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About Erik Bornman(n) and the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial

Ms. Mackie,

the Tribunals Office is in receipt of your e-mail inquiry below.

This matter is scheduled to the Proceedings Management Conference on December 13 to schedule a hearing date.

Mirka Adamsky-Rackova
Administrator, Tribunals Office

The Law Society of Upper Canada
Tribunals Office
Phone: (416) 947-5249
Fax: (416) 947-5219

----- Forwarded by Cynthia Calnan/LSUC on 10/21/2010 04:36 PM -----

Mary Mackie


10/21/2010 04:38 PM

Date of hearing?

To: Law Society of Upper Canada

It is reported in Vancouver today [see below] that the Law Society of Upper Canada will hold a "Good Character" hearing on the application of Erik Bornmann.

Those who have closely followed the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial (Case #23299 BC Supreme Court) would like to know the date for the Bornmann hearing.

Thank you, if you are able to provide that information at this time.

Mary Mackie
The Legislature Raids

From The Province,
Vancouver BC
Oct. 21, 2010:

Lawyer who struck deal in Basi-Virk trial applies to Ontario bar

The Law Society of Upper Canada is expecting to hold a “good character” hearing for Eric Bornman, a central figure in the crimes committed by Dave Basi and Bob Virk.

Bornman, a graduate of the University of B.C. law school, received an immunity deal in exchange for his anticipated testimony for the Crown at the Basi-Virk trial.

He has applied to be admitted to the bar in Ontario and the law society has confirmed that the so-called “good character” hearing will be held, though no date has yet been set.

The law society said that as part of its admission process, the society requires all applicants to disclose whether they have criminal convictions, whether they were subjected to a penalty imposed by a court or whether they are other matters in their past of present circumstances that may place their character at issue.

“Where there are concerns about an applicant’s good character, the Law Society will investigate and where appropriate, will conduct a hearing to determine whether the candidate is of good character,” said an e-mail from Susan Tonkin, a communications advisor for the society.

“The Law Society Act states that no one who meets the other requirements for licensing may be refused a licence without a hearing.”

A statement of facts filed by special prosecutor Bill Berardino following the guilty pleas of Basi and Virk on Monday in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver outlines the circumstances of Bornman’s involvement.
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