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Nothing to do directly with us, but a clear demonstration of the underhanded tactics the right will use to negate democracy....

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Subject: "Shame, Shame!": Dems Protest As GOP Rams Through Vote on Walker's Bill (U.S.A.)

"Shame, Shame!": Dems Protest As GOP Rams Through Vote on Walker's Bill

Most Democrats didn't even know the vote on the despised bill--utterly eliminating Unions' right to collective bargaining--had taken place. Using what is essentially trickery, the Republican members of the Wisconsin State Asssembly broke the momentum of a Democratic filibuster by forcing a sudden, unexpected vote and passing the bill.

As the Wall Street Journal reports:

Debate had gone on for 60 hours and 15 Democrats were still waiting to speak when the vote started around 1 a.m. Friday.

Speaker Pro Tem Bill Kramer opened the roll and closed it within seconds. Democrats looked around, bewildered. Only 13 of the 38 Democratic members managed to vote in time. Republicans immediately marched out of the chamber in single file. The Democrats rushed at them, pumping their fists and shouting "Shame!" and "Cowards!" The Republicans walked past them without responding. Democrats left the chamber stunned.  ....more


Here's the link to the Wall Street Journal article it quotes:


It's from Alternet, sorry to omit the link:!%22%3A_dems_protest_as_gop_rams_through_vote_on_walker%27s_bill/#paragraph6

Here's the link to the Wall Street Journal article it quotes:

Rather does remind me of the talk of Christy holding an ambush election before the NDP finished with their leadership race, but that timetable has been moved up by quite a bit, partly to stave that off as a possibility.
More from Madison WI....100,000 people expected in mass protest:
There are very few remaining "Basi was only following his bosses orders" beleivers left in the province.

But there still appears to be some left on this board.

Denial is a very hard thing to overcome, methinks.

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According to Paul Krugman, Walker's Budget Bill is also about privatizing state-owned power plants:
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