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"Thousands" [stop laughing!] pack GORDO'S good-bye lunch. GORDO denies child poverty or the corrupt sale of BC Rail


Last Updated: February 6, 2011 
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Thousands pack B.C. premier's goodbye lunch | Canada | News...


From Toronto Sun, Feb. 6, 2011

VANCOUVER -- It was a love-in of Olympic proportions.

A thousand business people and politicians packed the Vancouver Convention Centre Friday and the cauldron burned outside for Premier Gordon Campbell’s Board of Trade farewell lunch.

“We will all miss you,” said Canaccord Capital chairman Peter Brown, Campbell’s stockbroker. “We owe you and your family a debt we cannot repay.”

The tribute included video greetings from Jim Pattison, NBC Olympics CEO Dick Ebersol, Assembly of First Nations Chief Shawn Atleo and former U.S. president Bill Clinton, who lauded Campbell because “he’s built bridges across borders.”

Guests included federal cabinet ministers Stockwell Day and James Moore, ex-federal environment minister Jim Prentice, ex-B.C. finance minister Gary Collins and David McLean, the Liberal fundraiser and CN Rail chairman.

“If I’ve made some positive contributions to people’s lives, that’s what you hope to do,” Campbell told reporters. “Of course, everybody makes mistakes, and I’ve made my share.”

Campbell denied failed efforts to solve child poverty or the corrupt sale of BC Rail were mistakes.

“Any childhood poverty is too much, the issue is have we made progress. It’s lower today than it was under the NDP,” he said. “BC Rail is pretty straightforward as far as I’m concerned, two guys carried out criminal acts.”

Campbell was referring to aides Dave Basi and Bob Virk, whose plea bargain for taking bribes halted their B.C. Supreme Court trial in October. Campbell has rejected NDP calls for a public inquiry.

Campbell will be replaced Feb. 26 when B.C. Liberals vote for a new leader by phone and Internet.


BC Mary comment:  Vancouver Sun has no mention of this giant-size event. But it does have this -- followed by a disgusting essay (link below): 

From Vancouver Sun:

E-Street: We asked readers what the next premier of B.C. should do first

...2 issues need to be addressed. BC Rail public inquiry – we need to know...independent investigation into the BC Rail issues. Why the 6 million payoff and...undoubtedly need to be addressed is the BC rail scandal ...

As George would say, it makes you go Hmmmmmm.


Vancouver Sun's report of the thousands who packed Gordo's lunch:

Well that doesn't sound like a proper lynchin' to me! I'll be right over as soon as we finish with the Enmax CEO's. That is if I can still afford bus fare after their compensation. You are not the only ones with problems but let's both keep our pots stirred and maybe we will get to use that new rope some day.
"B.C. taxpayers spent roughly $18 million on the B.C. Rail corruption trial, a steep total even Attorney General Mike de Jong admits is unreasonable .

"It is excessive by any measure," de Jong said in an interview Friday. "Coupled with the length of time that [the trial] took, in my view people are entitled to be upset. I certainly am.""


Before El Gordo leaves maybe he can answer this question, because de Jong seems to have glossed over the numbers of $18 million for the BC Rail Trial.

Of those Ministers who were "involved" with the sale of BC Rail, their lawyers fees were paid for by the Government of BC. Gary Collins, former Finance Minister, lawyer's name came up in a Bill Tieleman column, but Collins lawyer and other lawyers???? acting on behalf of Ministers/MLA hasn't surfaced as part of the total.

What gives Premier?
What a sickening story.
"Guests included ... ex-B.C. finance minister Gary Collins and David McLean, the Liberal fundraiser and CN Rail chairman."

Interesting how the writer puts these two fellows side by side in the same sentence. It would be great to see the seating plan for the "thousands."
Anon 3:46,

I'm right with you on your reading of this little gem.

Do you think the author wasn't aware of the "read between the lines" and double entendres in the story? Beginning with a thousand people "pack the premier's lunch" ...

and the indebtedness toward the premier's "family" ...

Hopeful signs in the midst of a disgusting orgy.
Good God. The s.o.b. is going to lie right to the bitter end. He thieved this province, right into a terminal illness. His election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale, was a blatant lie. He was the criminal, who sold it, he is responsible for the theft. Basi and Virk were set up to take the fall for Campbell. They say, they were following Campbell's orders. Of course they were, they could hardly take it upon themselves, to do it on their own. However, Basi and Virk, should have known, Campbell never does his own dirty work. He gets others to do it for him. I guess Basi and Virk, never realized, they would be called criminals, and have Campbell cut their throats, for following Campbell's own orders. Decent people, don't behave as Campbell does. We do not believe Basi and Virk were guilty of anything. Campbell is a criminal and belongs in prison.
U.S. president Bill Clinton, who lauded Campbell because “he’s built bridges across borders.”

