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Thank heaven, Godawful Gordo is "stepping down". Does that mean leaving town? Leaving BC? Run out of town on a rail?

Thank heaven, he won't be premier much longer.

Gordon Wilson, former BC Liberal Leader, says: " ... he went wrong — where he went seriously wrong — I think was when he started to dispose of public assets ... "  

Like, from almost Day One.

Comments are invited to mark the  occasion when the most cruel, most destructive, most dishonest premier British Columbia has ever known, is stepping down.

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BC Mary comment: Just look at this. Yes, yes, I know it's "the done thing" and Harpo had to say something, but couldn't he have simply remained silent? Hasn't B.C. suffered enough? Just look: 


Yesterday afternoon, Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a statement in which he thanked Mr. Campbell for his “service to British Columbians, and indeed his service to all Canadians.”

“Through his considerable efforts, Premier Campbell has returned British Columbia to prosperity and has re-affirmed his province’s rightful place in the heart of our Canadian Confederation,” the Prime Minister said.

“In particular, I would like to thank Premier Campbell for his steadfast support during the current global economic downturn and for his government’s tremendous cooperation in implementing Canada’s Economic Action Plan.

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And another quote from Toronto Sun:


"Canada and her athletes had no better champion, or more ardent supporter than Gordon Campbell," said Harper's statement. "My enduring memory of Gordon will be with his arms raised cheering our athletes, his hands covered with those famous Canada mittens while passionately waving the Canadian flag."

B.C.'s senior federal minister Stockwell Day said Campbell was "unfailing in putting first and foremost the interests of British Columbians" and said it was "an honour and joy" to work with him.

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Well if Watts has a brain she doesn't run.

So its Coleman or Falcon... the Hermann Goring and Reinhard Heydrich ... of BC Liberal Party?

BC will be a true 3rd World Tin Pot Dictatorship.

Falcon will rule as a dictator and I bet we finally will take things to the street!
"cruel, most destructive, most dishonest premier British Columbia has ever known..."

Sorry, that has to go to Bill Bennett, the man who started us down the road that led to Gordo.
So, come onnn, E.A. 1:30,

let's try for a session of the BC Legislature ...

sure you do ... you remember what those are, don't you?
Now he's going it means we are going to get a new Liberal leader and Premier of the province, chosen by Liberals. There should be a general election shortly after that happens so that the Premier of BC can be selecteed by the voters.

I look formard to an election in the summer of next year.
2:02, the Premier is elected by the Party, not voters of BC. The Premier was elected as an MLA by his constituents of his riding, not the voters of BC.

That's why the Premier is calling for a convention so that the BC Liberals can vote in a new Leader of the Government, not the voters of BC.
I'm savouring this moment, this day. I'll worry about the rest of the Campbell Gang tomorrow. Any reader of modern children's tales knows that Voldemort can return in many forms. We must always be wary. Evil/greed is never sated. It can never get enough. It is forever plotting. For today, we can celebrate, for tomorrow we continue the struggle.
This is just the start. One step at a time is how to proceed. Campbell took nearly ten years of governance to arrive at where we are now - it is gonna take at least that long to make the necessary changes and improve our lot.

Let us all take comfort in kowing that, contrary to the MSM ridicules and arrogance - blogging is at least equal if not more, in influency public opinions.

Just maybe the MSM is now starting to realize that their reach is now limited and having sided with Campbell on most things, people will stop watching/reading as the case may be.

Thanks to every one of you bloody bloggers - it worked :-) Now to move on to the next phase ??

Yes. Agreed.
Like many here, I am celebrating the departure of the lying-est premier this country has ever known. But then I start thinking about a province perhaps led by (shudder) Colin Hansen, Rich Coleman, Kevin Falcon, or worst of all - Mike deJong! Heaven help this province!!
I totally agree with SharingIsGood. Enjoy today. Tomorrow is another and we must not forget where the lieberals have taken us thus far. What they have stolen from all citizens of this province in the name of profit to their friends and suffering to our citizens. Do not forget that there is more than the crime Boss involved, and they sit along side of him in the legislature, when he chooses for it to sit. Shame on all of them.
"My enduring memory of Gordon will be with his arms raised cheering our athletes, his hands covered with those famous Canada mittens while passionately waving the Canadian flag."

Perfect comment from one dorky guy about another. The exact stuff that made most normal humans wonder what the hell was wrong with Gordon Campbell apparently recommended him to the most powerful man in the land.
Please do not forget, everyone of these liars were elected by citizens who believed they were electing someone to represent them to Victoria, not to have Victoria dictate to them. Not one of them is worthy of anything but a "tar and feathering" and An ELECTION is An absolute right of the people. Not an appointment by the corrupt gang now ruining our Province. Jo5ey
And who is being shown walking across the street in Vancouver, Patrick Kinsella. News reporters are saying that he is working hard to get a new Premier in place.
Grumps, really! so WHO is being shown ... and WHERE is it shown?

WHAT news reporters are saying things ...
Dianne Watts & Kevin Falcon were both at a fundraiser last week. For Rich Coleman.

