Friday, November 26, 2010

BC Mary comment:  It isn't often we get a chuckle out of BC politics these days. This comes from Prince George. A tip o'the tuque to Ben Meisner who says:

All Hail King Kevin?

By 250 News

Friday, November 26, 2010

I think we should get rid of MLAs Pat Bell and Shirley Bond and thank God we have gotten rid of Gordon Campbell because, according to a number of people in Prince George, it was Kevin Falcon who did all the good things for Northern BC.

According to an ad in a  local paper, Falcon is solely responsible for:
Cariboo Connector,
Twinning Simon Fraser Bridge,
Expansion of the Prince George airport,
establishment of the Northern Development Initiative Trust,
establishment of the BC family residency program.
Hell, according to the ad he even is responsible for the kicking Horse Canyon Bridge, and removal of the toll booths on the Coquihalla.

When Premier Campbell was in town telling the population that the Cariboo connector would be built over the next ten years, he must have been actually speaking on behalf of his Cabinet Minister Kevin Falcon. Same thing when it comes to the Simon Fraser Bridge.

What the hell, why not get rid of the whole damn legislative assembly and just have Kevin Falcon as King?  He has, according to the spin, done it all anyway and all of those MLA’s from Kamloops who fought over the tolls, and the MLA,s from the Kootenays must have just been on hand for show and tell.

Now according to the spin Falcon also did a number of great things for Northern and rural BC like establishment of the Northern Development Initiative Trust. Now that’s where a portion of the sale of the BC rail was put into a slush fund. I hope the Minister will finally take credit for being responsible for the sale of BC Rail that will definitely ad to his popularity.

I can't wait to be one of the people to do an interview with candidate Kevin Falcon on his run for the job as Premier, trust me, it will be exciting.

I’m Meisner and that’s One Man’s Opinion.

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BC Mary comment:  No yelling, please. At least ... not until AFTER you have read what the Communist Party of B.C. has to say about the resignation of Gordon Campbell.  Here goes ... 

Campbell was Devoted to Corporate Welfare

Statement by the Communist Party of British Columbia on the resignation of Gordon Campbell

Nov. 5, 2010

The three terms of the Campbell Liberals have been characterized by implementing the lowest taxes for the wealthy and  corporations in North America at the expense of the standard of living, wages and social programs of BC residents. His forced resignation is a compliment to a tenacious and awakened electorate who has had enough.

In his devotion to corporate welfare, Gordon Campbell kept the minimum wage at the lowest level in Canada while presiding over an economy where the top ten CEO’s collectively in 2009 earned $70 million dollars. Upon the imbalanced scales of extreme wealth and extreme poverty, Gordon Campbell’s weight was always on the side of extreme wealth.

For seven years British Columbia has had the worst child poverty in Canada. After nine years of tuition fee increases, B.C. takes in more from tuition fees than it does from corporate taxation. The massive privatization of healthcare services, with parallel cutbacks in quality and accessibility, has channelled hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into corporate bank accounts, while rolling back healthcare wages 15% and then freezing them at that level.

The Campbell Liberals repeatedly broke election promises that had value to the public, and steadfastly adhered to every policy that gave away public resources to private business. They have brought almost every school board in B.C. into a funding crisis that has put nearly 200 schools on the closure list so far. They broke their promise not to privatize BC Rail, and in the corrupted bidding process implicated cabinet ministers in a scandal currently hidden behind two scapegoats and a plea bargain that hides the extent and involvement of elected officials in betrayal and corruption.

The Campbell Liberals have gutted the Environmental Assessment Act and created Cabinet powers that overrule municipal by‑laws and autonomy to the point that municipalities can only govern if they don’t interfere with corporate interests. They cut the transfer of gambling profits to Charities and the Arts from 33% to 10%. They made massive funding cuts to women’s shelters, closed down homeless hostels, and cut and slashed their way through almost every social or special needs program in the province.

For Gordon Campbell to whine about a vindictive public and the strain on his family after ruining so many lives is typical of the arrogance and contempt he and his government have exercised. The NDP MLAs and Party Leader who stroke him on his way out with platitudes about “years of public service” should tell the truth and expose the years of “corporate service” if they don’t want to appear as members of the same club.

Gordon Campbell was not brought down by the parliamentary opposition; he was not brought down by a caucus revolt. He was brought down by massive public rejection of the Liberal Government’s record of lies broken promises and deceit that made it impossible for him to continue. The HST debacle and the transfer of $1.6 billion from the public to the private purse has become the catalyst, the glue of all the diverse forces screaming betrayal.

