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BC Rail Political Corruption Trial continues in the Court of Public Opinion. Brian Kierans of Pilothouse Public Affairs believed Dave Basi was only trying to assist them

Poor Brian. He was blind-sided. He knew nothing. He thought Basi was "assisting" because ...

Asked why he thought Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk had been leaking government information to his firm, if not for rewards of some kind, Mr. Kieran said: “I believe they were assisting us because they wanted the process to be fair."   

But how can a clear breach of trust be considered  "fair" even if no money changed hands?  Mr Kierans has had plenty of time to think this question over. 

Embedded in this remark, is the outline of a thought process which has honestly come to believe that only the powerful guy currently in charge is correct, and all others are ... well, you heard him ... all others are "unfair". 

Dirty tricks? Phhtttt. If Mr Big is doing it, that's apparently OK. Mr Kierans seems to expect us to understand that.

As for that dull sound in the background? I'd say it's the approaching death knell of democracy ... unless the Citizens seize the initiative. - BC Mary.


Bribe revelation led to lobbying firm’s demise, betrayed partner says

The Globe and Mail

VANCOUVER— Oct. 23, 2010

Brian Kieran was at the top of his game, running a small but highly influential lobbying firm in Victoria, when a police investigation into political corruption shattered his professional life.

“Beyond shock … stunned and blindsided,” he said in describing how he felt when police revealed a senior partner in his firm had bribed Dave Basi, a top ministerial aide in the Liberal government.

{Snip} ...

Asked why he thought Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk had been leaking government information to his firm, if not for rewards of some kind, Mr. Kieran said: “I believe they were assisting us because they wanted the process to be fair ...”

In addition to the cash bribe given to Mr. Basi, both Mr. Virk and Mr. Basi have admitted they received “personal benefits” from Pilothouse, in the form of a paid trip for them and their wives to attend a Denver Broncos football game.

Mr. Kieran said he’d advised his client against providing the Denver trip, but OmniTRAX made the offer anyway.

{Snip} ... 

Read Mark Hume's complete column  HERE.

Terrific information and analysis by Norm Farrell:

Vancouver Sun shamed itself and journalism

Northern Insights - Oct. 21, 2010

Read it all HERE.


Should British Columbians Have A Public Inquiry In Relation To The Sale Of B.C. Rail?

Simple Poll Here
THIS IS A MUST READ, and a gift especially for you Mary.


OCTOBER 23, 2010 6:47 AM

Had the wackiest dream last night: Walked into a car dealership, and there was Gordon Campbell behind the service desk.

"Your car's all ready," he said. "We fixed the problem."

"What was wrong?" I asked.

"Turns out your Basi-Virk was busted," he said. "We replaced it."

"How much did that cost?"

"The parts ran $75,000," he said. "But don't worry. They were under warranty."

"So, what's my total bill?"

"About $18 million." He didn't make eye contact when he said this, had found a bit of lint that needed flicking off the "Gordo" patch on his overalls.

Eighteen million. Jeez, I don't know much about cars, but this seemed a little steep.

"Hey," he said, reading my mind, "we've had the thing in the shop since Dec. 28, 2003. That's a lot of labour."

"Why did it take you seven years to fix it?" I asked.

"We had to be thorough."

"And all you found was a broken Basi-Virk?"

"Well, we stopped poking around after that."

"What if there's a bigger problem?"

"We could have probed deeper, but you were already looking at an $18 million bill. Could have run you real money to finish the job." He smiled indulgently, as though he had just done me a big favour.

"What about that clunking noise in the cabinet?" I wheedled. "I was sure I saw two or three ministers fall out of there."

The smile disappeared: "There's nothing wrong with the politicians."

"Did you check?"


The rest can be found here, and it just gets better.

I nominate Jack Knox as the patron saint of the week for The Legislature Raids website. Heck this is hands-down the best MSM report on the whole story going back to Day One.

One other thing: a suggestion for the call for ideas Mary put out to all. How about we start a campaign of referring to Oct 18, 2010 as the DEATH OF JUSTICE DAY in BC?

How? Simple. Just use Gordo Gang's PAB approach: just keep saying it and soon everything will have it on their lips.

So, what will our plans be for Oct 18, 2011? How will we mark the day? Never too early to start planning for such a notable day.

Cheers all, CC

And Three Cheers to "Happy Jack" Knox.
"OMNITRAX made the offer anyway"

Why have they never been charged? Why were they never charged with Basi in the first place?

Canadian Law is specific. The same offence applies to Offering as well as receiving a bribe.

What's the matter with our justice system? Why are the suits selectively charging people? Could it be because of further bribes?
Gary E,

I've been thinking about the "Third Party Review" concept for tying up the loose ends of the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial.

What do you think of that process?
Jack Knox nails the Basi-Virk scandal in his very simple and very funny article.

Meanwhile, over in the lamestream media, Vaughn and Les are doing convoluted double-back flips to bore readers into shrugging their shoulders over the BC Liberals monumental subversion of justices.

@Canadian Canary
good catch re: the CBC radio Victoria Friday morning political panel. I had no idea Clark Roberts was representing Gary Collins in the Basi Virk "trial". Sure explains Clark Roberts' very aggressive questioning of fellow panel member Elizabeth Cull. Another blatant conflict of interest. This province is sure rife with them.

Hmmm, on a more positive note, that Jack Knox article needs to be more widely shared!
I really believe that WE will beat these vermin back out of the tailing ponds!

"DO NOT KEEP SILENT when your own ideas and values are being attacked. ...If a dictatorship ever comes to this country, it will be by the default of those who keep silent. We are still free enough to speak. Do we have time? No one can tell." -- Ayn Rand, Philosophy

So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men: Voltaire. François Marie Arouet (1694-1778
I have long admired and enjoyed Jack Knox. He embodies the integrity that used to be much more prevalent - almost expected - in journalistic circles. He is amazingly skilled at using humor - always the most powerful delivery system. Canadian Canary: I second your nomination.
So! What was Brian Kieran saying here when he said they (Basi/Virk) were tying to help by keeping the process fair? Is he saying that they knew that CN was privy to information that no one else had, and they thought that to be unfair? That they knew CN had the inside track (no pun intended)...and therefor were passing the information in an effort to keep the playing field a little more level where Omnitrax was concerned? Why did Omnitrax go against the advice of their own hired lobbyist when it came to other perks, like the Denver trip?

Brian says he's going to go back to "wordsmithing"...might be a good idea, especially if he's coming back guns loaded for truth. After all, unless the guvmint has paid him off too, he has a lot of truth to tell - and you can bet some will not like it.

To my way of thinkin', this will never be settled until there is a full and open public inquiry, with consequences. For ALL involved, including the RCMP, the Justices, the government, and the bidders. One can't receive a bribe if it's not offered...and we know there were all kinds of bribes going round - the last on October 18, 2010.

On a lighter note...I wonder if Campbell has figured out it might not be a good idea to play a hand of poker with Basi and Virk...they whipped his ass this time around.
Rally at the Legislature this Friday, demand accountability!! Demand BVB PAY BACK THEIR MONEY, and A FULL PUBLIC INQUIRY OF THE RAIL BC MESS!
What time Friday?
apparently its saturday now... see times colonist comments
Anon 5:51,

Thanks ... and it always helps us save a bit of time if you can give a clue what the topic of the TC comments was.

Per TC COmments, there is to be a rally at the Legislature this Saturday in protest of the Rail BC/Legal fees paid by the Crown even though guilt admitted, Fiasco.
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