Friday, November 05, 2010


BC Rail Political Corruption will continue to colour our views

BC Place casino proposal: lack of independent fairness advisor raises questions

By Emily Barca
Vancouver Observer - Nov. 4, 2010


People are definitely right when they question this and say something smells funny here, said Chandra Herbert. "I've had people suggest to me that this might have been a similar situation of a fixed deal [like BC rail]"

BC Mary comment: Interesting article. Note the technique: boring stuff in first half, nitty-gritty stuff in last half. Normally, a journalist starts a story with the colourful stuff to catch their readers'attention and hold it, until the details can be worked in later. Perhaps I'm suffering a work-related injury after all these years of reading the methods of Big Media trying to turn readers away from the BC Rail issues and away from the Basi-Virk dilemma. When I look at this BC Place Casino Proposal story, I have to wonder if the underlying intention is to put readers off before having to report the unpleasant facts of The Golden Era in B.C.   See for yourself:

Source is HERE:


Is this the article by Jonathan Fowlie about the illegal lobbying
Many thanks, Rick.
Mary, this is a big story. Fast track process with no public process gives control of bc place lands to casino partly owned by major BC Liberal bagman.

Kind of like Kinsella II.
Thanks, Ian ...

and to think: today is Media Democracy Day!!!

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