Thursday, November 04, 2010


A non-partisan Political Announcement -- words worth waiting to hear

Corky Evans, retired MLA, is currently traveling British Columbia with Rafe Mair which, in itself, is  a moving, powerful demonstration of a new kind of political activism. Are we seeing the beginning of a movement? I really, really hope so.

Everyone, everywhere seems to be talking about the deeply-felt anger amongst the general population. Big Media, on the other hand, would have us believe that it's all about the H.S.T. It isn't. The H.S.T. was the first escape valve for 9 years of  Campbell treachery -- one public asset after another thrown into the meat-grinder.

Listen to Corky as he talks about the public interest in protecting what belongs to future generations -- then consider.

*New Video: Corky Evans on Social Democracy

Click HERE

and/or HERE


Mary, that video brought me to tears. How long has it been since we've witnessed a REAL passion, an honest speaker? I SO wish he would come back, he's one of very few I actually trust.
Too bad Carole put herself in front of the party/public good, Corky was a "man of the people" type of guy. Too honest for a leader trained in beuracratic office tactics (school board...yawn) so he had to go.

Maybe we need a "draft the following" type of facebook page for the dippers? That might wake up the dead weight at dipper central?

I've already decided that my vote will likely be none of the above if she stays.
Anon 12:24.
Can we use a term other than 'man of the people' to describe Corky Evans? That was what Ralph Kline was always referred to as. Perhaps something just as descriptive but not so tainted.

I agree with you, Corky needs a special term, like,


Leader of the Post-Partisan Movement,

or some such thing.

Did you watch the video? What was your reaction?
He's right you know. It took me a long time to see it. I lived in Alberta most of my life and everything I saw and heard tried to tell me that the governments of Saskatchewan and BC were Communists of the worst kind and would end up in hell for sure, along with anyone who voted for them. Then I moved to BC in the 1970's and saw how the Social Democracy Corky talks about really worked. A downturn in the economy forced me back home and I didn't think about those things at the time. Now I'm retired and I have time to figure out what was happening back then and compare it to today. He's right you know.

Ed Broadbent had exactly the same thing to say to us. We need men and women with vision like these two to lead us to the future of a social democracy.
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