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Christy Clark says "No" to cleansing the BC Rail affair ... as if it had never happened

BC Mary comment:  [ahem ... ] Excuse me, Madam, but these big decisions are rightfully made by the public. BC Rail is a lifeline issue. And BC Rail -- as it is -- represents every possible evil rampaging destructively through a democratic society. BC Rail cannot be forgotten. We cannot pretend it never happened. You would serve the province well to open the story for the public. 

Remember the name of Robert Sommers? Yes? Well, the names of G. Campbell and C. Clark will also live on, in infamy, just that way too ... unless you take the honourable step of establishing a Public Inquiry (with a reliable judge NOT associated with the BC government) to provide the full story of how the people lost BC Rail.  If you are listening, Ms Clark, you know you owe us that.

Everyone knows that the province of British Columbia lost a major asset -- a lifeline -- when we lost BC Rail. Millions of dollars have been squandered on cover-ups, leaving the strong impressions that the people -- the families -- of this province don't matter. 

When it comes to a Public Inquiry into the Corrupt Sale of BC Rail ... the people say YES, knowing that BC will never be cleansed or free of the taint until this is done. Excuse me again, Ms Clark, but didn't you promise "change" ... didn't you declare yourself "willing to listen to the people"??  This is your golden opportunity to fulfill that promise.

Christy Clark talks of families ...

By Jonathan Fowlie

Vancouver Sun - March 8, 2011


... On Monday, Clark also said she is not likely to hold an inquiry into a political corruption trial, which ended with former political aides Dave Basi and Bobby Virk pleading guilty and the province agreeing to pay their $6-million legal bill.

[Dawn Black, interim Opposition Leader] Black called that unacceptable.

“British Columbians have been asking – demanding – that there be an independent investigation into the scandalous $6-million payout to convicted criminals,” said Black.

“She has chosen to say today that she will not have that kind of an independent inquiry, and I think that’s wrong.”

Read the full article HERE:



Comment from Gary E., cross-posted:

I think these politicians had better get a grasp on what the people want when it comes to an investigation of the giveaway of our railway.

We don't want a simple commission into the $6 million bribe. We want and demand a full and complete investigation into all aspects of this giveaway right from the start. We especially want to know if any and all contracts were legal and if this can or should be undone (reversed).

So I wish they would stop trying to whitewash and spin what we want.


BC Mary comment: Well said, Gary!  And since there are re-possession clauses in the visible portions of the BCR-CN deal, we'd also find out once and for all, if we have grounds for re-possessing our railway. I think there are such grounds: the abandonment of former BCR lines is a deal-breaker; the purchase of 600 new rail cars was another promise which I believe wasn't fulfilled ... and there are undoubtedly more. These are BIG issues which are being deliberately ignored by Christy Clark. To know the facts goes well beyond "the right to know" and takes us into the realm of "the people of BC have a duty to know" ... and to act upon a full understanding of the transfer of this priceless public asset into private pockets.  


Thank you, Hugh, for providing Christy Clark's address. Hugh wrote:

Send the unelected former talkshow host a message here:



Good idea:

By Dan Erickson
100 Mile House Free Press - March 9, 2011

Question: Would you permit a "ballot initiative" in the next provincial election to determine voter support for an independent public inquiry with broad terms of reference, including Powers of Subpoena?

Source: HERE.



Comment by Strong Communities: 

Allan Seckel was deeply involved with BC Rail. Now why would Clark send him packing with an undisclosed "leaving package?" Sounds like he signed a non disclosure statement just like Basi/Virk. Alex Tsakumis has the files linking her to the BC Rail lobbyists. Go to:


This material blows me away. The RCMP were sent to see Alex last week over these documents which were leaked. Christy is furious this info is circulating and wants it to stop.

Send the link to everyone.

