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BC Rail Political Corruption trial allegation, that the wiretaps also captured conversations between suspects and gallery reporters. Is that why a media (Globe and Mail) application is set to be heard in BC Supreme Court on Feb 16th?

BC Mary comment:  Here's a snippet from Ian Reid's blog -- a comment by "Paul" which talks about "The Three Pundits" allegedly implicated because they were caught on wire tap with Dave Basi as being the reason for avoiding the BC Rail Political Corruption trial as news. For me, this is an unproven allegation ... a line of investigation which had entirely escaped me until this moment. But it's now out in the open and needs looking into. It emphasizes the necessity for a full Public Inquiry to lay all the facts squarely on the line. 

Because ... didn't the cops also tap into a conversation with the premier on Dave Basi's cell-phone as well?

Paul says:
The Real Story - January 30, 2011

For once, the [press] gallery is part of the sausage making they are accustomed to critiquing – the wiretaps also captured conversations between suspects and gallery reporters. That’s the most likely reason none of them – NOT ONE – is eager to advance the proposal for an inquiry. Even the most caustic of government critics will remain silent on this one. Pick your favourite rebel reporter and survey their work for anything close to fair coverage on this issue, and then ask yourself why they are silent.

PG says:
The Real Story - January 30, 2011

I heard the conversation with the trio on Friday as well and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. If these documents have not been proved in court, why is a media (Globe and Mail) application set to be heard in BC Supreme Court on Feb 16th? What is the media applying for? Documents!

The manner in which the 3 pundits tersely deny callers an opportunity to discuss a differing point of view is becoming down right rude. The BC Media have become the lamestream media.




If this can be proven it will lead to investigation of many other issues involving poor and or unbalanced reporting on government policy, in particular private power producers.
This all falls in line with the BC Liberal decade of "Dishonesty, Deception and Deceit" - an unheard of legacy I think, for any province in the country of Canada to date.

There is no question that the BC Rail warrants a "FULL ENQUIRY" and the results need to be followed through with appropriate legal action. The leaders to be thrown in jail along with other criminals and to be treated no differently.

Let's face it, if you or I were to commit these crimes there would be no hestitation to prosecute and incarcerate the offenders. Political criminal actions should be treated more severely as it would possibly prevent too many occurances from so called "elected representatives" or civil servants.

Just thought I would bring it up - now is the time for independent MLA's with the best interests of their constituents at heart.

The BC Rail Corruption goes straight to the heart of the matter and that is Pinocchio Gordon Muir Campbell and his band of crooked followers - namely the BC Liberal party. Sorry, but I don't think the individual MLA's are any different than Campbell, after all they had the choice of staying BC Liberal or going independent if they didn't agree with what Campbell was doing. So by backing Campbell they are all guilty of supporting the BC Liberals and their intent of selling off BC assets.

Dear everyone,

I've been tired ... and slow to respond to your welcome comments. It's good to see them coming in.

Annonymous 10:33,

you've been reading my mind. I, too, firmly believe what you say here, that "The BC Rail Corruption goes straight to the heart of the matter and that is Pinocchio Gordon Muir Campbell and his band of crooked followers ... "

It's our railway, our history, and nobody has the right to lock us out ...

only a Public Inquiry will take us to the larger issues of how BC Rail was snatched away from our control and virtually given away to foreign ownership by means of a tainted, semi-secret deal. How democratic is that.
BC Legislature resumes Feb. 14.
Lots of questions about BC Rail deal.
I think by now we all agree an Inquiry is neccessary. The bigger question that no-one seems to address is how to implement it?
The Liberals? Forget it. The NDP? Apparently not - they've had seven years of opportunity. A Public Commission? What is that?
Macleans Magazine? The Federal Government? NATO? Interpol?

It is incomprehensible that an "alleged" crime of this magnitude can escape public purview
I've left a comment over at The Real Story and this portion was from a Vaughn Palmer column that was entered as evidence in the BC Rail Trial when Martyn Brown was on the stand:

"The Liberals, desperately wanting to make the deal look as rich as possible and confident that there was little risk in making the indemnity, agreed."

But why oh why did they not set the agreement at 3.75%, which was the norm for April of 2004? Why was it set at 9% by the BC Liberal Executive Council?


If Gary Collins had taken the stand as a Witness for the Special Prosecutor, the public would have finally had the answer, except there's the little matter of Cabinet secrecy that's not permitted to be spoken, eh.
John's Aghast,

How about coming up with good ideas for what WILL work ... ?

We have excellent suggestions for a good person to head up the Public Inquiry.

We have an excellent emissary to carry this invitation forward.

What we need are some good thinkers who can find in their hearts and minds, the correct wording for the Terms of Reference

which must encompass BC Rail in full: what it did for us, how it pumped out profits while serving the entire province, how important it is for BC to retain control over such a vital lifeline.

