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About that news media on the West Coast of Canada ...

SPECTR1 says: Accused by an informed few of completely ignoring the NDP and gifting Christy with day after day of good news "advertising",  BC's Beautiful Media have come up with a solution.

Our "free" press crowd would love [to] cover the NDP (with nasty news) but over the last few months the NDP have avoided such sins as flushing the toilet twice or running the dishwasher only half-full.

So what is Vaughn, Keith & Co. to do?
Well lets dig up the past, old news long expired, and report on it as sudden breaking news.

This story from 2008 is somehow back on the web and I understand more is coming.

Expect such 1990s favourites as Glen Clark and the Fastcats, Glenn and his deck, Uncle Mike and Bingogate and my favourite from over seventy years ago . . . that some CCF/NDP MPs voted against going to war in September of 1939.

"We Only Cheat When We Can't Win"


Today SPECTRE1 is on the trail of Michael Ignatieff, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.  He (Spec1) says ... 

On Tuesday/29/March at 6:30pm Ignatieff [edited for personal insult] and the national Liberal campaign will have an event at the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel located at 3500 Cessna Drive (on YVR Island [?] near Russ Baker Way and Miller Road).

I think I am going to go so I can evaluate the numbers and demographics of the event to see what's left of the Liberal Party of Canada in BC.


BC Mary comment: Surely our old pal SPECTRE1 means that this event is being held in Vancouver ... near the airport? Pls advise. Because it's a worthy investigation (haven't we often wondered?) to find out whether Canadians can see the difference between a federal Liberal and a BC Liberal.  And for heaven sake, Spec1, please attend ... and ask Ignatieff if he knows that British Columbians began to call the Gordo Gang LINO (Liberal In Name Only); ask Ignatieff if he supports the Campbell-style of Liberalism which meant selling off the farm and calling it farm revenue.  We really need to know this! 

Might be a good idea for people to attend other rallies, too, for the purpose of asking Jack Layton and Elizabeth May similar  questions: do they know what BC has suffered at the hands of politicians merely pretending to be Liberal?  Ask the candidates if they will support our demand for a Public Inquiry into all aspects of the tainted sale of our publicly-owned BC Rail. 

And please report back, for posting here on The Legislature Raids. 


Hello Mary,
The first fine example came on the Global noon hours news with Keith Baldry proclaiming that the federal election will overshadow any news about the BC NDP leadership race. He wore a big smile as much to say "we have our excuse"
I don't know much about the Fastcats but comments on this blog lead me to believe there is more than meets the eye on this one. Especially since the Washington Group seems to have been involved there also. Perhaps a re-examination of the real facts could make certain folks wish they had never brought that one up again.
The ndp (small n, small d, smaller p) are so utterly pathetic. No one is going to vote npd, no one and the Liberals will get in again.

Soon, if it isnt already, BC Rail, Dave Basi, Bains, Bornmann, will all be forgotten.
Anonymous 7:35,

You give up pretty easy, don't you?

Did you stop and think for a moment, what your comment sounded like to me?
@Anon 7:35: Only a fool forgets his own lies.

@Don: One thing to bear in mind, and tub-thump loudly, during the federal campaign is to drill candidates on foreign takeovers of Crown assets and resources via corruption of public officials, elected and otherwise; make BC Rail a federal election issue, and all those curious little details which points to Harper's dirty hand re the Bennett-Mackenzie switcheroo.....("tampering with the court" I believe it's called).

Foreign ownership and outsourcing should be raised over and over again at public meetings and in blogspace; Hold their feet to the fire and remind them that corruption at the provincial level, endemic, systemic, obvious corruption, is not just a provinicial issue. Nor is the neutrality, hoped-for but not delivered, of the courts and the RCMP.
If you Google: Harper delivers his plans of, Global Governance for Canada. You will begin to see, how the dots do connect. It's the big picture, we have to look at.

Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR trial? What trial? One and a half brain dead witnesses, is no trial what-so-ever. Anyone who thinks, Campbell didn't see his corrupt sale, through to the end, would have to be brain dead too. Campbell was the criminal who sold the BCR, only HE would have been able to thieve and sell it. Am I right about that. I know the turd, belongs on Campbell's plate. So do the BC citizens.

I tried to think, if Campbell and the BC Liberals, had even one saving grace. I couldn't think of one.
Perhaps the best ever comment upon the woes of BC.
Well put, well done.
Please continue with the good work.

One question I would like to know the answer for.

Why did Jack Layton capitulate to Harper's demand, to give large company's another tax reduction? That blew me away. I read that reduction, will come off Canadians paychecks.

For the life of me, I can't remember who said, the Federal Government does not interfere, with the Provincial Governments business. Like, they are not obligated to answer any questions, concerning the corrupt sale of our BCR? I think perhaps, the question was about the HST.
Anon 1:22,

Are you serious? I haven't heard that ... in fact, I thought all 3 Opposition parties rejected all of Harper's propositions.

What's your source?
"("tampering with the court" I believe it's called)."

Yeah Skook, that's the big league version of jury tampering (which was also apparently attempted by the father of one of Campbell's defense team (Berardino & Associates) who followed a juror across town, and then approached the juror. Judge tampering is much more effective, but risky in an honest justice system - in other words biz as usual in BC. To Annie Mack that wasn't as heinous as Mr. McCullough or Mr. Bolton asking an embarrassing question that might bring out facts AnnieMack didn't want to see the light of day.

to anon who said:

"I tried to think, if Campbell and the BC Liberals, had even one saving grace."

He didn't kill anyone on Maui that night, on the other hand unfortunately he didn't wind up underwater in his car but returned to BC with his phoney tears and apology and carried on with his crime spree.

As to the confusion about "YVR Island" I think it is called Sea Island and the airport is on it. I think it is technically in Richmond, but I haven't spent any time to speak of in the big smoke since the last millenium (thank god)!
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