Read more: http://www.timescolonist.com/news/Smaller+cabinet+will+have+faces/4398465/story.html#ixzz1G2e5wRse


Warning ... things you DON'T want to know about the "new" premier of British Columbia and her advisors' known views on how to manage BC affairs. And our national affairs under Harper. God help us ... 

Meet Christy Clark's hard right advisor

By Bill Tieleman
The Tyee - March 8, 2011

Full story is HERE:



I think these politicians had better get a grasp on what the people want when it comes to and investigation o the giveaway of our railway.
We don't want a simple commission into the $6 million bribe. We want and demand a full and complete investigation into all aspects of this giveaway right from the start. We especially want to know if any and all contracts were legal and if this can or should be undone (reversed).
So I wish they would stop trying to whitewash and spin what we want.
Send the unelected former talkshow host a message here:

What are you afraid of Christy? Are/were you involved in any way with the sale of "our, the people's railroad" when you were a liberal in 2001 until you quit? The public has a right to know through a full public inquiry with an "outsider" sitting as the head of the said inquiry.
Nothing less will do.
How would Christy dare to have a criminal investigation of, Campbell'a corrupt sale of the BCR? She has been implicated and Campbell may land in prison. The trial was an, obvious bogus farce. We know it, and so do Christy and Campbell know it. As we all knew, the lies will continue on with Christy Clark. That's the way of the BC Liberals. Lie, thieve and cheat to win.
Until there is a formal complete public enquiry into the BC Rail sale, there will never be a full accounting of all the damage caused by corrupt Campbell and the BC Liberal party during this last decade.

It behoves not just the people of British Columbia, but all other political opponents (Independent MLA's and BC NDP) to keep pushing for this full enquiry. It will be like the opening of "Pandora's Box" - which the current government will go to any lengths to prevent as evidenced of late.

Thank you
Yes, Yes, Yes!! Enough of this discussion about the need for an inquirey! Is there not someone, somewhere with the wherewithall to DO something? Not to just chatter back and forth about the 'need', but actually get started. MacLean's magazine should do an article retracting Quebec as the most corrupt Province in Canada. Stevie Cameron could do a sequel on the Brian Mulroney episode. Hosni Mubarreck could ghost it for Gordon - "We did it Our Way".
Anonymous 8:11,

Are you seriously suggesting that we sit quietly -- bags over our heads -- and do nothing ...

absolutely nothing


we KNOW that the Campbell Gang lies and cheats? So what the hell, let the world recognize British Columbia as sell-outs, losers, and cheats? Is that what you're saying? I can't believe it.

How much clearer can the problem be? Is that your best response: do nothing? do nothing because Christy's going to do nothing to defend these democratic values?

Surely KNOWING (as we do) that the Campbell Gang lied and cheated means that we've reached the exact moment when honourable citizens rise up to defend those democratic values they hold dear ... !
John Aghast,

I don't mind listening to your report on what YOU have done to achieve the Public Inquiry into BC Rail. How about it.

What I do mind, however, is your indignation that people like me are talking about the need to convince the new premier to actually call the Public Inquiry.

You say "Is there not someone, somewhere with the wherewithall to DO something?"

And the answer is: Yes, there is: the premier of BC. I've sent a copy of this morning's posting to her.

Hugh provides us with the address.

I hope you'll do something as well, to convince Ms Clark that she can't get away with pretending BC Rail never existed, or that it's OK to be robbed of such a public asset.
"Is there not someone, somewhere with the wherewithall to DO something?"

Yes, we can all do something. Call your MLA, repeatedly, and demand an Inquiry into BC Rail. Tell your friends and relations about what happened to BC Rail.

Many people are not fully aware of what happened.
I got a kick out of this Vancouver Sun article, which i found on a link-through from Fowlie's:


"a go between the non-partisan civil service and the political cabinet"......WHAT "non-psrtisan civil service"??

What I want to know (amid so much else) is who's getting the Natural Resources Operations portfolio; or is she going to reverse that bit of Campbell-itis? Not likely, but any scuttlebutt out there in that department?
i'M afraid we are more like Egyptian than we dare to admit.

