Friday, November 05, 2010


And now, for something a little different ...

BC Mary comment: Who knew that B.C. had a Communist Party? Well, they've issued a statement, and some lively  comments follow:

B.C. Liberal caucus should follow Premier Gordon Campbell out the door


... The Campbell Liberals repeatedly broke election promises that had value to the public, and steadfastly adhered to every policy that gave away public resources to private business. They have brought almost every school board in B.C. into a funding crisis that has put nearly 200 schools on the closure list so far. They broke their promise not to privatize BC Rail, and in the corrupted bidding process implicated cabinet ministers in a scandal currently hidden behind two scapegoats and a plea bargain that hides the extent and involvement of elected officials in betrayal and corruption ...

Read all about it HERE.


Thank you Mary for your attention to this nonsense. But its over. Unless you can get Carol James to say she will make Basi pay, its over.
An excellent article - thank you for referencing it.
Anon 11/05/10 8:01PM;
Over? You wish! It's not over until all the hangings of the 'right people' have been completed on pay per view. Could bring in as much as the HST.
I especially liked the link to Corky's social democracy speech that one finds when clicking the link to the article in the above exerpt. I'd like to be a roady in the Corky and Rafe Road show.
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