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British Columbia by Laila Yuile


BC Mary comment: my political boycott is over. I say let's send Laila Yuile to the BC Legislature. Here's why ... 

Laila sent me the LINK for her interview yesterday with Guy Gentner. She is breathtaking!  

The first 1/2 of the broadcast talks about the financing of significant "P3" projects like Sea-to-Sky Highway, the Port Mann Bridge, and the South Fraser Perimeter Road. Detailed, impressive. But that isn't all.

It's when Laila takes the conversation into a new issue -- the recent, secretive,  apparent "revitalization" of The Consolation Prize once rumoured (2003) to be on offer to OmniTRAX ... remember that? Well, now it's Kevin Falconer, current  Minister of Transportation, causing the diminished BC Rail to take up a new mandate of buying prime agricultural land along the route to Roberts Bank -- so far, 150 acres of prime A.L.R. -- thus breathing new life into "The Consolation Prize" that was once reportedly offered to Omni-TRAX ... 

Here's where Laila is spectacular. I think she has caught Falconer with his pants down ...

To hear the broadcast (with another interview coming up soon), here's what Laila said to me this morning:


If you missed the live broadcast [Friday, Feb. 4, 2011], you can listen to the podcast at the following link:

The broadcast will begin  automatically on the above page. [End of quote]

This is the first time in recent years that  I've felt the slightest inclination to promote anyone for election to the BC Legislature.  I'm still totally disillusioned by political gangs who can barely keep themselves awake, or on the right side of the law. A pox on them.

But Laila's podcast conveys something entirely different -- the kind of voice  which we've been desperate to hear  speaking for the province.

So ... I'd like to see Laila Yuile in the BC Legislature. I don't know her plans for the future but if (in a perfect world) I had a choice, I'd like to see Laila Yuile take on the role in the next election of an Independent M.L.A. representing citizens of all political persuasions. Enough squabbling ... let's get our teeth into the real issues which are killing this province. And that's precisely what Laila Yuile does, in this interview. 

Of course, Big Media wouldn't publish very much about her efforts but maybe, just maybe BloggerWorld could take up that task, too.

I wish good luck, good health, courage, and lots of help to Laila Yuile if she's willing to take this gigantic step into our future.  You'll see. Listen to that podcast. 


This is where I'm conflicted - we need good people in government but we also need good people, like Laila, to watch, research and report from the outside.
One person can't do both jobs...
Thanks Mary, the interview with Laila Yuile was the most informative interview I've heard in a long while.

It was such a pleasure to hear an engaging discussion of substance. Also, I didn't realize that she has a background as a financial investigator. That certainly adds credibility to her investigative efforts, not that I needed that as her work speaks for itself.

Much appreciated you pointing us to the podcast.
Can anyone recall a few years back as reported on Global National, a man named David Martin Trembley,or Martin David. He was to be exrodited to the US for attempting to launder one billion dollars??? If you google his mane and do alittle digging you will read of where he hid his money...

I still can't find an end to this story.
I'm disappointed - the audio on our computer is gone.

But I've been so impressed by Laila Yuile. She really is great.

I'd support her in a heartbeat.
Anon 5:47
If you google his correct name:

Martin Joseph Henry Tremblay

or just Martin Tremblay, you'll also find his business name:

Dominion Investments Nassau Ltd.

Put them together and you'll find out what it is you're looking for - I would think.
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