The historic pending referendum is evidence of the public rage. Gordon Campbell is going, he should be gone and his entire caucus that supported him doggedly should leave with him.


BC Mary comment: It's interesting that Toronto Dominion bank's Chief Executive Officer is saying much the same thing as the Communist Party is saying ... 

Lower taxes for the poor, TD Bank says

The Canadian Press / Toronto Star
Published Thursday Nov 25 2010

TD Bank CEO Ed Clark addresses the Montreal Canadian Club at a luncheon in Montreal on Thursday. He said Ottawa should consider cutting taxes for low-income Canadians who are being hit by both economic restructuring and an inequitable tax system that “discourages people from participating in the workforce,” ...

“The shape of the recovery will not leave Canadians equally well-off,” Clark told the Canadian Club in Montreal Thursday. “There is a clear risk that lower income Canadians will bear the brunt of the slow recovery.”

Lower income Canadians already face much higher marginal tax rates than higher-income Canadians, he noted, adding that high employment taxes also hit lower-income earners harder.

“We should encourage people to work — not discourage them,” he said in his speech marking the bank’s 150th anniversary in Quebec ...

Read more HERE.


And now, for a bit of mystery, here is Ian Reid
** The Real Story **
asking who negotiated the $6 million deal to pay Basi & Virk legal expenses?

Click HERE


King Kevin ?
Sorry that would be an honour.

Falcon is a political thug so just call him what he really is . . . REICH PROTEKTOR.

The two people most dangerous to the citizens of this province if either becomes Premier are the Reich Protektor or his female clone Christy (Evita Peron) Clark.

If we think we had it bad under Gordo these two will eclipse him for evil.

What's the Cariboo Connector? A freeway over the plateau from Kamloops to 100 Mile? (just guessing) Strikes me as an environmental disaster, if so.....
Mines, mines and mines.
When I first read about the Cariboo Connector (research from two weeks ago) I thought it was an off shoot of the BC Rail passenger Budd Cars...

.... I was half right. The BC Rail car was called Cariboo Prospector. In the link below its the second photo from the bottom.
So they're spending money on simply renaming a highway while (finally) four-laning key stretches? Can't it just still be the Cariboo Highway? Or is "Connector" some zippy new po-mo way of saying "freeway" (which it won't be)?

I note the Cache Creek to the Hwy 99 cut-off four-laning....not that they're gonna four lane through to Whistler, nope, not even close. My guess is that's to "enable" Hat Creek, which like Site C is quite likely to get dusted off the books and sold to, oh I don't know, Warren Buffet maybe...
Ben will do an outstanding job on Kevin, hopefully my Port Mann story will be complete by

Those people in PG who are rooting for Falcon are half right about him being responsible for most of the infrastructure in BC...and instead of saluting him up on that false platform they've put him on, they should be holding him accountable for the P3 fiasco he's created for this province.It's common knowledge his crappy handling of the MOT was the reason he was stuck into the Health ministry, a portfolio notoriously hated by most ministers. Sure enough,he's pushing P3's in the health ministry as well, the key and cornerstone of privatization in the healthcare industry.

I'd like to extend Great Satan the opportunity to do a guest blog on my site about these two candidates, where I will follow up with a track record of both these potential candidates- a real track record. And speaking about Christy and qualifications, she mentions frequently on various bios that she attended Simon Fraser U and the Sorbonne... but fails each time to mention that she never actually graduated from either,yet a crafty bit of wording that implies a bit more than it actually means. Kind of like if I said I attended Yale...( as part of a tour while on

Mary, you might find it interesting to post these links I came across recently, ads to foreign governments and corporations to come and consider using our natural resources in Beautiful BC....

And the following is the English Language version of a BC for sale foreign investors advertisment that comes in many different languages,so no countries are exempt from using our natural bounty of land,minerals and water...
It'd be interesting to compare the texts of those ads.....what gets said in German vs. what gets said in Chinese vs what gets said in Portuguese vs what gets said in French. I betcha there's significant differences, depending on who's being catered to - advertising is like that.

I saw the headline this morning about WikiLeaks' batch of new documents to be released later today, sort of an omnibus disclosure which I think is related to the mounting attempts to indict and convict Julian Assange on anything they can find....does make me wonder what State Dept docs will surface that may deal with operations, agendas, and contacts/agents in Canada....

Now, if we could only get to WikiLeaks all those boxes of documents the RCMP and Crown are trying to dispose of.....
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