Meantime, I suggest that we drop in wherever articles are being written about BC Rail and explain why BC needs the Public Inquiry. Keep banging on that drum. It all helps.
This bit about wiretaps between the Almight Pundits and Basi brings to mind the father-of-the-Crown who sat behind the defence team and eavesdropped on their conversations - obviously reporting to his daughter on the Crown team - and then stalked two jurors on Skytrain......and went unpunished.

"Who the hell was he, and why was he there at all?"

And on whose payroll? - or was he just doing it out of the goodness of his fatherly heart, and for "what's best for British Columbians"??
John Aghast, the reason that something of this magnatude has escaped public preview is becuase the opposition, Carol James, was too busy lobbying for secondary sewage infrastructure for Greater Victoria, and too busy pitching an increase to minimum wage.

James let Cambell and his band of thieves in and back in again. She did that, and the NDP backbenchers were too clued out to stop her.

A good idea of what would work is for the WIRE TAP evidence to be obtained and made available to the public for (UTUBE?) for all to hear.

Another good idea is to seperate the State from the Courts. The US does this. Run elections for the judges. Let us, the people, decide who runs our courts.

Lets find out who said what to whom, smoke out the liars now, hear what they were really saying and thinking.
Hello Skookum, '

Ahem. Now, where did that all come from?

How exactly what you just posted nexus the Father (of a crown counsel), who approached 2 jurors outside of a skytrain station situation?

I thought we were talking about reasons why the Media are seeking documents from the courts, and the fact that reporters conversations are recorded on the wire tap evidence, and what might be a reason they have been (seemingly) so unwilling to dig into this story.

I will answer your questions:

He is the father of a crown counsel.

He has the right to be in the court house as does any memember of the public.

What makes you think he was on anyones payroll? If my daughter or son were involved in a big trail (or any trail for that matter, but this arguably the most imporant one in BC history, many would insist), and I had the time to attend, I would.

But I do not know why he approached and said to those 2 jurors.

By the way, I have been in court before and I beleive there were many complaints about the inaudability of the proceedings. I can tell you, I could hardly hear anyone speak, let alone be able to make out the whispers of the defence. It was a waste of time.

Was this man of a certain age one would suspect his hearing was, like mine, on the way out?

But i
Every year for the last many years one of the chief sponsors of the Webster Awards is none other than:

@JeeJim - well, one way to get the attention of the US media is to start screaming "Statehood now!" under the banner of political reform for an autocratic colonial relic of the British Empire, one that's every bit as bad as any in Africa, if not as bloody. "We want separation of executive, legislative and judicial branches etc".....

This would get the attention of both left and right in the US, and yeah it would, if successful, maybe make things a lot worse in some ways....but at least we'd have a say in our future (we'd also have primaries to choose party leaders.....). Would sure raise hell east of the mountains too....

But first things first; whether it's a public inquiry chaired by a Canadian from another province, a lawsuit in Canadian (or US) courts to recover the railway on behalf of the citizens of British Columbia, or divine intervention, that has to be done now. Getting an independent judiciary - and checks on executive power - is gonna take a lot longer.

a public inquiry is a certainty, should the ndp have the foresight to make that an election promise.

i just hope there will be evidence left to review.

i hope, as the ndp had done, that they post the evidence on the interesnt for all to see, including reporters.

i do not hold out hope that the ndp will reform the courts. they will undoubtably be seduced by the tempation to promote those sympathetic to their cause, and will want to do so.

Why hasnt CP stepped up and requested the deal be set aside?
Perhaps one way to initiate an inquiry here, would be to notify the appropriate agency (FBI?) in the United States, of violations of their 'Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977' which addresses bribery of foreign officials by US citizens.

I don't know if MacLean is a US citizen, but the money CN donates to the Lieberal party would certainly constitute a bribe to the Americans.

Certainly the other US bidders have admitted to bribing foreign officials Basi and Virk.

It is also inconceivable to me, that Basi and Virk, or someone higher, would not have solicited a bribe from CN via MacLean considering the outcome.

Perhaps the FBI would be more adept at ferreting out this information than our own corporate crime specialists in the RCMP.

Why hasnt CP stepped up and requested the deal be set aside?

That's a very good question, been hanging over this case for years...as has why has the Competition Bureau done nothing in response to the information that CP did what it did and said what it did?

My comments about courtroom eavesdropping were in the context of surveillance of conversation, which is what a wiretap is, though in an electronic medium....and if he is, as you suggest he might be, hard of hearing (mine's going to) that's nothing either a hearing aid or lip-reading couldn't fix (both common among the hard-of-hearing).

As for the NDP promoting their pick of judges, that's exactly the reason I place no more faith in their interests in democracy than in the Liberals....the established parties are interested only in preserving and extending themselves, and in the tools of patronage by which they reward their followers and supporters....that is why an NDP-mandated public inquiry will not have the same authority or moral clout that an independent inquiry "from above" or "from outside" would have....which is why over and over I've said that, if at all mandated by any present government (instead of potentially self-mandating), the public inquiry should be raised as an issue in the House of Commons and a commissioner or commissioners be appointed from another province (from as far away as possible), even from another country.
CP appears to have no objections to the "sale" after all...neither does OmniTrax apparently.

