Monday, November 15, 2010


Today, still relating to the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial, Dave Basi will stand in BC Supreme Court once again - this time, alone

for further negotiations(?) on the terms of his two year sentence of house arrest. 

Confirmed on BC Supreme Court schedule for Nov. 15, 2010 at 10:00 A.M.

It may be safe to say that Basi will be accompanied by his lawyer, Michael Bolton who, rumour has it, is a good friend of this trial's Very Special Crown Prosecutor in off-hours. It's not known yet if he -- Bill Berardino -- will attend today. [Update: Bill Berardino was absent from the Courtroom.]

 - BC Mary. 


BC Mary comment:  Sometimes a citizen gets riled enough to find precisely the right words ...

'Railgate' results in slap on the wrist
By Steve Rice

Merritt News - Spences Bridge, B.C.
November 16, 2010

The word credibility has been dropped from the Liberal dictionary.
A litany of C words come to mind when listening to Premier Campbell on CBC regarding the BC Rail fiasco.

Confusion, collusion, conflict of interest, corruption, criminal... we will never know because the biggest C of all, Campbell, has declared, after six years and millions of taxpayer's dollars, RailGate is a done deal.

No inquiry and no truths to come out, it is over. A mere twenty minutes before truths were revealed in a court of law, it is over. Our government has made it crystal clear that we will never know the details of this sordid mess.

Rather than man up, our leader chose to take the low road. With Mike De Jong and Premier Campbell reading from the same Liberal spin doctor manual, they declared that this has gone on long enough. We won't spend one more dime of the taxpayers money! (Spin: They are doing the taxpayers a favour)

Riddle me this?

It's all right to take the taxpayers money to pay the legal fees for these two criminals (even though the law says otherwise), but it is not all right to use taxpayers money to find out the truth. Wow! ...

Read Steve Rice's whole letter HERE.


So what is happening to the BC Rail documents?

Check this out -
I know there's other efforts at various injunctions out there, an injunction from the Court of Appeals to prevent any destruction of documents associated with a case whose proceedings are cast under a cloud of corruption and mis-appointments (Barardino, Mackenzie et al;) should not easily be sent to Campbell's pet shredding company......

the Big Media have the money for such an injunction, just no guts - or morals.
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