Confirmed by Coleman's constituency guy, Jordan Bateman, today on the cluck cluck show.

Not the first fund raiser for Coleman either (I live in his riding).

Didn't Gordo look like a scared rabbit today? What have they got on him that made him quit?

Looks like more than what the media's making it out to be. He only drags Nancy out for show when he's really in *&%$.
I was flipping the channels because I missed the first part of the CBC news, and I believe I settled down to watch Channel 9 shaw Cable, north van. yep, I just turned my tv on to see which channel would come up. 9!

I can only say that the "reporter" tracked Mr. Kinsella down to his lair, didn't have an interview with the great man, but they must have got something for them to say that HE was looking for five or six people to possibly fill the vacant slot left by the resigning premier.

I suppose the BC Liberals realize how important it is, might even go so far as to engage Charles Rivers Associates to do a study to ensure the fairness of the process.
Just like I said. His pockets are full and it's pension time. Who's next at the trough? Watch out they don't try and sell you a 'Man of the People'.
I'm not so sure replacing his chief of staff was an indication he planned on sticking it out. I think he's been planning his exit for quite some time.

Others have pointed out that he basically gave Martyn Brown - who would no doubt have be out of a job as soon as Campbell left - a nice soft landing, and brings Paul Taylor (an old friend) back in to the government scene.

He also managed to stick it to his eventual successor, who now faces either delivering on Campbell's promised tax cut, or actually reversing it and facing the wrath of an already unhappy voter.

His successor had also better have some idea of how Campbell planned on magically getting rid of the HST if 50% + one voted to do so, despite there being no obvious mechanism in the deal to accomplish that.

And should the NDP think that's a Liberal problem, they had better consider that if a Liberal MLA or two falls to recall, you'll see others abandon the party to save their skins. Which means Carole James could suddenly find herself premier long before the next election.

All she's said so far on the subject of the HST is "the election is a long way off" (which it might not be) and "we'll tell Ottawa we want look at re-negotiating the deal."

I'm sure Harper is going to be real eager to get together with the new Socialist premier from BC to re-do the HST. He'll tell her to get stuffed.

Campbell is still playing his game. He's announced he's leaving. But he's not atually leaving just yet. How many times has he announced the Evergreen line? Didn't he make a big "anouncement" about Site C a while back? Pictures of him in a hard hat. Any shovels in the ground (or actual funding) for either of those projects?

He may be around for months, during recall, during the leadership contest, during the HST debates. An boil on the face of the Liberal party, but not doing Carole James any favours as she faces her own leadership review right after the referendum.

Carole posted 30 additional questions for premier Campbell about BC Rail the other day. Here's one for her (and those hoping to take Campbell's place as leader of the Liberals):

If 50% plus one vote to get rid of the HST and you are premier, will you get rid of it? And, if yes, how?
We are looking at a massive DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN happening now.
Tonnes of media BS tidbits on Gordo the beloved man while Campbell the scumbag and the real players like Lara and Mary P. actually hide behind the hype.
CBC TV coverage shameful blow-job since Tony came over CBC and is looking more like CanWest and CTV everyday.
The media can't hammer too hard since they have to bury their own past inter-action with the Grits.
And Carole James again just being a fucking dish-rag on the resignation.
I love watching all the co-conspirators lauding the retiring Crime Boss Campbell. Anything to help remind the people that they are no better than the creep that gave up yesterday.

As to the lavish praise from Harper and "Doris" Day, to paraphrase an anon above - just what you would expect two creeps to say about another creep!

I'm actually not that happy to see him go, as everytime people see his face it reminds them how venal is the BC Liberal Party. However, I am optimistic that people are finally getting it, in spite of the lapdogs of PostMedia etc.

Criminal charges would be nice and not just against Campbell.

I also agree with the commentor above who advises Carole James to reconsider her stubborness, though I'm confident that they don't have the level of blackmail on her to make her step down, her only fault his her general incompetence as a leader. No one who can lose to a scandal ridden prevaricating, drunken adulter TWICE, deserves a third chance to go up against what can't help be be a candidate with less baggage.
As a premier, they have to be fair to all of their voters. The bulk of voters are the, everyday working people, low income people and everybody in between. We see our government, give millions of our tax dollars to, banks, big business, gas and oil company's. They also get huge tax reductions. Big businesses are a bottomless pits of greed. They are lined up at the trough, squealing for the HST too. We saw our mills go to China, along with our raw logs. BC has had 51 mills shut down, and lost 36.000 jobs. Our HST goes directly to Harper. BC is a province of natural resources, we people will see no benefit from the HST. So far the HST has only driven costs up. We have seen many small businesses, close their doors. The citizens have no money to spend, to help small business owners to stay open. Where the provincial budget doesn't get us, the HST does. This winter will see many evictions and utility cut offs. BC has the highest number of children living in poverty. We have the lowest minimum wage, starting at $6.00 per hour. Campbell was all about big business. However, he forgot the little guys, are the people who keep the province running, we pay the most taxes. Campbell left us with no money to live on, so of course, he had revenue shortfalls.
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