Monday, February 28, 2011


And so it begins: half-measures intended to (a) confuse the public, and (b) avoid calling a proper, respectful, full-scale public inquiry into the transfer of BCRail from our public ownership into CN's private pockets

BC Mary comment: Nope, bits and pieces of inquiry won't do. The province needs full and complete answers: at least $17.3 million worth ... at least, the full disclosure of the BCR - CN deal. 

Note to Christy Clark: don't even think of pulling any more slick tricks on the public; we've had 7 years to study your leader's outrageous decision to dump BC Rail (while you were his Deputy Premier). Better still, we think, would be a full Public Inquiry leading unflinchingly to arrests of the treacherously guilty parties who perpetrated that corrupt deal.  Tell us: what harm could it do, if BC citizens know the truth? 

Excerpt from:

Michael Smyth column
Newest Premier knows the power of her appeal
The Province - Feb. 28, 2011

... Those same provincial Tories are already trying to drive a wedge in Clark's divided caucus. They were quick to target former solicitorgeneral John van Dongen, who has openly criticized Clark's links to the B.C. Rail scandal.

Van Dongen: "The B.C. Conservatives have already been on the phone to me, but I told them I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying with this government, and I will raise my concerns internally."

Van Dongen's big gripe is the government's disgusting decision to pay $6 million to lawyers of ex-insiders Dave Basi and Bob Virk in return for guilty pleas to corruption charges.

Clark was asked Sunday about her comments during the leadership campaign to support an independent review of the foul-smelling B.C. Rail plea-bargain deal. "That's a possibility," she said.

A possibility? It should be a priority. The B.C. Rail plea bargain stinks to high heaven. Clark needs to deal with it, or risk trouble from van Dongen, and other potential malcontents.


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Read Michael Smyth's full column HERE.

Click HERE to see an outstanding letter-to-the-editor protesting these short-term decisions with longterm public impact.


DeJong's decision(like it was him or his to make) can easily be attributed to a hockey concussion, now that Global "exposed" him. As a hockey player that is.
That was an outstanding letter-to-the-editor re BC Hydro.

There recently have been newspaper articles and radio announcements relating increased hydro rates to dam building and upgrades....but nothing said about costly IPP's whose hydro power is unusable in our market and banned in the intended market of California where it does not meet 'green' standards.

It's disgusting!!! We'll be footing the bill for unmarketable IPP power while destroying the environment at the same time. Yet nothing said about it in the public realm of TV, NEWS or RADIO.
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