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More complete coverage of the fascinating 15-minute session in today's BC Rail Political Corruption Trial, Oct 12, 2010

BC Mary comment: The best report so far ... there's an identifiable honesty in Ian Reid's report here:

BC Rail Corruption Trial: Re-organizing the deck chairs

The Real Story - October 12, 2010 by Ian

Here are my notes from this morning’s BC Rail Corruption trial session in Courtroom 54 of the BC Supreme Court:

. Crown not ready, re-organizing trial strategy
. Eliminating witnesses, reducing trial length
. Will take till Monday next to get ready.

Outside the courtroom, Special Prosecutor Bill Barardino went off the record with the three reporters in court to try and explain why he’s delaying the trial again.  Seems he’s not been able to reorganize his trial strategy and shorten the trial.  He also wasn’t able to confirm that his next witness will be former finance minister Gary Collins, despite the fact that he’s sent a letter to the defense informing them that Collins is the next witness.

And why would the Special Prosecutor be ready?  Taxpayers have only paid Barardino’s law firm almost $3.5 million in just the last four years to prosecute this case.   Barardino’s been on the government’s tab for almost seven years now.

Here’s an alternate explanation of the Special Prosecutor’s request for another delay.

The Special Prosecutor’s strategy is in shambles following the deeply troubling testimony of his first two witnesses, Gordon Campbell Chief of Staff Martyn Brown and BC Rail Director Brian Kenning.  Having his first key witnesses play Alzheimer’s patients through cross-examination was – to my eye – remarkably damaging to their credibility.

Perhaps future witnesses have checked in to see what’s happening in court and are bailing on the Special Prosecutor.  If Martyn Brown had such a bad time, how do you think an admitted breaker of the law like Ken Dobell will do under a withering cross-examination?  Or John MacLernon – Brian Kenning’s go to guy according to much of his testimony.

Or how about Gary Collins?  He’s been represented – at taxpayer cost – by lawyer Clark Roberts for coming up to seven years.  No doubt Collins assumes that he’s on lots of tape and in lots of notes, memos and emails, currently in the defense’s hands.  Just how good could it be for this current lobbyist to end up on the receiving end in the courtroom?

Re-organizing trial strategy?  What’s that they say about deck chairs and the Titanic?


Clever deductions by RossK at Pacific Gazette - Oct 12, 2010:
Railgate Delayed Again ... did Wild Bill Just Throw in the Towel?

and many good comments.  Read more HERE.


Crown drops witnesses to streamline political corruption trial

MARK HUME The Globe and Mail - Oct. 13, 2010

VANCOUVER —  ... “So, you are going to eliminate more witnesses?” asked Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie, who has been presiding over the case since the trial began last May.

“Yes,” replied Mr. Berardino, without indicating how many witnesses might end up being dropped ...
Yada yada yada, click HERE.

Neal Hall, Vancouver Sun, Oct 13, 2010

Basi-Virk corruption trial faces another one-week delay.

Yadda yadda yadda ... here.


Delay a week to shorten the trial?
Amazing, isn't it?
Is this a ploy to call a mistrial? Will the witnesses by excused that could have the most damaging comments? Are the Campbell cretins getting ulcers? Stay tuned this trial is getting sillier and sillier.
this is crazy, the first delay is caused by vacations, then a juror, then the defence, then the prosecution. they have all take their turns in perfect sync to stall this trial from ever advancing.

The evidence indicates that the fix is in for this process to be derailed. I believe the case will end up a mistrial and be disolved, float as if it never happened. That way Campbell and company, or someone new, can rape us again.

BCers are so lame. We deserve what we get.

I am very disappointed and totally not surprised.
Personally I smell a rat.

Berardino could be trimming only the damaging witnesses to his case. And that could very well include Collins, Campbell and many other high placed individuals.

I wish I knew more about the process. Like do we have "hostile witnesses" for the defense? Can a subpoena be revoked?
It is mentioned on this page
Court Reporter: Wednesday, October 13
Way down
In a gesture aimed at speeding up an overlong trial, Crown prosecutors in the B.C. Rail legal saga have asked for an adjournment to adjust their case and streamline their witness list. link to [Globe and Mail]
Crown drops witnesses to streamline political corruption trial

as Robin Mathews says today, these are not reasons -- they are excuses -- and barely worth a glance.

Who do they think they're kidding after 4-1/2 years? Or 7 years, for that matter.
I'd like a heads up if an information line in front of our despicable, criminal BCSC delayed another week of non justice by the dishonorable judges.
Would this constitute an a break in the gag order?
Mary You asked "Who do they think they're kidding after 4-1/2 years? Or 7 years, for that matter."
NOT US, I say, They know We are watching.

Again We wait, and I myself get more confused of what the CP job is.

Of course, the Crown decides if they had evidence to proceed with charges, and the evidence that has come out so far gives evidence that the Crown failed to charge many other's involved in this FIASCO!!!!
Anon 10:25,

Can't figure what you're asking for ... pls explain?

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