One has to wonder why?

What corporation would spend millions of dollars getting their foot in the door, in essence giving their money away for nothing - in a corrupted transaction then do, or say, nothing about it? Especially when CP bid 200 million more than CN at one point, yet still lost?

A inquiry is warranted and needed. But, if the results of said inquiry have to be given to the government (who corrupted this transaction from the very beginning) for review before being made public...how valid is an inquiry at all?

This whole issue must be removed from the judiciary, government, and RCMP of British Columbia and turned over to an independent commission. Preferably one whose dislike for Campbell and his ilk is obvious, and at the same time, one who is completely independent of the Federal government as well. Past and Present. After all, we should have noted in the past just how close Bilderberger's Harper and Campbell are in ideology.

Results must be made public - throughout Canada, not just in BC. The Bilderberger's will not like this. That is a good thing.
Harper preaches of Global governance, that is what we are being set up for. Campbell works for Harper, that's why the BC people were ripped off for the HST. Harper controls it, we have not seen our HST money since. The Bilderberg Group are the Global governance. Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, is blatantly obvious, in it's corruption. You would have to be a colossal idiot, not to see that. They should cut the crap, we know it, and they know it. The sale of the BCR, is in our face corrupt.
@Ron Wilton - certainly OmniTRAX is an American company.....and there are intimations in the Basi and Bornmann materials that WMG engaged in similar practices....and we can speculate that it wasn't just in regard to BC Rail either (BCER/Southern Railway, the Fast Ferries etc)....and the status of donations to the Liberal Party by US corporations and their Canadian proxies such as Maximus falls into the same purview.....I've been saying for quite a while that the cross-border nature of the BC Rail Scandal, and other related "investments" in BC ranging from Accenture to the IPPs to BC Ferries, the RBCM, should also be put under the microscopes of the US legal and political system - since ours is so clearly ineffectual and corrupt we might as well, frankly, abandon all hope of seeing any redress from Ottawa.

We need a US Congressman or Senator or two to take an interest in this, and/or a good class action lawfirm who smells the big cut they'd get from the restoration of a multi-billion dollar railway back to its proper owners....I've tried again and again to get Ariana Huffington and her staff to take an interest in this whole affair but I think the US left needs to keep its little myth that Canada is the "nice country" going and they're wary of spoiling that image/misconception - or just not prepared to believe, like Chantal Hebert, that our complaints are anything but made up or overblown; or like Michael Moore, who thinks there's no crime in Canada (LMAO).

The sad part is the GOP types are not under any such illusions as the Democrats are, i.e. about Canada, and they've been here since the 1980s, between their help getting MiniWac re-elected in 1983 and the accompanying launch of the "Share BC" anti-environmentalist campaigns....

I've asked time and again, maybe someone could please do the research - how many crown corps and government agencies and services are now outsourced to US owners/operations, and what's the total dollar value of same, and the number of jobs lost to British Columbians in the process of our disenfranchisement and dispossession?
To "Thanks" ...

It's best -- if you can do so -- that you re-write and re-send your comment,

unless you can prove the allegations you made.

Anonymous 10:20. Campbell may work (answer to) for Harper, but that has nothing to do with HST. You are wrong.

HST was been on the table ever since Revenue Canada became CRA, something hatcvhed during the Federal Liberals mandate, not the Conservatives, or Reform Party, precursors to the current Conservatives we see now, and ever since, CRA has been wooing provinces to come on board.

That you would nexus HST with partisan politics is evidence that you dont know what you are talking about, although I agree with you that the sale of BC Rail is evidence of corruption.
"Why hasnt CP stepped up and requested the deal be set aside?

Consider the fact that CP might have skeletons in its own closet that even involve the same main crook, ie Scampbell, who cut his teeth alienating railroad grant land for private development (and profit) for Marathon Realty, the real estate arm of CP, before he ever decided to move into organized crime disguised as governance.

One of the underlying motivations of the entire BC Rail Scam was the ultimate disposal of associated real estate to "friends" of government from condo developments along the Sea to Die corridor to industrial properties the length of the province from North Vancouver up to the Peace.

For some background on this see Laila's excellent coverage in The key to the BC Rail sale lies in Premier Gordon Campbells beginnings in real estate and land development.

If the can of worms of which the BC Rail Scam is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg is ever opened we may need all the new prisons Little Stephen of Ottawa wants to build, just to accommodate the BC Liberals and their corporate elite partners in crime. Of course I'd be all for shoehorning them into the existing facilities making certain they each were put into a cell with some Bacon brothers or other gang bangers, to help acclimate them to their new digs.

You realize of course those new prisons will be/are built and financed with the proverbial P3 arrangement involving, no doubt, a well known Australian entity.
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