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BC Rail ... why we care

Peter Ewart wrote:

... The establishment of BC Rail was a crucial step in the development of the Interior and of the province as a whole. The railway knitted together communities from Vancouver in the Southwest all the way North to Fort Nelson near the Yukon border, and played a major role in the advancement of the forest industry and other industries in the Interior. With the establishment of the railway and some other key developments, it can be said that modern British Columbia - the province as we know it - came into being.

Not surprisingly, when the sale (or "990 year lease" as it turned out) was announced, people were outraged all over the province. But nowhere was the opposition and anger stronger than in Prince George, one of the main cities along the BC Rail line.

It was a time for people to stand up for a publicly-owned asset of great value to the province. And it was a time to stand up against a government that was cynically breaking a key promise ...

This was an excerpt from BC Rail: To all those who stood up (There were many people who stood up for BC Rail; there are many who continue to keep the faith. Is it only me, or do others find it interesting to drop into the archives -- anywhere on this blog -- and re-visit the twists and turns of the BC Rail issue which, if you ask me, will never be properly finalized until the tainted deal with CN is reversed, damages paid, and charges laid).

Peter Ewart's full column is HERE.


Link to full column is not working.....

Please inform where column is published.
I dont see how the Govt can sell an asset of the people, if they said they wouldnt do that.

That would be fraud.

Who gave the order to sell? Who signed the Agreement for Purchase and or Sale (Lease)?

And who had the power to authorise Basi and Virk to have their legal fees covered by We The People?

But dont expect Cristie Clarke to hold an inquiry. She will not. But if she did, the scope would be so narrow it would make the reason behind imposing Secondary Sewage Treament Costing a Billion Dollars Plus BOONDOGGLE, look like a responsible use of taxpayers money.
Try scrolling down. Sheesh. Must I do everything?
Aw, come on guys. You're not helping.

None of them, Clark included, are going to do a full Public Inquiry unless WE, the former owners, keep pushing.

Hand-wringing won't do it. But even the smallest positive action does help.
There is corruption, in every nook and cranny of this province. Campbell is corrupt. The judicial system is corrupt. Judges are corrupt. The RCMP are corrupt. Elections BC is corrupt. The FOI tampered with. The media are Campbell butt kissers.

The BC Liberal party, was built on, lies, deceit, corruption, crime, theft of our assets, dirty tactics, and cheating to win. Every foul name in the book suits, Campbell and the BC Liberals.

Our Constitution is gone. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken from us. Democracy and Freedom, what in the hell is that? That disappeared when Campbell came into office.

We live in a dictator regime. Not only is Campbell a dictator, so is Harper. There is much worse to come.
Ms.Clark on her 'new' website is inviting input from the citizenry on matters of concern.
Perhaps enough well written and reasoned comments would at least plant the seed of her rethinking her current stand on the BC Rail issue.
It will happen, but here is an opportunity for her to show her sincerity about 'listening' to the people (rabble) of BC.
Aw, for Pete's sake, you're going to force me to say this, aren't you.

Well, OK. Here goes.

The way I see it is that when somebody can't think of a doggone thing to say except to moan, groan, and point out the obvious flaws, errors, treachery, pitfalls,


they (nobody else)

have just created a word-picture of somebody who has given up, quit trying, and assigned himself/herself to the LOSER category.

Ugh. That wasn't fun. We can't win a battle with an army of losers. Buck up! Heads up, shoulders squared!

So please write again and make your message constructive, helpful, and tipped with at very least ONE helpful piece of advice? And yes, you CAN.
Yes, ron wilton, that's what I mean!!

Way, way better than moaning and groaning,

we can go to Christy Clark's site
and present our views on the need for a Public Inquiry into the loss of BC Rail.

Many others will see your views there, too ... so make a strong, positive, polite presentation.

Keep the concept circulating.

