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Confirmed that today (Jan. 10, 2011) at 2:00 pm, Aneal Singh Basi is scheduled to appear in BC Supreme Court, Vancouver. Charges: accepting bribes, breach of trust.

(Adult Supreme Court Lists)

Justice: Name of Justice

Case No: Court file number

Name: Name of accused

Cnt: Count number

Main Charge/Application: Legislation name and section # of alleged offence

Lesser Included: Legislation name and section # of alternative plea option

Rsn: Purpose of appearance

Rm: Local courtroom number

Time: Scheduled appearance time

By V/C: By videoconference

Court Clerk/Reporter: Name of attending court clerk/reporter

Not very much information... Rm= Local CourtRoom number being listed off as "REG", in use for the whole day by other parties. They don't list off the Justices either. Does this have something to do with Security?

From the information given online, visitors still have to stop in and look up the same information sheet beside the Sheriff's info desk. Rm will be specified, or should be. Justice will be named..... or maybe its the same Justice throughout the day.

The online information from yesterday was that there were NO cases on Monday.

How do these court officials expect the public to rearrange their lives based on their whims?
NVG, thos court officials are hoping you WON'T rearrange your schedule according to their whims. It allows business as usual.
HMTQ vs BASI, Aneal
Publication - CCC 517 1
Publication - CCC 517 1
HMTQ vs VIRK, Bobby S.
Publication - CCC 517 1 2 pm, which i unusual time for them.

Mary re Bains, I provided this info to Your helper, when You were sick, or having internet problems, a couple times matter of fact, I dont think he got that it was a NEW case. How does the public find out if and when someone gets released. Bains did apply for release until His Appeal was heard, and that was denied, I can look for that judgement if anyone wants it.

In Dec 2007 Cheema regarding another drug case He posted bail of 4 Million until his SCC, which as We know can take years. It takes months apparently for the SCC to even decide to hear the appeal.
"An alleged international drug trafficker who has been fighting extradition to the U.S. for nearly 10 years has been released on $4-million bail while he seeks leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Ranjit Singh Cheema
--------------------(Peck was His Lawyer also)

I also did a search and never seen a publication ban on Jas Bains. Why did the Media drop the ball on His Appeal,it waas posted as a comment here back in April or May. Do We look to see if He is appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada, Richard Peck was His Lawyer for the Appeal. He is considered one o f the Best Criminal defense Lawyers.

"Though his specialty is criminal defence, from time to time Peck has been has been called upon by his home province as well as Ontario and Manitoba to be a special prosecutor"
I would also like to comment at the completed court list for the week of Jan 04/11- Jan 07/11

Above is Au 25509.
23299 Aneal Pg 32
23299 LTD access pg 33
25509 tang
23299 virk pg 34
Harder to detect 23299 when it is listed alone,just my observation ;)
A must read Alex G Tsakumis has just posted that the date for the demand for documents has been changed to 2:00 today Monday January 10...
I am really Pissed, I was on my way for the case in October, was just waiting to be sure there was no more delays,well You know what happened, so I decided to be there for the 11th, had I known about them being in Court on the 6th and again on the 10th, I would have made my way down, by time I found out about Today, it was too late for me to get to Vanc. I sure hope there is media there, the ones that report!!!
Dear E.M.,

I'm sorry and I think we're ALL sorry that you aren't in Vancouver today.

It's awful to think that YOU couldn't figure out the BC Supreme Court's schedule!

What the heck is going on in that courtroom today? And maybe even tomorrow too?

Well ... obviously a Public Inquiry is essential if we're ever to understand this case.

I took the time to take in the show at Courtroom #53 today with its seventeen minutes lateness in starting. I could hardly stay awake for the next seven minutes, that's how long it took for the gavel to come down to end the proceedings for the day.

There's a bonus though, I now have two copies of the scheduling list for Vancouver Supreme Court for Monday, January 10, 2011.

