Monday, February 14, 2011


BC Rail is calling ...

BC Mary comment: Whenever I feel tired, or lonely, or sad in my heart, I watch this YouTube and feel good again ... Its formal title is BC Rail - Full 'DB' [Dynamic Brakes] all the way down to Lillooet. Our landscape, our river, our bridge, our train with three doggone engines ... and our economy that it served so well. The BC Rail train whistle is calling to us ...

How could a British Columbian or anybody who loves this province, ever stop caring? 


Reminder the Leg is sitting Today Feb 14th, there has been a change in the channels so check the web page here to see if telivised chanel has changed.
Bring on Question Period!!!!!!!!!
Mary what a gorgeous clip... thanks for posting, I had no idea how stunningly beautiful the route was..
At the 2:49 minute mark, the train goes over a bridge...where is that, it took my breath away with it's beauty...
Mary, your love of BC Rail is obvious, thank you for your efforts.
Hope you don't mind if I share this clip, perhaps we should all be reminded of what was taken from us... sigh
The more I learn about BC Rail, the more apparent it becomes that this not so little, nor insignificant freight hauler was the 'holy graile' the 'really big' guys coveted in their successful quest to control a major chunk of the 'New World Global Economy'.
BC Rail was not the 'be all' and 'end all', but it was and is the key to access product and delivery to and from the then looming Asian economy.
David Maclean knew and knows little or nothing about railroads, but as CEO of The Maclean Group empire, he was recruited to garner the key.
MacLean had the smarts to recognize the route would have to be political and he set about recruiting the ego driven, pliable, conscienceless Campbell to be the Judas goat of the scheme.
The province's lack of restriction on political financial support and influence played perfectly into the rapacious plan.
A minor stumble that delayed implementation was having Campbell campaign on selling BC Rail and their coup was stalled by voter resistance.
They reformulated a plan to use their corporate allies in the media to do whatever necessary to destroy any and all public favour for the ruling NDP leader and party.
This they did with a vengeance, using organized crime, RCMP and media collusion to dissemble and destroy the NDP obstacle.
Rather than jeopardize this initial success, they had Campbell campaign on 'not' selling BC Rail.
The rest, as we now know, is history.
MacLean's reward was to be the titular head of CN, not to mention a twofold increase in his personal wealth and additional benefits for The MacLean Family Group.
Campbell's reward, although no doubt financial security offshore in Bermuda, will be and is not something I would wish for any MAN.
For the seemingly endless stream of participating perps in the RCMP, the judiciary, the media, the Liberal party and others, the financial gains will never erase the eternal disgrace and shame they have brought on themselves and their families 'till the day they die.
The 'really big guys' won. They got the key. They got the resources. They will get more money than they can ever spend in many lifetimes.
The 'little' people of BC got taken, but something tells me "they're mad as hell and they ain't gonna take it anymore!"
Since Campbell has been in office, the corruption in BC has increased ten fold. Campbell and the BC Liberals are corrupt. The judicial system is corrupt. The RCMP are corrupt. Elections BC is corrupt. The media is just a propaganda machine, for the BC Liberals. There is nothing, that Campbell hasn't contaminated.
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