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"Kind regards, John Preissl" - first witness to testify (Under Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett) in the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial

BC Mary Comment: Bear with me ... I've just found time to look at the 32 comments which are stuck in the queue awaiting posting.

The first one is something I want everyone to see ... a frank statement from the man who showed up in BC Supreme Court one day and demanded to be heard. It is signed "Kind regards, John Preissl." Remember him?

Go HERE and scroll down to see the amazing [August 25, 2009] description of what happened ... 

Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett had him sworn in, and he -- John Preissl -- took the witness stand to give the first testimony in the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial. Shocking testimony it was, too, from a brave citizen  standing alone in that BC Supreme Courtroom.

I have always felt that the trial did start that day ... and, because of that ...  Bennett should never have been removed from the trial. I believe she felt that way too. I believe that removing her (OK, it was a promotion, but ... ) was another entirely dubious action which was performed by Patrick Dohm (Associate Chief Justice, at that time) and Bill Berardino (Special Prosecutor).

Maybe I'm spooked, I don't know ... but the plain fact is that this morning I find that I cannot release John Preissl's comment so that it can go onto the main page of comments where everyone can see and appreciate it. Also, I want to post it in top place today ... but every time, it disappears in transit.

I will keep trying.

Meantime, I want to send heartfelt thanks to John Preissl for what he did back then ... and again today.

Later:  Got it!  And thanks again, John!!

Good morning Mary and all of your concerned readers,

I would like to thank you for all you have done with this very important blog. Without your work, dedication and passion we would barely know what has happened in that court room these past few years. The outcome of this trial has shocked many of us concerned that the truth comes out over the mess that has taken place these past 10 plus years(pre election 2001 1999 on and all the promises not to sell or give away our railroad)

My small pretrial experience in May 2007 was many years ago. What happened to me and the non disclosure by the RCMP and special prosecutor should never happen to any Canadian. I was to be cross examined a few days later until all those hidden notes mysteriously showed up overnight. My testimony stands. Believe me when I say this, the RCMP,liberal government, special prosecutor, sleazy lobbyists and many others did not want to hear from me then or now.

To have those second set of notes come from one of the lead investigators(no family relations to government types that I know of)on May 2 2007 was a shock to all. In those notes were a ton of very important tips and info that should have seen the light of day. Not hidden in some desk downtown.

I find it interesting that two of the accused and all the witness's get thier legal fees paid for however the lone pretrial witness has to pay his own legal fees. After I told my story, a few large law firms contacted me to represent me for free. All had close connections or did plenty of work for the RCMP or the government. Thanks, but no thanks. I will find my own lawyer and pay for myself at considerable cost and sleep well at night.

I was so looking forward to all those sketchy witness's telling the truth on the stand or maybe not remembering thier own names and I don't recalls. I am disgusted with almost all those involved in this sorry mess of a trial. It still astounds me that Judge Bennett was removed or ran away from this trial. Why not wait a year or so. I have my assumptions.

The connections,conflicts of interests and all those special deals, right down to that last one disgust me also. There have been many lives changed by this trial. I have a good feeling that down the road as my Mom likes to say "Divine justice will be done". She told me that a few times over the years when I was yapping about all the crooks involved in this trial. Do not read the paper this morning for you will be sickened with that last special deal.

Again Mary and all of your concerned readers. I thank you. You dug up a ton of very important info. Keep your heads held high and Mary, anytime you want to come over and have a wicked good home cooked dinner and a good bottle of red you are most welcome.

Kind Regards,
John Preissl



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"I practiced criminal law for 15 years before moving to the bench 10 years ago." A good reason why Justice Bennett should NOT leave the BC Rail Case.
November 2005 ... April 2006 ... June 6, 2006 ... September 2006 ... October 2006 ... December 2006 ... February 2007 ... April 2007 ...

All but the last date are cancellations of the BC Rail trial. But April 30, 2007 was different: the day when the first witness was sworn in and the Basi Virk Basi Trial began ... an event which has suddenly taken on a massive significance.

That first witness was John Preissell (or Preissl) who had been President of the Auto-Glass Survival Coalition. It's not as if the RCMP or the Crown Prosecution had invited much less subpoenaed John Preissell. No, no, no, nothing like that. John Preissell was an outraged citizen who phoned the RCMP himself but, he said, they didn't seem very interested. So later, on a Sunday, he telephoned Kevin McCullough, lawyer for Bobby Virk, one of the accused.

That brings us to BC Supreme Court on April 30, 2007 when ... drum-roll please ... John Preissell walked in, was sworn in, took the witness stand and gave evidence on File #23299 - HMTQ v. Udhe Singh (Dave) Basi, Bobby Singh Virk, and Aneal Singh Basi.

The BC Rail Trial had left the station. Or did it?

If you ask me, I think we're expected to believe that it didn't leave the station ... that nothing happened, as in "Just keep movin' along, folks, ain't nuthin' to see here ..." But the following two news stories from that time, say otherwise. The Basi Virk Basi Trial did start on April 30, 2007 and here's the thing: because it started and is on record as having started, Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett is obliged to continue as presiding judge. Obliged to continue. Check the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 669.2 where it is very specific: only if a judge dies is she freed from her duty to complete a trial in progress. [See Madam Justice Bennett had another option for staying on the BC Rail case, posted on this blog August 19, 2009.]

The thing is, I do believe that somebody wants her gone. In the nicest possible way, of course. They're not quite issuing bulletins saying so, but on the other hand, they can send Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm into Madam Bennett's courtroom to "show leadership" as they say, by suggesting that he holds the power, not Bennett, the presiding judge. But that's not really true. The thing is: he signalled that she'd be gone.


please go to the link above and then do a search for Preissell
Off Topic, just out Gary Bass awarded new position for the RCMP, commisioner for the West.

RCMP operations will be divided into two regions in Canada, with new deputy commissioner positions created to oversee all activities in the East and the West.

Veteran Mountie Gary Bass will be based out of Vancouver as Deputy Commissioner West, while Steve Graham will be Deputy Commissioner East out of Halifax. The moves eliminates a series of other deputy commissioner positions across the country.
We have got to show these despicable, treasonous bunch of low life's who love to lie or “BEARING FALSE WITNESS” as one of God's Ten Commandments!
"Divine justice will be done"
"What Goes Round comes Round"

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