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Wait 256 days, then BC Legislature opens for 4 days only

From The Powell River Persuader's blog, here is Grant Gough's description of the February 14, 2011 opening of the BC Legislature for a weird 4-day session, after waiting 256 days for it to happen ...


[Lieutenant-Governor] Steven Point made the throne speech....Steven Point rose, he thanked the Premier for his service, he thanked Carole James for her service,  Steven Point then rose up and walked out....The look on his face, Steven Point walked out of the legislature, down the center of the room with MLAs on both sides and.....

And Steven Point walked right by Gordon Campbell and the entire BC Liberal party, Steven Point only shook hands with one member on the NDP side of the house, the moment was very telling, Steven Point ignored the liar and criminal Gordon Campbell and walked right on by him without making contact.....The BC Liberal party are dead...


And why would he want to 'soil' his position as the Queen's representative? He just finished watching the Faux Liberals 'loot' the peoples' assets instead of looking after them. And the 'bills' that will arrive on the taxpayer's doorstep are only just beginning. Notice the 'crows' vying for Gordon's job?

Dawn Black (Leader of the opposition)spoke Today,
The throne speech powerfully demonstrates the drift of this government. The B.C. Liberals have been running on empty for months. The government is tired. It's lost touch; it's unsure of what to do next. This House has been adjourned for eight months. Critical issues have been ignored, and the throne speech failed to address any of them.

Even more troubling, the B.C. Liberals don't seem to know right from wrong — 6 million taxpayer dollars for Liberal insiders convicted of corruption — $6 million, $6 million. A growing dirty tricks and election expense scandal involving the former Solicitor General and key campaign operatives installed, no doubt, by Liberal headquarters. More unanswered questions about B.C. Rail, the B.C. Rail corruption scandal, that touch on the credibility of at least two Liberal leadership candidates.
(And it was said that the Budget reduced Crown Prosecutors coincidentally by 6 MILLION!!!!)
N MacDonald
"There are no reasons why this House needs to only sit for four days. There are all sorts of issues that need to be looked at. We need to get to the bottom of the B.C. Rail scandal. That needs to be addressed. Those questions that we have waited eight years to ask could be addressed as we continue. .......BC Hansards

PS I am in Vancouver
My last comment I mentioned 6 million reduced from Crown Prosecutors

NDP Rustad said "But today's budget shows that the government just doesn't get it. There might not be any better example of that than the fact that this budget cut funding for Crown prosecutors by $6 million. So while the government found $6 million to pay the legal fees of two former political aides and shut down the B.C. Rail trial, they've cut the very budget for going after violent criminals in order to keep our streets safe. On top of that, they've cut court services by $9 million. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

Why are the tax payers even paying, to support the Legislature building? The Legislature is dead wood, a waste of tax payers money. Why can not the town hall be rented, for the Legislature to sit, once a year?

Even though the BC Liberal government is dead, we still have to be stuck with them until 2013. What will be left of BC by then? Campbell's theft of our rivers, is going to put our hydro up by 55%. The eco damage, will be stupendous. The HST has killed this province. Everything Campbell touched, has been destroyed. Worst is, there will only be a Campbell clone, that will take over. We will only, trade one tyrant for another, equally as bad.
Point's behaviour was interesting, to be sure.....by any chance, did Campbell extend his hand, only to be ignored? That would have been even more telling.....

On the other hand, though rarely exercised, L-G's technically have the power to summon any first minister and demand their resignation for wrongdoing, proven or implied, e.g. breach of trust. Would definitely have been a "constitutional crisis" if he were to do that but it's not like we're not in one already (e.g. Heed refusing to resign, despite constitutional conventions that he should).
You really must watch the video of Steven Point IGNORING Campbell and Cronies,at the end of His speech, I really felt He was going to say something more than what He did, He complimented the Opposition for doing their job. Most telling, He said this would probably be his last time there.

I was in Court Yesterday, I will try and write My observations,going to go see what MSM missed first.
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