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A fired Cabinet Minister reveals that his premier "is not a nice man."

Audio tape of former BC Energy Minister Bill Bennett's press conference after being dropped from BC Liberal cabinet by Gordon Campbell.

BC Mary comment: This is a rare moment when a member of Cabinet reveals at a well-attended press conference, the psychology of the BC ruling group. Bill Bennett explains that Campbell does the "thinking, acting, talking for you" in an atmosphere he likens to the "battered wife" syndrome. 

Even more alarming is Bennett's comment about the H.S.T. crisis which "revealed that G.C. was no longer focused on the job." Holy Ratzinger, does that mean G.C. is already fixated on something arising from his recent Bilderberg experience?

Here is the Bill Bennett press conference -- a long, leisurely discussion -- in which (if readers are short of time) the first 1/3 could be skipped.


BC Mary comment: And here, thanks to "J.W.", are a few more efforts to explain the strange man who has seriously influenced the future of the province of British Columbia these past years: 

Campbell has been called a vindictive bully with personality problems - see links for details.


But CBC and The Canadian Press seem to have decided to hang in with Gordo's Gang ...

Comment by North Van's Grumps cross-posted for its acute relevance:

N.V.G. says:

I've lost count on how many times Bill Bennett used the word "truth" in his tape recorded interview with the press yesterday. It was enough times, by way of examples he gave that he was more than willing to tell the truth, which begs the question as to why the msm never asked MLA Bill Bennett, who was elected in 2001, what he knew of the Sale of BC Rail.

Here's a former Minister of Gordon Campbell's cabinet spilling every answer to the questions posed by the msm and not one of them popped the question on the recently "concluded" BC Rail deal which brought about the ensuing wrath that forced Campbell to go on TV to plea bargain with voter personal income tax. He offered us money, our own money, in exchange for us to "like him". We didn't then, we still don't now.

Is it too late for someone to ask Bill Bennett? He said he's tired of all the bullshit, well, the public has put up with the bullshit from the BC Liberals since the raid on the Legislature. Its time for the truth, to come freely, without our treasury having Deputy Ministers squander another $1.

There's a phrase that Bill Bennett used over and over again, something called the "no surprises" rule. You'd think that two Deputy Ministers sitting down with full access to BC Government Treasury writing a cheque, worth $6 million dollars in exchange for guilty pleas from David Basi and Bobby Virk wouldn't been seen as a violation of the NO SURPRISES RULE.

Sure like to know of other rules that these elected officials, these Ministers of the Crown, this Premier, adhere to when it suits them.

Pretty erratic stuff when you look back, one wonders if there isn't some underlying problems with alcohol or some underlying psychiatric issue. Maybe they should try and get him some help...
First, he would have to WANT help, that will never happen. He sees himself as better than, righter than, and above virtually everyone around him.

His sycophantic cabinet has fed that attitude from day one. He's not the only one in government with that attitude problem...but it appears there may be one or two members who are still holding onto sanity by a thread. I'd count Blair Lekstrom and Bill Bennett among them.

The rest aren't worth the powder...
Laugh if you will ... but I feel some concern for Lara Dauphinee, when Bill Bennett raises the image of the "battered wife".

On good authority, I've been told off the record that on the day Gordo gave his surprise resignation press conference, Lara (who is "never far from his side") showed up dressed in black, "looking like somebody had killed her puppy".

Seems outrageous to me that the royally expensive secrecy which has surrounded Gordo's Executive Assistant all these years, could also be preventing anyone from asking about her health/sanity.

Bill Bennett also mentioned, did you notice? that the assistant was probably Lara who informed him that Gordo wanted to see him "out behind the barn" where Gordo proceeded to scream and yell and spit in Bennett's face.

I have other things to do, but now and then I think about Lara and wonder if somebody should look into this situation as a "missing person" case, or something.

I really hope you are NOT laughing.
I agree Mary. I think about Nancy too, in hiding, the press studiously avoiding her. Why do the press feel too intimidated to investigate?
Ask Mr ennett about BC Rail.asap
"Hit the road jack, and don't you come back no more, no more....."

Remember the tune.....and we know who to dedicate it to..
NO accountability = No change! How about a psych exam as a minimum requirement, prior to running for any public office like an elected official.
Until the truth of Lara's "societal and educational position", both in the past and the present becomes public knowledge, as it should have been in the first place considering her job...I have no sympathy for her whatsoever. I think she is considerably stronger than anyone gives her credit for, and has played a very important part in the state of the province today. She only made two mistakes...

1) Never monkey with another monkey's monkey.

2) Never allow yourself to become romantically, or physically involved with your employer (if the reports we've heard are true).

Either one, or both, will get you hurt in the end.

Nancy on the other a whole different set of concerns. Why would a woman as intelligent as she obviously must be, allow herself to be used whenever her presence is needed for photo ops and political points? Why does she always look like she'd rather be in Iraq? Her pictures have *always* given me the impression of a soul-sad and deeply angry wife.

With any luck, they'll both kick their habit, and start life again clean - and happy.
Gordo is a Capricorn, and a typical one at that.....from my trusty astrology reference book, read here some "cappy" traits...the man just can't help himself I guess...He was born like this.
Capricorn Concerns:
Planning, determination,persistence,success, high status,authority,discipline,money wealth,long term projects...a goat will always reach the hights beating out others less determined.
Will use financial and social resources to further an ambition.
Spiritual goal?? To learn to understand the feelings and needs of other people. (He got an "F" in that)
Egotistical, A slave-driver, unforgiving,status-seeking. I'm not making this up!
A typical Capricorn cannot bear to be embarrassed in public. ( !!!)
Unapproachable, self-protective, seeks honours, is opinionated. Capricorns have an irritating habit of organizing things they think will be good for a friend, which the friend does not want..(substitute province for friend!)
At their worst, they will use friends to further an ambition without a word of thanks.
I could go on........Let the door hit you on the way out.
The link to Bill Bennett's press interview is now producing a 404...Not Found. May be the link is broken...or the interview has been permanently removed. I'm guessing the latter.

Thanks for the memo. I can't get the "click HERE" button to work, either.

Which is why I've been providing a complete URL for these things,

and I find that this works: i.e., if you copy and paste the full URL into your browser, it does bring up the Bill Bennett press conference.

But: I'm not sure it's the FULL press conference. I didn't have time to check that out. If it's only the first 1/3 then Times Colonist is withholding the best segments.

Somehow I doubt that what Bill Bennett said about Gordo and the current state of BC Liberals, will stay suppressed for long, however.
I thought the Peace River Coal Ltd. name sounded familiar. In a Vancouver Sun news alert from this morning (Thursday):

TSX posts best one-day advance since August

Vancouver-based Western Coal Corp sees profits lag on higher expenses
November 11, 2010

New system helps CN manage coal shipments
September 28, 2010
Just who is tampering with the internet? The here button didn't work for me either. More than likely, another dirty tactic of the BC Liberals. They never could stand the truth about themselves.

I'm not sure it's tampering ... but just to be on the safe side, I have started including the complete link for each posting. Just copy and paste it into your browser.
I love your site, but honestly tell you that you need more for him to monitor those who commented with your records
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!
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