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In the Court of Public Opinion, the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial continues ... as there is "something of far more significance -- the suspected, almost accepted, moral rot in government."

BC Mary comment: This worthy comment comes from Victoria's Times Colonist. It looks as if TC (no longer CanWest) is beginning to see the light ... or smell the air ... or some such thing. Here's what Iain Hunter said this morning:

Without answers, B.C. Rail smell lingers
Iain Hunter
Times Colonist

How easily we're distracted from things that matter by other, inevitable things like the departure of a premier. How strange it is that when we need them most, the courts fail us.

Yes, there's a link.

Ever since Premier Gordon Campbell pulled the plug and started spiralling down the drain of history, everyone has seemed concerned with what's going to happen next.

What happened before, apparently, may spiral down the drain and flow into history, no secondary treatment required.
We're focused on who will be brave enough to pick up Campbell's mantle and become B.C.'s unelected premier for a bit.
We're dwelling on who, in that NDP camp with surprisingly few followers given what has transpired recently, will be brave enough to grasp at leadership if she who must be obeyed can be persuaded to let go.

We're told how much the HST is hated by so many and are invited to speculate on its future.

But we're in danger of being distracted from something of far more significance -- the suspected, almost accepted, moral rot in government.

We are told that a couple of minions in ministerial offices breached our trust and accepted benefits for leaking confidential information.

We're expected to accept the word of these disgraced individuals that they didn't obtain "the consent of their superiors" for what they did.

We're expected to accept the word of the premier that they acted alone.

But we don't really know who in the upper echelons of the government or the Liberal party knew what, because the court proceedings that were supposed to reveal these things, and perhaps settle our suspicions, were cut short by a deal.

This is the link between something that really matters, morality in our public life, and where the courts fail. A case put into the hands of a special prosecutor was not so special after all ...

BC Mary comment: to read the rest of this excellent column, click HERE.


I miss the first Judge....she, in my humble opinion would have let the trial run its course and the public would have heard this one more time from her own lips:

"[15]The defence is concerned that the Crown is not sufficiently involved in the disclosure process and has left the bulk of the disclosure to the police.

This is supported in the affidavit of Corporal Mar wherein she states the procedure she and Constable Ma have followed to conduct disclosure.

That is not to say that the Crown has not been actively involved. They have been. Further, it is not to say that the police should not be actively involved; needless to say, they must be. However, the state of the document disclosure suggests that at least initially the disclosure was being primarily performed by the police."


"[20] As a result of reviewing the documents, the defence sought more disclosure. A number of the documents that they subsequently requested had, in fact, already been disclosed but were scanned into the wrong file and the index provided was so vague what was in fact contained in the file could not be ascertained.

For example, Mr. Basi's tax records were filed in Mr. Virk's file.

A memo relating to Commissioner Zaccardelli was filed under the file called "Operational Plan" and is listed as “correspondence memorandum”.

The report from Mr. River which is of some importance, was filed under “correspondence” and called a “Report of Findings” with no reference to Mr. River.

Another example is the locations of the Speaker's consent to search the legislature.

This consent was apparently signed in an airport hangar, however it was wrongly filed under the documents that were seized from Mr. Basi's office and referred to as "correspondence - note".

These documents could not be found using the software search function. I am told the keyword search function has since been improved....."
“E. Bennett J.”

The Honourable Madam Justice Bennett


The horsemen sure come across as incompetent.
Check Alex G. Tsakumis blog - Basi in court today - it's about the documents - court wants all defense documents released.
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