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When the cat's pyjamas caught fire ... and the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial didn't ... in 2010's most memorable stories in Victoria Times Colonist

BC Mary comment: It's Boxing Day and Jack Knox has just published an annoying column about the things he thinks make up the 25 most significant stories of 2010. Like the U.Vic bunnies and such. Grrrr. He gave the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial the Number 9 spot, "in no particular order", of course ... quote:

9. What do you expect for a lousy $18 mill?

The corruption case of Liberal aides David Basi and Bob Virk, which began with the legislature raid seven years ago this week, stumbled to an October conclusion that left more questions than answers. A plea deal saw Basi and Virk -- who accepted favours in the $1-billion B.C. Rail sale -- avoid jail time and have the taxpayers pick up their $6-million legal bill, bringing the total public cost to at least $18 million.

Meanwhile, the province continued trying to recover money, if only a few dollars at a time, from welfare cheats. The government must maintain its principles, you see.

Basi also pleaded guilty to taking $50,000 from developers seeking to have Sooke land taken out of the agricultural land reserve. Shambrook Hills Development was fined $200,000, but charges were dropped against two of its owners, Tony Young and Jim Duncan.

Then, momentarily, all was forgiven, when I saw that Jack Knox also wrote this:

20. Flaming feline
Doing the right -- and romantic -- thing, B.C. Environment Minister Barry Penner shut off the lights for a candlelit Earth Hour dinner March 27.
Alas, the evening got hotter than anticipated when his cat brushed against the candle and caught fire. Happily, the pet was only slightly singed. And the tale gave us the headline of the year, courtesy of the Times Colonist's Sandra McCulloch: "Say, honey, could you put out the cat?"

But ... [sigh] ... back to basics: Read the whole dismal list of what Lucinda's Times Colonist thinks is news -- big news -- of the year 2010, HERE

I've deleted several nasty comments which had nothing to do with BC Rail,

and will continue deleting comments from that dim-wit school of Political Science which keeps repeating "Me good, You bad!"

What matters is: what are we going to do about the issues?
Hi Mary....The only way to get an inquiry is to elect the NDP...Is that statement political?

Yes it is, but it`s also the truth.

As for Paul Nettleton`s flip flop...He was hired as a lawyer only last year..Me thinks the pressure was put on Paul N by his new bosses...The lawyers involved in the Basi/Virk trial(IMO) have a reason to keep everything shut!

The Paul Nettleton letter has no passion in it...And I think, maybe, just maybe Nettleton left a clue in his letter where he mentions he is now a lawyer!

What was Paul`s reason for sending a letter endorsing Clark?...He didn`t have to mention BC Rail...Did Paul Nettleton wake up late last week and say....{I`m going to write a letter to the Victoria Times Colonist endorsing Clark and agree with her that a BC Rail inquiry is not needed}

Why would Paul do that?...Every potential new BC Liberal states "No BC Rail Inquiry" ....So Paul N agrees with ALL BC LIBERAL leaders....

So why didn`t Paul just endorse Clark as a candidate?...His name carry`s no weight, he left the party(was thrown out)...Most people in the Province don`t know who Paul is...He was not a coveted endorsement....His letter BC Mary...
The letter was a prop, the letter was weak, no passion, no reasons for no inquiry were given...It appears to me to be almost forced...The tone in the letter speaks volume.

But as for political, it can`t be avoided.....And last point...Paul Nettleton was hired as a lawyer by Robson O Connor law firm in Ladysmith less than a year ago, ....meaning he needed a job...Meaning he needs to keep his job...

I hope you picked up what I was laying down folks.

Mary, I wouldn't expect any more from the news "rags" in this province. People are starting to realize what they put out and are now turning to the internet.

Thank goodness for blogs such as yours, Laila's, Ross's, Robbin's, Bill's, Grant's and the list goes on.

Happy New Year to you!
Yes, thank Heaven for our bloggers. I can't even read the newspapers first two sentences, before I get really bored, by their bias. Certain radio shows and TV media, sure and the hell must be pro Campbell. The days of trusting, some journalists and other media, is long gone. If Harper gets his way, the internet will be monitered, as well. I wonder what Harper now thinks, of his best buddy Campbell?
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