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But I digress. Well, not exactly ... it's a bit about Lara ... in context

BC Mary comment:  Yes! A Public Inquiry into what Lara Dauphinee does for us in her highly paid job as Deputy Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant to Gordon Campbell. She is so rarely mentioned, it makes the following item seem like interesting newz:


Crystal Ball adds $1 million to hospital foundation coffers

By Malcolm Parry,
Vancouver Sun - December 4, 2010

CRYSTAL CLEARER: Born into the Cunningham drugstore-chain family, Diane Norton wrote her own prescription for chairing the annual Crystal Ball Thursday: "Take a million dollars and call me in the morning."

In fact, counting for the B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation benefit reportedly topped seven figures Friday. The event has drawn well-heeled families -- Diamonds, Lees, Segals, etc. -- for 24 years. Its Caring Circle supporters now include Francesco Aquilini and Ryan Beedie, who scrapped in court over ownership of the Vancouver Canucks. (Aquilini won.) At the ball, developer Beedie greeted university-days pal Kevin Falcon, who may be B.C. Liberal premier next year with a $2-billion deficit to address. Norton, who wore an Orlando Orlandini diamond-and-gold necklace and Lara Couture silk-and-organza gown, will certainly return as ball chair, with $1 million and change to raise.


[BC Mary comment: don't give up, Lara Dauphinee is down there somewhere ... ]

BEYOND BLING: Pieces by veteran jeweller Karl Stittgen sparkled on Crystal Ball attendees. But you'd need superstrong ears, necks or wrists to wear his latest $3,000-range creations. They're the stoneware sculptures that, after a successful debut on Pender Island, he exhibited in Rosemary Baron's packed Gastown gallery Wednesday.


MOMMY SNUGGEST: Many mothers will dress their daughters for the North Shore Family Ball Sunday. But not at the Crystal Ball, where Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising grad Ally Lyall put mom and former model Jill in a gown she'd cut to Jason Matlo's design from a bare minimum of purple-and-fuchsia silk.


JUSTICE SERVED: The Justice Institute of B.C. Foundation set two marks at its gala Wednesday. Chaired by Karen Baker-MacGrotty and Marvin Storrow, the sold-out event raised a record $509,910 to support emergency-response and social-service programs. Its Community Leadership Award then went to the Lil'wat, Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations for hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics & Paralympic Games.

Those seeking dinner speakers should nail half-Maori Squamish-nation member Tewanee Joseph, who fronted that award presentation with humorous sensitivity after organizing aboriginal participation in the Games. Lacrosse athlete Joseph also sings with the Bitterly Divine rock band, which will benefit Kingcome Inlet flood victims at the Yale Dec. 16.

The institute's Anthony Pantages medal went to B.C. Chief Justice Lance Finch, and the Joseph Cohen award to retired RCMP commissioner Beverley Busson.

- [Keep scrolling down, down ... ]

KEY ROLES: Accepting the top award in Vancouver magazine's ever-quixotic Power 50 ratings recently, Mayor Gregor Robertson said: "I'm not going to say much about Olympic Village," the South False Creek development now in receivership, with much city money vulnerable. " Bob Rennie's here." He meant the condo realtor who succeeded then-mayor Larry Campbell to top the glossy monthly's 2004 list, but has sold few of the huge development's million-dollar-plus units.

Robertson looks secure compared to 45th-place finisher Carole James, whose caucus is threatening to do what fifth-placer Gordon Campbell's did to him.

Campbell's post-magazine-deadline resignation made handlers Paul Taylor and Lara Dauphinee's shared 32nd position redundant on a politician-heavy list that included Dianne Watts, 10th, Mike de Jong, 11th, Kevin Falcon, 14th, Rich Coleman, 22nd, Colin Hansen, 28th, Chuck Strahl, 33rd, born-again party wrecker Bill Vander Zalm, 39th, and Barry Penner 49th. Still, perhaps the left-wingers in Robertson's Vision coalition will rebel as James's have.

That might make him beholden again to Rubbermaid heiress Carol Newell and Joel Solomon, the 21st-place finishers whose largesse  fuelled his mayoral bid.

Meanwhile, he can play I'm Sitting on Top of the World on the Winter piano he and wife Amy bought recently.


MISSING IN INACTION: Still undeclared B.C. Liberal leadership contender Christy Clark didn't make the Power 50 list.

Ditto fellow broadcaster-politico and 2005 fifth-place finisher Carole Taylor.

{Snip} ...

Read more HERE:


Interesting how Campbell, extra special fiend or mistress has been kept hush hush by the mainstream media.

Laura and several other "young" trophies are common gossip with the West side crowd and poor Laura had better watch out lest a younger trophy catches the eye of our soon to be "ex" Premier.

Yes a public inquiry is needed to find the truth about the media shy Laura, just to see if she was legally employed.
Boy the press sure paid a LOT of attention to the original Gordon(Wilson) and Judy - who actually acknowledged and normalized their relationship and don't hide any spawn that may have occurred as a result of their union - sorry kid,but if Lara and Gordo are your parents, you are SPAWN - unacknowledged spawn at that.

And then there is Cluck Cluck's hatched egg (who's yo daddy?) - will it allow her to become Queen of BeeCee?
There is no mistress situation here. If there were, Campbells wife would have divorsed him long ago. She is a school teacher, and self respecting. There is no way she would stay married to a man who is laying down with a younger woman. Nancy would have said something by now.
Anon 2:33 PM.
The Tooth Fairy tells me that's BS. If you believe in the Tooth Fairy you know she wouldn't lie.
Koot Coot, if i might suggest one small change, i would write it as Bee$ee. Just for the mirth of it, of course.

