Is there a way? Will a public inquiry make that evidence public. or just spend more of our money on nonsense?

I shook my head in dismay when I saw Basi on tv last night complaining that the trial took too long. TOoo long? YOU Pleaded innocent!! Now you admit guilt!!!

Our justice system needs to be over hauled.
My thoughts -- once I got over the initial surprise! -- was:

"Only one or two?"

This might be the place to explain why I haven't provided links to Big Media stories on yesterday's treacherous courtroom developments.

I posted CBC's bare, bald, unadorned statement of fact.

But when I began to read Big Media's nauseating repetitions, their boot-licking, their general messing around with the facts which (for cryin' out loud) are no longer under a publication ban ...

I said to self, "No way. Not today."

And I'm waiting for the posting which will help us make sense of yesterday's rulings.

Meantime, I'm happy to see that others believe "It ain't over until the people in a democracy say it's over."

Thanks for the many kind words ...
Hiel harper/gordo, not!
This is just the start of what the NWO has planned for us? We're known as "food wasters".
I just watched a documentary narrated by Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theory"
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