Yes, you CAN.
You can also go to this address to read the columns Peter Ewert has written for Opinion 250. Included are some great ones on Ms. Clark.

A. Chisholm (not The Chisholm)
Christy Clark will NOT hold any inquiry on this. It would dig up too many skeletons for her freinds. So no matter how hard you try, no matter how polite, forget it.

There was a trial. And Dave Basi had the opportunity to have his day in court and chose not to.

Its over.

And unless you can and should decide to pursue the reason and mechanism that allowed Basi to have his legal bills paid, then you are chasing you own tail.
1:23, you are coming across like a p.i.a.

Not impressed.
what is a p.i.a?

Thank you for posting my message. I didnt actually think it would be posted. But seriously, what possibly could be gained from the Govts perspective by holding an inquiry that would only embarrass themselves?

They are decidedly not going to do this, Clarke has said so, and if the NDP get in, they might, but it will be so narrow in scope it wont be worth the bother.

I ran an informal poll the other day in my office. Only 4 out of 10 knew about the BC Rail (all men). The rest (all women) hadnt a clue and two even told me they didnt care and find politics boring.

Thats what you are up against.

I ran the same poll at my house. My wide told me she didnt know about BC Rail, and when I tried to explain, she said she wasnt intersted.

As you know, Gordon Campbells Liberals got in a 2nd time, even with the stain of Drunk Driving and BC Rail at full boil.

The turn out at the polls was abysmal.

Just goes to show you most people dont care. BC Rail is long over and if anyone had a problem with it, it would have been one of the unsuccesful bidders. So where is their statement of claim?

What I care about and what is timely though is the legal bills of Basi and Virk being paid by the taxpayer. Thats where I would spend my time.

Mary, I think you are wonderful for keeping this in the public eye, but I think its time to chase something that can be caught.
Hello Mary,
I'm wondering what was going on with your blog back in Nov.'08, with resticted access. Is there any dots to connect with what was said,printed?
I'm glad you are staying on top of this Mary, what do you make of the last comment from Anon. 10:23am?
"there is much worse to come"...
If 10:23am would care to comment further, others may be able to add to his comment.

ask all those wonderful people what a p.i.a. is.

Such clever folk are sure to know.
you are right,they are definatly a pain...
Noted in passing:

Quote, on the topic of democracy:

... Appealing as it sounds, advocacy requires effort. It’s so much easier to go with the flow, to let situational democracy evolve with each reflex, stopgap, jerry-rigged response to every new policy demand and political threat. But that leads away from accountability and toward the Big Man culture that Africa is finally throwing off and has no place in Canada.

If war is too serious to leave to generals, then surely democracy is too important to delegate to politicians.

James Travers
There are many people who are angered by, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. I am one of them, who feels very keenly, the injustice that has been served upon the BC people. I feel rage, and I do let it rip, into a rant.

However, I lack the experience, to know what to do about this abomination. I have e-mailed M.P's and MLA's, those are simply ignored.

I keep watching this site, to see if anyone has a concrete, structured plan, for what we politically challenged people, can do to help.

We do have to rely on, Mary, Koot, and all the rest of, you experienced political bloggers. Don't land on us, like a ton of bricks and call us down for our anger. We too, have every right to be angry. Give us a little guidance, instead of contempt. If you would rather we keep off, of your sites, then say so.
Anonymous 3:23,

Gosh ... I've said this so many times, it worries me in case I'm boring people:

and that is:

No matter how small, do something helpful every day: a letter to the Editor, e.mail the premier or your M.L.A., call a phone-in show ... all those things

which keep the BC Rail story in front of the public.

Brace yourself for NOT receiving wonderful replies -- or any reply at all -- but take comfort from knowing that SOMEBODY has read your message, and tallied it up.

Occasionally (not often) someone will find space to publish your message -- which is another reason why it's important to be polite, persistent, and stay on the topic.

And never give up on BC Rail ... it's the key to all we hold dear in this province.
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