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Laila on Falcon's Follies: Part 2

Continuing Laila's investigation ...

Posted on I'm Laila Yuile - February 8, 2011


... the Gateway initiative and the construction of the SFPR,  were crucial to opening up land development south of the Fraser.  The new mandate given to BC Rail by former transportation minister Kevin Falcon is certainly assisting this venture.

There have been numerous land deals that have taken place since 2005 that are worthy of a second look – land deals that took place along the very contentious P3 project, the South Fraser Perimeter Road, land swaps that occurred with the Tsawwassen First Nations Treaty and prior agreements, and land purchases made by numbered companies owned by BC Rail ...

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Here's a recent story about proposed water exports from BC:

Once you allow a few, where do we end up?
To paraphrase Dave Basi from his "notes":
"We don't want to make the same mistake that happened on the Coquihalla Highway". The only mistake on the Coq was that someone knew exactly where the path was going to go, and allegedly someone was busily buying up that land. And if you've ever wondered by the driving conditions have always been so fierce on the Coq, its simple.

The low land is owned by The First Nation people, the high land is owned by the crown, but where the land is neither owned by the TFN, nor the Crown, that worthless land was open to being purchased by anyone, and it was, eventually, by the Minister of Transport.

One only needs to go to the local libraries, rummage around the microfiche at the writings of the columnists of the day of the building of Coq, preferably the heartland writers, and there's plenty of meat to be found.

Then there's the Sea to Sky Highway, land development is a-booming, who would have guessed, who knew it would happen, did anyone know before it became public knowledge, those are the hard questions that have to be asked.

Then there's the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR), hard questions were asked by the locals of that area. No one in the Main Stream Media listened (to busy with the BC Rail Trial, I suppose).

Laila has come out with FACTS, not fiction. Her documents are readily available to the public, and what has the MSM done, nothing, so far.

The documents from the Coq have been quietly swallowed up by time, but this time around there's the internet, and a keen interest in the topic at hand.

Numbered accounts, and not just by BC Rail, buying up land in the path of the SFPR, should have been done long ago by the Minister of Transport to ensure that the process was kept squeaky clean. Too bad no one read Dave Basi's diary memos.

February 26th is the BC Liberal Party's chance to party over their choice of a new Leader.

February 16th, TEN DAYS EARLIER, is a chance for the public to find out just what was in those disclosed documents that the MSM are seeking. Dave Basi and Bobby Virk have been privy to the bulk of them since the beginning of the Sale of BC Rail till October 18, 2010 when their trial suddenly ended with a change of pleas to guilty on their part.
nvg, i can hardly wait to see the fireworks begin.

will it be wiretaps that the msm are seeking first, or just what gary collins knew, but wait, that is the wiretaps.
too bad no one read dave basis memos?

Basi's memos are fiction, designed to cover his own tracks.
i would LOVE to hear the wiretaps. thats were the real story lies, i betcha.
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