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Signs of hope when it's midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

[BC Mary comment: Everything I can think of saying is summed up in one word: Harrumph!]


[including the 70 other questions from Krog which never got answered either]

VICTORIA – New Democrat leader Carole James is asking [not demanding?!! - BC Mary] the B.C. Liberals to immediately answer 100 questions related to the B.C. Rail corruption trial and the sell-off of the crown corporation in violation of their election promise. In the absence of a commitment by the government to call back the Legislature, the New Democrats plan to submit this list of questions with the Office of the Clerk. [Oh for heaven sake. Think, Carole. You'll  wait for Gordo to call the Legislature back (like, it'll never happen) before you "ask" him to answer the 100 questions ... and then you'll "ask" the Office of the Clerk to accept these 100 questions ... and ... then what??) Well, pitiful as this demonstration by our Loyal Opposition is, I still say it's better than the outright thuggery currently going on in B.C.]

This list includes 30 new questions (gasp! so soon? the trial ended only 15 days ago, what's the rush ha ha) arising from the abrupt end to the B.C. Rail Corruption trial and the plea deal, which forced B.C.’s taxpayers to pay $6 million in defendants’ legal fees. These are in addition to the 70 questions submitted by the New Democrats in 2008, which still remain unanswered.

Now that the B.C. Rail trial is no longer before the courts, James and the New Democrats are calling on the B.C. Liberals to finally come clean, call back the legislature and start answering questions they’ve avoided for years.  The Official Opposition has called for a public inquiry into the sale of B.C. Rail.

A backgrounder with the questions is attached. [if you visit the original news release]

Media contact: Neera Ritcey, 604-317-4450


What's "odd" about that list is there's nothing new on it that hasn't already been covered, over and over, in blogspace. Bloggers were willing to defy an illegal publication ban to get various facts out there, and keep baiting the various questions arising from what we know of the evidence, all this time. The NDP were silent, like they were during the Solidarity crisis-cum-interregnum in 1983.

The 101st question is "why did the NDP keep their yaps shut all through this?"

Leonard Krog only spoke up because blogspace was already aflame, and his comments/questions were no more original than anything on that list (I got to about No. 30 and got bored).

I'd like to see Paul Nettleton's list of questions....


(Blogger hasn't been allowing me to log in or post, ditto at my gmail account, so appearing here via "anonymous" posting).
BC Mary, you're the expert on BC Rail, so can you confirm what the BC Liberal Party have been bragging about on their web page:


CN Rail has:
"Moved their district office to Prince George from Winnipeg."
"Purchased over 800 rail cars."

From what I've found, Winnipeg is still in Winnipeg, so too for Prince George, except the latter is now called the "North Division Office"

Source: http://www.allbusiness.com/company-activities-management/company-strategy-outsourcing/5784724-1.html

I thought they were to purchase 600 and rebuild 1500 = 2100, but they destroyed the 1500 therefore there are fewer cars servicing BC that before the sale out to CN Rail.....or did CN Rail have a bunch of cars just lying about, doing nothing?
follow the money. starting about pre 2 elections ago.
"Bennett was seeking to protect his government's territorial interests in the interior and the north and, in so doing, to shape the economic growth of those regions along provincial lines.3 This interpretation has some merit. Protecting provincial interests in the north and ensuring that the province benefited from the development of that region were important to the Bennett government."

Not so for the Gordon Campbell government.

Source: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=10&ved=0CDwQFjAJ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fojs.library.ubc.ca%2Findex.php%2Fbcstudies%2Farticle%2Fdownload%2F1806%2F1851&rct=j&q=IBid%20%20BC%20Government%20BC%20Rail&ei=KZvQTOnVBonmsQP1-tjRCA&usg=AFQjCNFkSFPd--WBZeui7xcXtEjLV3NEaQ&sig2=0qpqgLo6j2Uit6pDrOcEZw&cad=rja

Thanks for your latest comment, always welcome and always informative.

It could've been my Internet problems which interfered with your comments. I was cut off for several days because of moving into a new house. Something didn't go right, and a simple re-connect dragged on for some days.

Please don't give up on us. We'd miss you badly.
Anonymous 2:32,

That's an amazing piece of biased propaganda from the fevered imagination of "Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals" ... sheesh.

Like where it says they're taking political interference out of everything ... and then (one example of NOT doing so) talking about removing tolls from highways only when they're paid for ... using Gordo's wild, unexpected removal of the Coquihalla Highway tolls in Sept. 2008 when some of its infrastructure was only half-built.

This is a massive job of de-constructing propaganda ... and I'd suggest that people have a go at it -- take a small section of it and check it out -- first reading up on what Laila has researched on the "shadow toll" system such as is being used secretly on the Sea-to-Sky Highway and Port Mann Bridge.

I'd better tell you this: I've lost almost all vision in my left eye. Cataract surgery is scheduled, which I hope that will allow me to read again more comfortably.

So be assured that your eagle-eyes are much appreciated. Thanks for this tip.
Anonymous 4:13,

Wish I had time to figure out what you mean ... but maybe you'd provide a few more clues?

Skookum1, your comment at 2:26 PM deserves to stand on its own:

The 101st question is "why did the NDP keep their yaps shut all through this?"
Now wouldn't you just love to get a full copy of this rather than an abstract:

British Columbia's Capital Asset Management Framework: Moving from transactional to transformative leadership on public-private partnerships, or a “railroad job”?

1. Daniel Cohn

This might just be a "past" or "lost" love, because the massive reorganization that the the BC Liberal Government are embarking on might be either sending the "Capital Asset Management Framework" into the trash can because of its failed policies, or moving to a higher level.


or here as another, but longer,abstract:

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