Oh, and for the commenter above who, perhaps with tongue-in-cheek, can't imagine that such infidelity would be tolerated by the estranged spouse of gordo--I would offer the following words to help you better understand the matter at hand: There was a giant hush-fund put at her disposal, and a secret signed post-nuptial agreement was put in place as necessary.

gordo was profiled decades ago. They knew what his proclivities were, and how he would behave within a certain range of possibilities. Think bill clinton reacting to the presence of Monika Lweinsky as she was paraded before him, say. Knowing that, then, they brought him into office and aimed Lara at him, so that she, or someone of her ilk--might get seated in-behind the throne. Not surprisingly, gordo swallowed--hook, line, and sinker, as the old fishermen like to say--and the rest is our history.

And, others 'round here might want to know: There's a Vancouver boy, Robert H. Lee, of Prospero Properties, who is also a board member of both Crown Life and...Canadian National Railway. Connect those dots to reveal a very interesting player who doesn't get nearly enough attention, imho.

P.S. No one knows more about the inside of Vancouver $ociety than Malcolm Perry.
Here's a bit about

Robert H. Lee
Founder and Chairman
Prospero Properties Ltd

Robert Lee was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. A graduate of UBC in 1956 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, he founded Prospero International Realty Inc. in 1979. With over 45 years of experience, he has built a strong real estate presence on the west coast of Canada and the U.S., including extensive real estate holdings in the Lower Mainland.

Mr. Lee has acquired a substantial amount of industry experience, along with an invaluable network of business connections throughout North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. He also serves as a director for several private and public companies such as Crown Life Insurance, Canadian National Railway and Wall Financial Corporation.

Other accomplishments of Mr. Lee include being a Governor and the Chancellor of UBC. He also founded UBC Properties Trust which has generated over $400 million for the University’s endowment. He has also been recognized for his community service on many occasions and has received numerous awards for his charitable fundraising efforts.

Mr. Lee believes that the Prospero’s success is directly related to his team of employees and their commitment to the client’s needs.
.. I beleive that Lara was hired through a govt selection process.

There would have been a job posting, obviously Union Excluded, but I would like to think it was offered to everytone in the BC Govt Job Postings.

Lara there would have applied, as would have many others. There was a prequalified pool, perhaps, and she must have had more competencies than her competition. I just cannot beleive she would have been hired out of thin air.

Wasnt Basi hired through a selection process?

Lara's history goes way back to when Gordo was in Opposition, circa 1996. I don't recall seeing anything about her scooping a job as Gordo's personal assistant because of her brilliant job application.

It'd make a good F.o.I. request.
Basi was hired through a selection process that went straight through Lara Dauphinee....

And it was before he got the leadership when she was with him; but also SFAIK throughout the persecutions launched by his office against Gordon Wilson. And against Glen Clark.....

She was hired as his personal assistant, not as part of the civil service; that position would seem to have been added to her portfolio, and probably paycheque, once he got into actual power. She was a personal choice, and also a political appointee. Such positions having nothing to do with government hiring processes and credentials.....credentials? Yeah, what are those credentials anyway, for such a high salary?

The media and the National Citizens Coalition are (rightly) going after band governments where salaries are higher than the prime minister and major executives. Maybe they should be apprised of the salary rolls of those close to the Premier, and also those close to the Liberal Party or to its semi-corporate proxies. As in "how much was Brian Kenning paid for doing what again????"

Somebody pinch me. Shouldn't the NCC be as interested in that kind of pork just as much as they should on some chief or councillor somewhere who's been robbing a band treasury, and steering band revenues in their own direction?

Maybe the NCC should have a deep, long look at BC Rail, and BC Hydro.

And Lara Dauphinee. And those mysterious trips to New York and wherever else. On public business, bnut talking to who??

And that money given to Patrick Kinsella.....for what, exactly, again?

Maybe we could get the NCC to support the call for a public inquiry (and I'm not talking about just into BC Rail....).
Just a thought: The premier's son works in the financial markets in New York--no?
Lara is also sitting on the 2011 Grey Cup Planning Committee, along with alot of the usual suspects, including the lovely Dennis Skulsky who is president and ceo of that sink-hole known as canwest/post-media; and, David Podmore who co-founded Concert with the late Jack Poole which was the guy that convinced the money-man Peter Brown to back gordo for the premier's position; and there's also Bill Weymark who just happened to be president and ceo of Vancouver Wharves/BCR Marine until 2007 when it was...well, you know the rest of that story and it pains me to repeat it.

Check out the whole rogues gallery of 'em--they're here:
Wow, there's a picture of Lara on that page....

That makes how many pictures of her in existence? Six??
...and the Premier's son working in New York is no reason to go there and bill the taxpayers of BC for a five-star hotel and a bar tab (I gather there were more drinks than food on that tab, as you might expect....).

And if the Premier's son were invited to a dinner with New York investors/bank executives or whomever, that's inappropriate and a mixing of business and family life. Now, if he called his son after the dinner and said "buy CN" we've had something to take to the SEC.....shades of the Doman Scandal (only the Americans keep better phone records than Canadians do...).

Breakfast at Tiffany's, anyone?
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