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"We need Dave Basi to be like Julian Assange ... " springs to mind, after reading the "Completed" listings for the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial


Skookum1 has left a new comment on your post "BC needs its own Julian Assange. Now!" ...

Hey Anonymous, 8:19, nice try but boring as all you only-talk-about Basi folks usually are; reminds me of the La Femme Nikita TV series where all the trainees are trying to take down a graduate of the same school of skuldiggery.

But you know what? We need Dave Basi to be like Julian Assange, to release all he knows, and all he knows about who's been dancing with who, and any notes on everything he has on all the "political" actions he was called upon to do by his various superiors and Lords Master. We need BasiLeaks....then it would be valid to compare Assange to Basi; but not before.

Dave, are you listening?


BC Mary comment: Thanks to all, for your patience the past week when my blog went down and stayed down during some technical difficulties -- partly caused by the bothersome blindness (about 85%) in my left eye. I especially ask your patience in squeezing the meaning out of the following brain-teasers from BC Supreme Court:

Vancouver Law Courts
Public Access Completed - Supreme Court List
for files appearing 13 Dec. 2010. 

Although these two significant pages (Pages 5 & 6) are identified only as "Limited Access", I asked the Search Box to find Case Number 23299 for the trial of Basi, Virk, Basi, and this is what I found. It's a pdf file so please bear with me as I copy it onto this page. The interesting factors are: 

* Case #23299 (Basi, Virk, Basi) counts now number 28,

* Various releases are assigned like a lot of happy days ahead for famous people,

* with "any such further & other relief as this court may deem just" ... which makes me think Skookum1 got it right (above). There's still too much secrecy surrounding the way (oh, let us count the ways) in which BC Rail slipped out of public ownership and into private pockets.

Here, as best I can duplicate them, are BC Supreme Court's Dec. 13, 2010 codes and listings:

Room 54 - File No. 23299-27 - Limited Access

Count 27 - 001  Vacate all remaining sealing order and publication bans

Count 27 - 002  Release Roger McConchie from Undertakings - Agency file 40: 03-1072 (same number for each of the 4 rulings)

Count 27 - 003  Release designated client representatives of the Applicants' counsel from signed confidentiality agreements;

Count 27 - 004 Any such further and other relief as this court may deem just.

BC Mary: I recommend that readers click on the easy access link (BC Courts Criminal) in the left margin of this page, as the BCSC information presented is significant, and deserves your close scrutiny. I'm hoping CBC will invite Dave & Bobby to a full-length interview someday soon, on Power & Politics or the "At Issue" segment of The National News. 


At Issue? That's the one where the pundits trade each other's incomprehensible and counterintuitive opinions back and forth as if they were facts? No, I don't trust the CBC with this one, and will go back to my suggestion that PBS or KVOS be invited to start a BC-oriented political talk/documentary show.

The CBC have done f-all with this case for nigh on seven years now; why expect them to smarten up? - and they're usually boobs from beyond the mountains with no political depth in BC (and often screwed-up geographic knowledge too). I'll never forget Kevin whatsisname, now a BC regular, upon being freshly transplanted to BC on the even of the '91 election, forecasting a Social Credit majority because he couldn't see an incumbent government of nearly 30 years of continuous rule being turfed....he was in shock for the rest of the evening, needless to say.

Of course, if it were a PBS or KVOS production, it would have to be taped in BC.....Basi and Virk, now having criminal records, cannot cross the border.

Ideally it should be one of the British investigate shows or papers; but for that one of these two gentlemen, or someone, is going to have to drop a multi-megaton infobomb about what went down and how they can prove I've said before, if this is left to the Canadian news networks to "manage", it will be spun and sliced and diced and rendered into harmless obscurity without anything coming of it.
Hi Mary,

Nice to see you back on line and ready to do battle again :-)
Hi Mary,

Nice to see you back on line and ready to do battle again :-)
I am thanking the technical Gods that you and Laila are back. Still, I hope you were able to rest your eyes a bit. Thank you BC Mary. Please accept my warmest regards.
Basi is never going to spill the beans. HE'S A CRIMINAL!
It's criminal activies on all sides. Dave Basi won, he's not going to jail and he's not going to be found out why he accepted money, like a pimp does.
Dave listening? Who cares if he is. He had nothing to say, and no proof anyone other than himself was at fault. If he had, he would have said so instead of going on all those fishing trips for emails, documents, etc and so on and he would not have pleaded guilty.

He ought to be ashamed of himself for wasting all our time and money. He took and took and took. No wonder the Liberals liked him so much; they are 2 pees in a pod!

Yet you want to cut him some slack? What for? He has nothing to give, just BS.
Anonymous 6:43, you evidently have difficult reading/understanding English....I said nothing about cutting Basi some slack, nothing at all. Your twisting of my comment bespeaks training/motives as a spin doctor, probably on payroll like so many who come by here. Don't put words in my mouth, it's a risky business as other anony-mooses have found out.....

I don't want Dave to slack off at all; I want him to realize he can rescue his career by coming clean on all his dirty tricks, fessing up about what else he knows went on in cabinet offices and what other crap our "responsible government" were up to during his time carrying wood, bagging money and spewing lies for them.

All of what he, and his lawyers, didn't get a chance to say at the trial, we all still want to know. Well, unless we're a Liberal cabinet minister or party apparatchik, in which case we'd just like the whole thing to go away.

It won't go away until BC Rail has been repossessed by the people of British Columbia; whether because of a court finding that the deal was illegal, or through re-nationalization. CN bought a party leader, then a government, and then got its boodle as a reward, and there's no way this can be seen as anything but "seeking to influence government officials" and "seeking to obtain a benefit" etc etc. Basi and others know what went down and it's time for the silence to end.

I'm asking for Dave Basi to step up to bat, not loll on the couch playing videogames with the kids or wondering how things might have went if the trial had gone forward.

I'm asking for Basi to come forward with the truths all you Anony-meese are trying to pretend is irrelevant, and want to shut down discussion of.

It ain't gonna work, it hasnn't worked for the last seven years (shutting us up), and we're not about to back down now. We've smelled blood for a long time, and it's always when the quarry is getting close to being caught that we see posts like yours, dissembling what others have said, trying to discredit anything Basi might say (especially if it turns out to be the truth, which he no longer has any reason to hide).

As in my post about Palmer's babble, a public inquiry that is not really in indictment only a bunch of witnessing that will produce "oh, is that so? Ok, let's move on" just ain't gonna wash. What is shocking is the number of people who've played along with the privatization schemes of this government; they're all participants, knowingly so, in a massive fraud. How many should be indicted when the time comes? Probably many more than just a clutch of cabinet ministers and an certain about-to-be-ex Preem and his much-rumoured bagcarrier-cum-gf.....
Geez, Anonymous 6:43, over on the other thread there's an Anonymous 6:43 who sounds just like you, same non sequitur, same blame-the-monkey-now-move-on agenda. I hope they're not paying you by the minute....though I guess the billing for two dissember-posts could be as steep as you want it, depending on how you pad your hours.

I wonder if you've said pretty much the same thing, in pretty much all the other blogs, all day. Must get boring. But hey - yours is a boring comment.
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