I have a copy of the one that is pinned to the information wall beside the Sheriff desk, which is date stamped for 8:18am with its carbon copy mate on the clerk's monitor. The Clerk showed it to me, even brought it up ONLINE with the http// showing on the screen.

However, they're both a far cry from the Public's Online version which states that it was to be HMTQ vs Basi, Aneal.

The real one, the one on the Clerk's monitor and beside the Sheriff's information desk states it is R. V. Virk, Basi & Basi.

This double set of differing information goes a long way to explain why the RCMP, and the MSM, were out in force on the day that Dave Basi and Bobby Virk pleaded guilty. They, as Accredited persons, appear to have total access to the trial which was held in Court Room #54.

The Public, as usual, was kept in the dark and it had nothing whatsoever to do with a publication ban put in place by the Judge.

Its almost as if the Court staff are running two sets of Books on Scheduling, and that's a crime.

BTW, the Online copy is date stamped each time its opened from your home computer.

As to whether Dave Basi and Bobby Virk's lawyers will be in attendance tomorrow is doubtful because.......
Well You can be sure I will be there for the 16th of February, and for good measure a couple days before.

I was kind of excited reading that Alex guys blog, BUT WOW, what a arrogant Asshole he is!!!!!! Just saying ;)
E.M., m'dear:

To spare you another disappointment ... it's JANUARY 16, not Feb. 16.


Robin says Jan. 16 and Mark says Feb. 16 ...

E.M., over to you!!
To make matters worse BC Mary I wrote down January 17 for the Special Prosecutor to submit the written applications and January 31 for the defense to respond. The intent of the million documents transferred electronically to the defense team is 'so that they can't be use in any way."

When I first heard of Robin's report from an earlier "visit" to Court Room #53 I thought for sure he was wrong about the glass wall........ he was right. Here's more detail:

The Wall, the Glass Wall sits upon a raised pedestal that is designed to hold eight defendants in their own little cubicle. The glass is and inch and half thick on the back sides and top. The Glass wall is tipped forward at the top to fifteen degrees (out of plumb). The glass is green in colour, dark green. Very little light manages to get through it. The brass bar that separates the public gallery from official part of the court room is the point at which this "pedestal" sits. There's only enough room, three feet wide, from either end of the pedestal to the wall.

With the natural light coming from way back on high, shuttered with fluttering vertical venetian like blinds, the ability for the public to look through this thick glass and see the participating lawyers and judge and clerk is almost impossible.

There's a further problem, one that reflects off of the 15 degree tip of the glass, the overhead lighting. Over top of the public seating area there are recessed light boxes approximately six feet by six feet. Each box contains FIVE lights....... there are five of these boxes wide across the width of the court room by four boxes deep from the back wall to the brass rail/pedestal. What I have just described is one third of the amount of lights that covers the public area of Courtroom #53. The remaining two thirds has twice as many lights. Independent Power Producers must be rubbing their hands together in glee.

Audio system.... lol... the only microphone that was operational was the one the Special Prosecutor was using. The Judge's was out of order, the Defendant lawyers microphones didn't exist.

This court room was designed to hold the Hell Angels at bay and here the scheduling department of Robson Court House held ...... six court officials, seven if I include the Sheriff and NO DEFENDANTS, and nine in the public gallery.

What a waste of energy.. electricity, what a waste of having what is supposed to be an open and the appearance of transparency in British Columbia's court system.

Many thanks for sending us this description.

It's an Orwellian stage setting.
January 16 is a Sunday, so I am pretty sure it is Feb 16th a Wed.

But can We really trust that? I still do not understand how We believed it was the 11th.Looking to the SC completed list very few do not have when the next appearance is, of course 23299 is blank for next appearance and no results entered for dispostion.

Will faithfully watch the SC lists ;)
E.M, for the past two days I've been attempting to write a Post over at my blog on this very subject of what the public will find when they check out the Vancouver Supreme Court List.

You're an inspiration E.M, so too are you BC Mary. Got to go write that Post.
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