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What a BC elder says: " ... have the courage to discuss ... the future of the people to which your future is actually tied."

BC Mary comment:  My computer technicalities aren't entirely cured yet, but I'll be here when I can get here. 

I've replied to most of the 300 incoming e.mails. What I've left untouched -- and may not even try to post them -- are the 113 incoming messages which are newspaper stories. Looks to me as if they'll be easy enough for people to find ... although it will keep citizens busy trying to figure out who's kidding whom, and/or who's in bed with whom-else and what they're actually doing. Good luck with that.

Thanks to all, for some wonderful  comments. I'm posting one of them here because it I think it expresses some of the things I've hoped for, in our post-partisan political era. I think Nelle Maxey said what most of us feel these days for the province of British Columbia. It's a message which Nelle sent to many BC Members of the Legislature ... and that's a pity, because I think it should go to all members of the BC Legislature.

Nelle's letter:

Hello NDP MLAs.

The news is full of leadership change these days.  . . both Gordon Campbell's "quasi-resignation" (tip of the hat to Patrick Brown at Islands Tides newspaper) and calls for Carol James to step down.

What I am concerned about however is what has happened to the PEOPLES PARTY—the NDP.

Basic facts: The resources of BC actually belong to the people. This includes our water (so far), our forests (what's left of them), our mineral resources (including gravel and gold), our gas and oil resources (what's left of them). No government of the day "owns" these resources. They lie under the protection of the crown to be managed in the public interest.

If the NDP doesn't give their collective head a shake and dare to speak up as protectors of what little is left, then all is lost.

Look at what has happened to all the left and center-left parties in the rest of the world as they clambered on to corporate rape agenda. (I know I can't link to an internet article for "security" reasons, but please google:  The Democratic Party Debacle and the Demise of the Left-Center Left: A Worldwide Trend )

This very short analysis by James Petras, Nov 7, 2010, describes how the left, attempting to emulate the right, is actually leading to the rise of the far right.
Not only is the demise of the left and center left happening all over the world due to the peoples' disgust, but the subjection of governing parties to the "war" agenda and agenda of resource extraction and infrastructure privatization is on the rise. Look anywhere—look at India, look at all those African nations, look at Indonesia, look at Canada—look anywhere except at those nations who have had the courage to NATIONALIZE their resources and use the profits for social justice, not corporate greed.

We are all at a crossroads here and it is time to stop playing political games.

See, this isn't rocket science; but it is about COURAGE.

Courage to to listen to the people, courage to support the people, courage to derail a thoroughly despicable system that would have all of everything and simply delete the pesky small fry (which is the NDP and the people right now)!

Please have the courage to discuss, not your political future de-coupled from reality, but the future of the people to which your future is actually tied.
You will be pleasantly surprised if you actually re-embrace the common "man", by which, of course, I mean common sense and common morality.

Regards from a grandmother (clan mother of a motley crew) in the Kootenays,

Nelle Maxey
Winlaw, BC


My hat's off to Nelle. Couldn't have said things any better. We must all get involved in what is/has been happening to this province (and for that matter country) and the taking of the "people's assets". They're not for the global corporations, they're for the future generations of this province (country). Start asking the questions and demand ANSWERS, Yes or No, not run around responses which mean nothing, or mean something completely different. We have an election coming up (maybe 2) Pay attention people. It's time we took back our province and our country.
Dave basi is NOT the answer man. He spent 7 yrs claiming innocence, and sent his expensive taxpayer funded defence team on fishing expidition after fishing expidition. If Basi had any real dirt on anyone he would have played that card at some point and yet he didnt, but plead guilty albeit, without consiquence.

Tell me again, how did basi maintian his families lifestyle during this time? Does anyone care to comment re that?

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