Saturday, February 19, 2011


BC Liberals Paid $6 Million To Basi-Virk’s Lawyers As Part Of Guilty Pleas – Something Stinks In There Big Time


The jaunty, unabashed Indo-Canadian LINK reports ...

Convicted Former BC Liberal Insiders Called Themselves The "Punjabi World Order"

There are no new revelations in the new search warrant documents released this week other than salacious and profane information like former BC Liberal insider Dave Udhe Basi arranging for a prostitute for a political favour. “She’ll be putting out like you wouldn’t believe, pal,” Basi boasted. “I’ll say, ‘Look, keep that guy happy.’”

But mostly such revelations illustrate the stupidity of Basi and his cohort Bob Virk, who thought that they could use their positions of power to make money, get high ranking political friends in the federal Liberals while helping to steer the rail bid to a rival American company to that of CN Rail, which was fronted by Premier Gordon Campbell’s friends and big BC Liberal party donors. Basi and Virk ultimately come across as pawns in this high stakes poker game, which was already fixed by Campbell, who is referred to as Roman despot “Caesar” and Campbell’s crony and chief of staff Martin Brown, aka the “Little Dictator”, in favour CN Rail.

Contrary to the mainstream’s assertions that former BC Liberal cabinet ministers and the Premier have been cleared – there is no such thing. The new documents don’t clear any of them since there is so much evidence that has not been disclosed.

And while former minister Gary Collins and Clark might feel vindicated – nothing can be said of any of the BC Liberals innocence until all documents have been disclosed ...

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Retiring premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell, continues to be front and centre over the sale of BC rail and the corruption that surrounds the sale. Claims of elected officials being cleared are completely false as only a very small percentage of the court documents have been released to the media. What is becoming increasingly obvious is the "cherry picking" of these documents, to provide a false and misleading impression by the "very obliging main stream media" - who seem to have forgotten the true calling of journalism. Instead the media appear to be willing BC Liberal government supporters - regardless of the real facts behind what actually happened - more intent on writing "fairy tales" !

Incidentally, the media is not reporting on the revolt that is quietly building up over the "Campbell shenanigans".

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Punjabi World Order. Unreal. And there is basi claiming he is being picked on when he would appear to be the first one to throw you under the bus given the chance.
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