Well, I just lost a lot of respect for Bill Clinton....what a goof, or a dupe (unless maybe he and Hilary own some BC Rail stock or Plutonic etc)...makes me feel like writing him and saying "smarten up, Bill".

And as for Peter Brown's "We owe you and your family a debt we cannot repay" doubt, but it seems to have been monies that HE doesn't have to even think about repaying, given that it's cost all the rest of us. And hm, it doeswant to make us know, doesn't it, how much business "Campbell's stockbroker" did on his behalf during the "Golden Decade"....and on what investments?

The incestuous snakepit of the compact between Big Business and the ruling political clique in BC just held another big party for themselves. So the f*** what? Except I suppose that the whole affair was a tax write-off for all the guests....

Note that there wasn't a "roast", with comedians taking swipes at him....not that any of our working comedians talk much about BC politics....
Quite frankly I am disgusted by this whole matter.No doubt they dined on the precious wild sockeye salmon they would all love to see disappear.
I'd like to roast him alright.
All paid for by the good taxpayers of BC, yes we are still paying to feed them. Disgusting!
Video by Jim Pattison, he couldn't even be bothered to show Gord.
Bill Clinton, the guy who now spends his day cruising with George bush hoping to rekindle some of the limelight they surely miss and of course his partners in crime the CN rail boys who together performed the greatest acts of corruption this province has ever seen. Enjoy the meal boys, have a bite on us, in another few short years you will be begging for today, you will be crying as you once did before Gordon but no one of us will hear you from your cell you will be beyond our ears. An inquiry will happen, people will accept no less. It will be thorough as people will accept no less. It will be unforgiving as people will accept no less and you will pay the ultimate price because people will accept no less.
Glad you enjoyed the party!
Don F.
I remember reading, Campbell would be sticking around, as an adviser for the BC Liberal party. That is entirely plausible. Campbell is far too vindictive to just go away. You would have to be as brain dead as Martyn Brown, not to see the HST has killed this province. Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR is the dirtiest, the most corrupt event, in the history of BC, and probably in all of Canada. As far as the BC Liberals go, this province, is in serious trouble, as long as they are in office. They all backed Campbell, they are just as bad as he is. Campbell's theft of the BCR, is a dirty black mark for the Liberals. Until the corrupt sale of the BCR is resolved, who in their right gourd would trust them? Not me.
I read Raif when asked to say two possitive and two negative, he declined to comment, he could not find two positive!!!! Good on HIM!
E.M will you be in Vancouver for February 16th.
Mary, I sure am thinking about being down there, many times I was going to be there, and it was cancelled!!! I feel like this time might be the last time, so best to plan on being there.

This statement by David Basi in one of the applications has Me curious, were the proceedings taped/video? He comments He watched, see below.
------------This was a application in May, but I cant seem to get back to your archive of those weeks.This is about when they signed the proposal when they elected Trial by Jury, note the thousands of documents provided at the 12 hour to the defense in the last link I give.
May 25th 2010
---- Dave Basi and Bobby Virk (the “applicants”) seek to withdraw formal admissions filed on February 10, 2010. Aneal Basi made these same admissions but is not a party to this application.

[2] The Crown opposes the application.
[3] I indicated to the parties on May 19, 2010 that I was denying the application and reasons would follow. These are those reasons.

After February 10, 2010, I began to review the file materials intensely in preparation for trial. I also watched the proceedings and received reports from my counsel for the few appearances for which I was not present. The more I read and the more I learned, the more troubled I was by the admissions I had agreed to.

5. I no longer believe that most of the admissions are true with respect to the accuracy, authenticity and continuity of the wiretap recordings, or with respect to the continuity, accuracy, authenticity and retention of exhibits including emails.

6. I make this affidavit in support of my application for leave to withdraw the admissions filed February 10, 2010.


What Ya think?

The documents at 12 th hour and the request for more time/denied

However, they say that through no fault of their own, they are faced with the fact that compliance with the Court’s order has taken longer than expected. They submit that their expectation when the trial was adjourned to May 17 was that they would receive the outstanding documents sometime during the week of May 3. They also expected they would receive 4000 to 7000 documents, but the reality has been four times that number. The defence say that it is simply not feasible for them to decide by May 17 what use they will make of the large number of documents they are receiving on the eve of trial, and that an adjournment is therefore essential. ....

[28] Accordingly, I decline to exercise my discretion in all the circumstances to grant a second adjournment of this trial. The defence application is dismissed.

----------The documents was from a order of 2009 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If someone can help Me, when I go to the link the Month of May in the sidebar, I can not go further back in May.I think it was May 21,how do I get back to say the 17th? Normally a page will show older posts, can someone help Me with that. Thanks

I started off trying to find your problem, and

as usual,

I got hung up on an old story:

May 8, 2009 ... all about Lara and Gordo and why that's important. And it really is important.


I used up my spare moments; will get back at it later. Consoled myself thinking that YOU'll probably have the mystery unlocked before I get back there.
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