Sunday, November 28, 2010


A bit of good news: deBruyckere says trial documents won't be destroyed

Bill Tieleman has the story:

RCMP officer denies force wanted Basi-Virk Materials destroyed. 

By Bill Tieleman
24 Hours - Nov. 29, 2010

Read the story HERE

BC Mary comment: I wonder, though, where those documents are? Are they securely protected?


When this "news" comes from someone not in any way involved with this excuse for a trial, I may believe them. That leaves deBruyckere out...way out!

I hope someone was smart enough all the way through this thing to make copies...securing them for posterity and truth, for our future generations. Just in case any of them are stupid enough to vote Liberal...or believe in our justice systems ability to remain free of governmental influence.
Why do the RCMP want the documents back? Let the defence have them and get on with a public inquiry!
Someone needs to tell Michael Bolton about Wikileaks.

By the way, Mary, your link to the 24 Hours story is broken. BT's blog linked to this:
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