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And now, for something completely different: some NDP news!

BC Mary comment. Yes, I do know that mentioning the New Democrats is considered bad manners in media circles. But I've mentioned the despicable government of BC often enough ... so why not the BC Opposition? Oh, right: The BC Opposition doesn't like what I say about them [boo hoo!] which means I'm not on their Christmas card list ... and heaven knows, Big Media in BC rarely mentions the NDP except in a bad way. So this is a rare opportunity to hear news of the political party which is an honest-to-gosh alternative to the B.C. gang which couldn't even get its own name right [Well, they are NOT Liberals, are they? Stop it, stop it. No yelling, please.]

OK, here goes ... this old New Democratic party apparently held a convention this past weekend. Who knew? 

And by the end of the day, some impressive candidates were standing up to be counted ready for action. OK, so it's federal - not provincial -- but there's no denying that this is news of a hopeful kind, if only because it doesn't include our BC craptocracy. So here's the news they sent to me:


NDP candidate line-up grows after nomination-packed weekend  [I repeat: Who knew?]

BRITISH COLUMBIA – The federal New Democrats are poised to win more seats than ever before in BC, and their line-up of strong candidates in winnable ridings grew by three after a nomination-packed weekend.

“BC is going to be a contest between the Harper Conservatives and the Layton New Democrats,” said Deputy Leader Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver-East.

“We have a very strong team of candidates and we’re ready for the next election whenever it comes.”

On Friday SFU professor and public policy advisor Kennedy Stewart was nominated in Burnaby-Douglas - a battleground seat that New Democrats have held for 30 years.

Sunday saw the nomination of Courtenay city councillor Ronna-Rae Leonard in Vancouver-Island North, a seat that is historically a close race between the NDP and Conservatives.

Also on Sunday, former BC Teachers’ Federation president Jinny Sims was nominated in Newton-North Delta – a traditional three-way race.

Community advocate Meena Wong has announced her intention to seek the NDP nomination in Vancouver South. Nominations have closed, and she will be acclaimed next Sunday.

“People are very disappointed that every Conservative and Liberal MP voted to impose the HST on British Columbians,” said Davies. “Jack Layton and the New Democrats are working to make life more affordable, lift seniors out of poverty, and protecting our coast from oil spills.

“We would rather make Parliament work for Canadians rather than have an election, but if Stephen Harper forces a campaign we’re ready to make significant breakthroughs in BC,” said Davies.


@Libby Davies: Want to get some attention in BC? Join the chorus of those demanding a public inquiry into what happened to BC Rail, and into how our courts and police and Crown have collaborated to muzzle proper in vestigation of the matter. A provincial-level inquiry will only be jerry-rigged like everything else in this province - it's time someone raised the clarion call about criminal conduct by a provincial regime and its appointees at the federal level.

No? Not federal business? Just a provincial matter? And why is that? Just because your own provincial party has done f-all doens't mean you have to join in their chorus of half-hearted posturing on the matter. Federal laws and the constitution both have veen violated in BC; that should be reason enough for this to be a federal matter, and not kept under wraps behind the Granite Curtain.

Want people to believe the federal NDP are relevant to the people of BC? Help us get our railway, and our rivers and so much more, back from the American entrepreneurial/corporate class who coopted our very system of government.

I don't think you'll say anything; it's just a rhetorical demand. If the NDP meant anything serious about this, they would have done more than just stand on the sidelines provincially instead of just following where bloggers were first to tread and have kept the fire burning, when by and large the provincial - and federal - NDP have just stood there, going "oh my".
I will take Jack Layton, before I would ever vote for Harper or Iggy. And, if push came to shove, I would vote for Iggy, before I would ever vote for Harper.

We would have been, a hell of a lot better off with Carol James, than the crap we have been forced to bear, under Campbell. It just seems, we will never be free from that monster. And, don't think Campbell is going, that far away either.He signed in favor of, the dirty oil tankers from China, coming into our coast. So, the dirty crude oil pipeline, must be getting the go ahead. Campbell has also been working on the Prosperity Mine being expanded. Harper, has said, the dumping of toxic mine waste, into Fish Lake, and the expansion of the mine, can be re-applied for. That's the first thing Christy said she would do, fight Ottawa to have the mine expanded. Sorry Christy, that was already a done deal, didn't Campbell tell you? Harper and Campbell and Harper, are also working on, drilling oil and gas wells, off BC's coast. Campbell, would never trust Christy, to follow through on all of his and Harper's plots. He isn't going anywhere people, count on it.
I can't help but think....not Liberals really?

The Liberals are really the actual Socreds in drag

and now Christi Clarke is really Gordon Campbell in drag

apologies to anyone who is offended by this but...the analogy is only intended to go as far as people pretending to be what they are not
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