But we are going to have to admit it and start acting like they are if we are ever going to win out.

Consider what has taken place in this little noticed move that the freedom fighters (mostly students, as it were) made last weekend.

CAIRO — "Three weeks after President Hosni Mubarak's ouster, Egyptians are turning their anger toward his internal security apparatus, storming the agency's main headquarters and other offices Saturday and seizing documents to keep them from being destroyed to hide evidence of human rights abuses." (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/05/egypt-state-security-building_n_831833.html)

That's a very good question. We all want to know if that Monster Give-Away Ministry of Natural Resources will be de-constructed ... or allowed to stand. In other words, will Ms Christy be giving the seal of approval for continuing rape and pillage of the province.

How about you ask Christy? The entry (so far as I can tell) is via her web-site, which Hugh provided for us:


I'd also like to know (some other time) if the Provincial Library is still intact or if not, where is it now? And is the historic shell of the Library safe, is it undergoing renovations, or what?

Maybe somebody will pick up on that question.
It is my intent to write Miss Clark on her website, not with a request for an inquiry into the corrupt sale of B.C.Rail, but to demand that she do so on behalf of the people of this province.
It is my intent to remind Miss Clark that she was not voted to position by the people of B.C. but by a handful of Liberal party members, some of questionable qualifications, because the leader of that party had to resign in shame for the corruption ravaged on the people of this province by her party. I want to remind her that hers is a temporary position created by corruption and if she desires it to be more permanent that she has an opportunity now to take steps to insure British Colombians that the corruption is truly in the past. A full inquiry into the sale of B.C.Rail would be an enormous step to achieving the respect she will need to continue. I will point out that respect is something that must be earned and not expected just for one's position.
I will inform Miss Clark that if she can't fulfill this obligation to the public because it will expose personal involvement or involvement of friends or relatives then she should step aside and make way for someone who can.
I will make it perfectly clear to her that she does not have my respect. I do not feel moved by any of my senses to honor her nor feel required of any obedience to her because of the circumstances mentioned that brought her to this position, she is though by circumstances in a position to try and earn it.
I will try and make her understand that her stay can be as pleasant or unpleasant as she chooses to make it and that by all indications thus far the latter is her course.
Above all! I will ask that she never loose sight that we are an educated,intelligent and honest people and that we in fact deserve her respect, not visa/virsa.
Don F.,

Bravo! Bravoooooo!!

What a great concept -- of helping the lady to see the reality of her/our situation.

Best of luck. I'd be SO impressed if she finds it in her heart to answer you.
Hopefully i'm not speaking too far out of turn; but, the following is worth a-discerning look, too.

I call it, Arrest that Judge: Get on a Better Path.

I looked up the NRO on-line, and while the first entry page mentioned a press release where Thompson goes on about what the ministry does and why it was needed, when you click on that link it goes nowhere, just to more general articles; sounds like they've pulled that press release (the PAB runs all those pages).

@Consider the Following: re us being moree like Egypt than we know. Read this, which I've posted on another thread before but will return later with highlightings of key passages:


That page appears to have been slightly hacked, an error message comes up saying a code error will cause infinite looping, but al-Jazeera should have that fixed shortly. This also looks promising but I haven't read it yet: http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/opinion/2011/03/201137124724236938.html

And if you haven't watched Michael Moore's speech in Madison WI on the 5th, do so (it's all over FB). We need a Michael Moore; to date the NDP hasn't shown us they have one.

I've had apologists go after me for daring to compare the failings of Canadian democracy vs Egypt and Libya, the usual "Best Place On Earth" mantra, as if there weren't government/corporate-induced suffering and injustice in Canada, nor police beatings and killings for no good reason, often no reason at all. We're always told how lucky we are that the government here doesn't behave like governments in so much of the rest of the world. Never mind that comes of as a kind of vague threat, can it really be said to be all that true? The recent Tyee article on the Hazeltons is a reminder of how true it actually is.

