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Canada's future is riding on the rails

BC Mary comment: Exploring the significance of having one's own provincial railway, such as BC Rail:

MP sees Canada’s future riding on the rails


The Globe and Mail - Nov. 5, 2010

Ottawa— Dean Del Mastro is a big teddy bear of a guy, a very partisan Conservative MP from Peterborough, Ont., whose spaghetti, complete with baseball-sized meatballs, is legendary among Tories on Parliament Hill.

But there is more to the 40-year-old MP than pasta and politics – and that is his romance with the railway.

{Big snip} ...

Although Mr. Del Mastro loves the nostalgia surrounding the railway, he believes, too, in its future.

“I think there is a rail renaissance going on around the world,” he said. “Ultimately, there is no more environmentally friendly way to move freight.”

And that brings us to his next mission. The MP is now gearing up to take on the issue of double tractor trailers – or long combination vehicles – two 53-foot trailers hooked up to one tractor on Ontario’s 400-series highways.

Recognizing this is primarily a provincial issue, Mr. Del Mastro, nevertheless, is planning a public awareness campaign – “Trains belong on Tracks.”

The Ontario government launched a pilot project last year to allow these LCVs on the highways. The government has argued that these double trucks use less fuel and notes that in Western Canada and Quebec, where they are on the road, there have been no safety issues.

Mr. Del Mastro, however, has a different view.

“I’m not anti-truck but I have yet to meet a constituent that wants to share the road with them,” he said. “We’ve got a mode of freight transit available that existed since the creation of the country.”

Trains make more sense for the environment and for the health of the highways and driver safety, he said.

The weight of these double trucks, he believes, puts a lot of pressure on the roads as well as creating “new challenges for drivers.”

“These are significantly bigger trucks, these are significantly bigger moving objects than just a regular truck,” he said. “They are twice the size.”

In his mind, of course, the answer is rail.

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It astounds me that Dean Del Mastro can be intelligent enough to realize that rails are the transportation method of the future for both people and freight between cities, yet still be a super partisan HarperCon - it seems as if there is a disconnect. Harper and our own little Harper, Gordon Campbell, are both yesterday's men, fighting to maintain the status quo and gather all the goodie for themselves and their friends.

While Del Mastro sees the future clearly, Gordon Campbell only understands railroads as something to be exploited by shutting them down in order to create REAL ESTATE opportunities, once again for him and his friends. This isn't something that started with his corrupt dealings with BC Rail either - he cut his teeth doing the same thing for Marathon Realty as they exploited the lands surrounded by cities built by the very railroads and the services they were busy shutting down in the name of developing real estate and to hell with diverting all the freight and people to the short term and environmentally toxic highways.

How Del Mastro can swear allegiance to yesterday's man Stephen Harper whose Old Testament views of society and determination to maintain oil's place in the world as long as possible, without regard for the future of even Alberta ultimately is just very perplexing!

And we wonder why people of lost respect for what was once an asset to Canada, the RCMP.
Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part, Anon 4:12 ...

but I wonder if RCMP Inspector Bains was asked again for a copy of the investigation report, he just might release it.

That's my old motto: Be polite. Be persistent. But keep asking the questions.

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