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BC Hydro (perhaps even B.C. itself) is being prepared for its own doom. Isn't this blatant contempt of BC citizens, and the BC Legislature? Just like BC Rail? So YES, we do need a provincial as well as a federal election. Citizens, we have work to do!

BC Mary comment: Thanks to Laila Yuile for publishing this remarkable video interview with retired BC Economist, Erik Andersen on  the "legitimized" crippling of BC Hydro. Warning: don't skip the video (I almost skipped it because I was in a hurry) ... then my conscience began to hurt so I clicked onto it ... and by the end, I was very, very thankful that Canada is plunging into a federal election where things like this have been condoned, or even encouraged. What else could we call it but "contempt of Parliament", that is, contempt of the people - in B.C. - and federally? 

... let Erik Anderson explain very clearly  why we can't turn away from these issues. People say they have a right to know these things. Well, yes we do. But sometimes it's even more important to stand up because citizens have a duty to know these things and to act in ways which will protect the province of British Columbia. Andersen talks about that, too. Highly recommended.

However ... there' been a technical problem! So please go to Laila's blog for the Erik Andersen interview. OK?

and scroll down for "Face to Face with Erik Andersen".  

Laila says Eric Anderson has been an important resource for her in researching P3′s in the province, she says he "is bang on in this regard. I would also like to point you to a video Erik taped last year in which he discusses how he personally looked into and researched BC Hydro’s financials to come to this disturbing questions: IS BC Hydro being deliberately put into financial jeopardy to privatize it? Considering the press release from COPE last week, this video is more relevant than ever."

Click HERE to go to Laila's posting on Erik Andersen:


G West has left a new comment on your post "Beware: This isn't a Public Inquiry into the sale ..."  G West writes:

We also know that Basi &/or his wife own other properties AND that, in February of 2011 that he/she/they completed the purchase of another property adjacent to a house the family already owned on Balfour Street in Victoria.

The suggestion that Mr Basi was indigent or near indigent is absurd...but, that's still NOT the real question the media should be asking.

The real question, once again, is how was the policy reversed: How was the debt (duly recorded and at least partly covered by a mortgage) which the crown was meant to recover from the defendants - as per the policy in force and effect - forgiven?

That money, or that 'financial' transaction had to be effected in some way and a record of that transaction (and any facilitating Order in Council signed by a member of the Executive Council) must exist.

People were involved and, for accounts of that size it cannot simply be a process of a couple of bureaucrats 'signing off' on $6 million; elected people were involved - people who owe a duty of due diligence to both the Legislature and the people of B.C.

Nobody in the press seems at all concerned about finding the paper trail and Ms Christine Clark seems only concerned about the policy and how it might be changed.

The policy is NOT the problem.

The problem is the lack of character displayed by the people charged with enforcing and following through on the policy.  


Hello Mary,
I watched the Erik Anderson interview last night, very interesting indeed. My heart sank when ask where the NDP is on all he this he stated that he tried and tried to get a meeting with John Horgan, energy critic and was refused one. That sent my mind reeling.Is there something we need to know here Mr. Horgan? Is this all O.K. with you? Is this your agenda as well?
These are questions we direly need answered and now!
Me, too, Don F ... I just can't figure them out.

It was the same with Leonard Krog in July 2009 when we had it set up for the 5th Anniversary protest of the BC Rail - CN deal. There was an actual double-cross ...worse, even. Just appalling.

So I return to a belief that political parties solve nothing -- individuals must do the job.

Thank YOU for being one of those good guys.
You are wrong Don F...

BC Mary got a hold of me and asked for clarification...

I have provided the clarification to Mary..

BC Mary can fill you in on the rest..

BC MAry, this is because the quality of candidates the ndp attract are chit, full of belly achers who have no clue how to run anything with more moving parts than a wheelbarrow.

Looking to the ndp to figure out, fix, solve anything is like trying to get a dope smoker, slacker pot head philospher to get off the couch, put down the bong and real job.
Anonymous 7:39,

What the heck are you talking about?

Does history go back only a week or two, in your thinking?

Do you happen to recall who brought in Medicare for you? And the Agricultural Land Reserve? And the Insurance Corporation of BC?
Anonymous 7:39 - I'll have some of what you're smoking. Being unintelligent is your own problem, the mangling of grammar and idiom you've got going is pretty entertaining. Are you on an SSRI maybe? A hallucinogen? Sure as shootin' it ain't pot, which would make you more articulate. And might even make you sound intelligent (which you don't).
carole james, krog, et al can not take credit for medicare. different times, different party. Todays ndp isnt about workers, its about supporting welfare bums, dope smokers, injection drug users, crack heads and criminals.

the ndp are weak because it attracts the well meaning but utterly misquided.

the ndp have been totally ineffective at holding the Liberals to the fire in respect of so many topics it boggles the mind.

I will be voting liberal in the next election, because the alternative is unthinkable.
On a lot of blogs, and for sure the mainstream corporate news sites, there seems to be a flood of comments from people of really high intellect that are masquerading as people of really low intellect....offering no facts or real substantive comments that would work towards solutions, just name calling, "egging on" and generally silly wording. There must be a master plan, but I'm not really sure what it could be....they are masquerading and do have some kind of plan...right?...
Mary, perhaps you could have pointed out that it wasn't Horgan that refused to meet with CONSERVATIVE/BC Erik Anderson. Horgan was stood up by Erik, who would prefer to have the BC Cons be seen as the saviour in waiting from the Pirate Power pillaging. See

I appreciate the fact that Anderson has joined the chorus (Rafe, Peter Dimitrov, the author of Liquid Gold, Horgan, Laila, Eloise, me and others) in an effort to shine light on the disaster that is the IPPs and Campbell's phony Kermit (I'm so green) posture. But one has to admit it is pretty small to basically LIE about Horgan to advance his own petty partisan agenda. No wonder you, yourself get so disgusted with partisanship!

However that's no reason to delete Don F's misleading comment, because with some context it simply illustrates how low some (way to many) people go (and I don't mean Don, he was probably innocently taken in by Anderson's disingenuous abuse of the truth!) to promote an agenda they don't even want to own up to - kinda like Our Own Little Lord Stevie - leader of the "Harper Government."
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