Bear in mind, also, re police violence and mass incarceration for "drug crime" that the War on Drugs was Nixon's and Reagan's way of criminalizing the intellectual classes as well as the blacks and poor, and it's very much a war of repression and injustice, and violent as hell, too. "Mind-expanding" drugs taught /allowed people to think for themselves, and to shrug off the bath of mainstream media/church conditioning to accept the prevailing order as inescapable and just, which of course it never was. The War on Drugs was political, and targeted at political dissent, from its very start, and continues to be. In the meantime, "mind-closing" drugs like SSRIs, lithium, valium etc have become commonplace thanks to the obedience of the medical establishment for trying to "maintain normal behavioural standards". Once organized religion failed, other means were needed to pacify discontent and dissent; and it's no accident that political critics are treated as if they're insane, whether branded delusional or embracing conspiracy theories like Robin and Laila have been, or actually beaten and dragged into court and forcibly medicated and electroshocked like Jack Cram or Bruce Clarke (with an 'e').

And our media, if confronted by a news item like the young man who immolated himself over not being allowed to earn money selling groceries on the street, in order to feeds his mother, or any of those infamous videos that precipiated the Eypgitan revolution - if confronted by that, they'd cooperate with the RCMP etc in shunting it aside, or come up with the "mentally deranged person" excuse or something about them having been upset about some personal matter. Of course, nothing compares to shooting a young kid in the back of a head, whose only violation of our strict anti-social liquor code was having an open beer on the back stoop of a community hall in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere.
Ultra Right winger, Alex T, reports on Clark cleansing of BVB elements. Claims Seckel was dumped, so Christy won't have to hold inquiry on the issue. Her disassociation efforts are plain and obvious.

Interesting link;article. This was juicy:

""That right has been subjugated as a consequence of acts of treason having been committed by the collective political establishment, aided and abetted by corrupt segments of the judiciary, the police, the Church and the civil service." "

Substitute "the Church" with "the Liberal Party of BC" and, well, pretty much the same situation. And given the Liberals are rather more like a religion than anything else, down ot hcult leader.....it does fit doesn't it?
Common Law,

It needs interpretation. Can you re-send, in readily understandable terms? What is the reader expected to make of it?
Miss Clark will never ever never ever hold an Inquiry of BC Rail concern. Never. She will not, wont, cant. So get used to that.

Your insistant whining and crying for an inquiry reminds me of a 4 yr old that just doesnt understand the meaning of the word NO.

If you want a different result, you are going to have to vote NDP in the next election --- and you and I all know that just aint gonna happen.

Am I happy??

Christ no!!

I wanted the trial to unfold more than anyone.

Basi could have had his day in court, but chose not to, because:

A. He is guilty as guilty can be. He took the money, he took and he took and he took. The wiretaps are clear evidence of his charater, how he felt about those around him, but if there was any doubt, there was more: the developers payola (Duncan/Young) who similarily plead guilty to virtually no consiquence, the Grow Op charges, Cocaine Cousin phone calls, the list of good deeds goes on and on, and
B. He got to keep his home and not have to pay his share of a 6M legal bill that would have cost him everything. Some guilty plea.

I want a full explanation as to how Basi and Virk got their legal fees paid for --- that issue stinks to high heaven of corruption at its core!!

The lies!!

And its recent happenings that any investigative reporter should be able to manage.

So where are they??

Sucking the teet of the new Premier, hoping to advance from the pathetic scrum that only invitees can attend.

What a joke this province is. What a joke the opposition is. NDP Flakes.

I give up. So should you.
Oh gosh, golly, Ape:

How can I ever thank you for clarifying the duties of citizenship!

Well ... I could never thank you. So I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

Just curious: is that OK by you?
"I give up. So should you."

