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The enchanted landscape -- including BC Rail -- of Canada's far West.

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British Columbia and Canadian Rockies Railway Map Guide Review

Published in Britain.
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This award-winning guide features a visually striking topographic rendition of the western mountains, via the integration of GIS, 3D visualisation and graphic design software. The main side depicts the passenger railway lines between British Columbia and Alberta and the reverse focuses on northern BC between Prince Rupert and Prince George, with two pannels devoted to mileage charts along the rail lines. The 32 x 19" map is sold in a sturdy hardcopy foldout format measuring 9.5 x 4' ...

Cartographically ... [detailed description here] ... It is a fine cartographic work, with sales already in the thousands, and this where railways are used more for freight than public transportation! Main roads and ferries are included to enable this attractive guide as a road map of western Canada for both tourists and trainspotters.

British Columbia & Canadian Rockies Railway Map Guide Overview

The British Columbia and Canadian Rockies Railway Map Guide is the definitive reference to the spectacular passenger railway routes across British Columbia and western Alberta. This full-colour, souvenir map guide follows the present and historical mileposts of the legendary passenger railway routes of Canada's rugged, mountainous, far west. These are the historic railways that opened Canada's west to settlement. In this map you'll find:

· BC Rail, Rocky Mountaineer, and VIA Rail routes.

· A topographical perspective map that uses three-dimensional shading to achieve fascinating realism.

· Charts of cities and towns, showing the distances between the communities.

· A speed table to help you determine the speed of a train.

The Railway Map Guide covers everything, including interpretation of railway signals and signs. It identifies 300 points of interest, and over 200 majestic mountains (some with elevations, and some of which are visible from the train). Find rivers and their tributaries, tunnels, bridges, snowfields, glaciers, and much more!

Whether your journey is by train, by auto, or into history - whether you are a visitor or a local commuter - this souvenir map guide will bring geography to life. With the British Columbia and Canadian Rockies Railway Map Guide, you'll capture the essence of the enchanted landscape of Canada's far west.


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