Apex of Apathy: Is this the best the PAB can come up with anymore? Or are you sincerely that pathetic - if so, Please supply link to your upcoming video clip of offing yourself - I need some entertainment! Or maybe you'll just carry on "sucking the teet" of the new premier - tell me what did you suck on the old one?
Your insistant whining and crying for an inquiry reminds me of a 4 yr old that just doesnt understand the meaning of the word NO.

We're not four year olds and Christy is not our Mommy, like she is apparently toyou. Tugging the forelock and putting up with undemocratic illegality is no longer in the rulebook. We reject your apathy and your re-invocation of the p.r. line about Basi as a way to deflect from the larger reality.

the public inquiry is happening. It's happening right here in Blogspace. the system is fucked, and it's not in Christy's mandate to call an inquiry which must necessarily include herself.

A US President cannot say "no there will be no impeachment hearing". We don't have that constitutionally here, we're supposed to just do whatever you're told. We're the grownups here, and we're building a mass of information that will take a bulldozer to the Liberal sandbox, of which Christy is the current holder of the pastic shovel and shit-bucket.

YOu're not apathetic Ape - your pathetic.

This is a democracy. The Liberals were elected and re-elected last I checked.

That Clark isnt your Mommy makes no difference. She has told you that there will be no inquiry. You must accept that, and either vote Liberal next election, or vote NDP. Name calling me wont matter.

And no Virginia, the public cannot conduct an inquiry in blogspace.

Reality and beliefs are often 2 opposite ends of the scale; in this case, your belief that an inquiry is being conucted doesnt make it so any more than does a 4 yr old's belief that dressing up in a Power Rangers costume provides him or her with Super Powers.

Clark is in charge now and she has spoken. So now, what are you going to do about that? Blog? Look how well thats worked for you so far.

As they say, Keep doing what you are doing and you will keep getting what you are gettting.

Rant on.
Just curious, but WHY are you not lobbying the govt to disclose the details that provided for Basi and Virk's legal bills to be paid, contrary to long standing policy?

This info is current, timely and should be attainable by anyone.

Roll this log over, inspect the underneath as I am sure you will find the rot, worms, and other direct links you thirst for.

And plu lease. I aint no PAB!
I have sent the following to Christie's website today. How about it folks? Have you sent yours?

Dear Christy Clark

As a fellow British Columbian, a taxpayer, and a voter, I am hereby demanding a complete, and thorough investigation of the giveaway of or railway. Simply whitewashing a inquiry by selecting why Basi and Virk were obviously paid off doesn't cut it with either myself nor the majority of British Columbians.

If you are going to be open and honest as you claim, then we want to know publicly, all that went on in the giveaway o our railway.

We further want to know what effect this giveaway had on the economy and social programs of this province. The Auditor General could help in that way.

No ore stalling. We want results now

Gary Edwards

If you're asking a serious question, I'll try to explain why it's a bad idea to confine a Public Inquiry to the brief hours of the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial in which the Plea Bargain was negotiated.

You're correct, a vigorous private investigation just might open that can of worms up. A real journalist could do it.

But such holding a Public Inquiry to uncover such a limited set of facts would continue to leave the entire "sale" hidden from public view. And adopting our slit-eyed detective approach to this mess, don't we pretty much know who arranged the plea bargain?

Revealing that bit of history emphasizes the inherent wildness of the Campbell corruption but it does nothing to reveal the depth and breadth and dangers of such a massive government decision to sell off a major railway -- a railway which governs the health of the entire province of British Columbia!

The Campbell regime virtually gave away the 3rd largest railway in Canada, or worse (we don't know yet!), it's possible that BC may end up paying CN to take BC Rail.

Meantime, there's been serious repercussions in the economy of northern towns, villages, industries, farms, mills ... because of difficulties with CN who, I believe, simply don't understand the BC landscape as BC Rail did.

If you care about British Columbia, I don't see how you can avoid caring about what happened to BC Rail ... which, btw, we can fix, once we know the details ... and furthermore, it's a style of piracy which has been repeated and repeated. Surely you've noticed Rafe Mair's battle to save BC Hydro. Or what's happened to BC Ferries. Etc. All of that should worry the bejapers out of anybody with half a brain-cell.
Gary E.

What planet are you on?

That you "demand" a thing in absense of any legitimate authority is just plain daft.

Clark has already stated that she will not conduct any inquiry/investigation into the BC Rail matter yet, and has said so as often as she has been asked, so your demand is pointness.

Now, what are you going to do about that?

Prediction #1. You will send another "demanding" email to Clark. A staffer will respond.

Prediction #2. Clark wins riding in next by-election, hammering out the NDP, Green, etc and sundry so forth.

PRediction #3. Liberals win yet abother election, NDO reducted to fewer seats.

Prediction #4. You will keep on posting and emailing Clark. A staffer will respond.

Prediction #5. Repeat previous predictions.

May I ask how old you are?

Surely by now, if you feel confident enough to be issuing directives, you've learned a thing or two.

Like "demand". In law, it has a specific meaning. Gary got it right.

"Ask" or "request" have another connotation, not equal to the appeal being made. OK?

So could you please climb down off people, and join in a more helpful discussion here?
Just for you Apex

My "demand" is based on the act that I am of voting age, am a voter and citizen of BC,and as such I have a right to demand anything I want from any government in this country. Your nit picking on words don't cut it with me.In case you are new here, as I suspect you are, I have been asking these questions or seven years. At least five of them here and in the Tyee as well as other blogs. I'm fed up being r. nice guy and politically correct and am now DEMANDING action. Amd if you don't like it Apex then I suggest youy park it where the sun don't shine. In factI don't just suggest it, I demand it.
Respectfully BC Mary, I disagree.

I think Gary got it dead wrong, as the results can attest. And just in case you were wondering, I was however monentarily amused that he thought his "demand" had any effect. Now I am just saddened by it all.

Your encouragement will prolong this pointless exercise that already appears to manifest into an endless vortex of misguided dialogue. Please help channel this energy into a useful cause.

No more dillusions, please.
BC Mary,

My age? You expect me to take name calling, personal attacks without retaliation??

You fail to censure Skook, even tho he appears far less inclined to play nicely with the other school children in your sand box!!
There will be a public inquiry into the BC Rail affair.

Christy Clark will not reconsider her desperate position on the matter because she is just another pawn in the grand scheme of things.

We will have to wait a little longer 'til her short tenure as premier is over.

The next 'elected' premier of British Columbia will appoint a full and complete inquiry into the BC Rail affair.

BC Rail was destined to not be ours the minute that Brian Mulroney forced us to be a part of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The same big boys tha finagled NAFTA, recruited Paul Tellier to 'privatize' CN Rail.

Those same big boys recruited David McLean to recruit Gordon Campbell to relieve us of BC Rail.

McLean recruited Kinsella, who in turn recruited Marrisen and the other Clark who in turn recruited on down the line through Bell to Basi, Virk and Virk.

The scheme would have happened sooner if Campbell hadn't been so obvious, but the big boys had infinite patience and eventually got the dope elected and the plan carried out.

All was going well until Virk and Basi got greedy and involved themselves with Bain and money laundering and dope dealing.

The RCMP stumbled on the BC Rail scheme quite by accident while investigating Bain, Virk and Basi, and raided their offices at the legislature.

The big boys tried to settle things down by calling in their chips on certain RCMP and attorney's general and chief judges, but things were getting out of hand so the other pawns, Campbell and company , pulled a few strings and the rest of the story is known.

The big boys control the media in this country, as well as most other countries, so the lid was kept on, more or less.

Were it not for the intrepid blogger,BC Mary, who genuinely cares about our province and democracy, most of us would be blissfully unaware of the danger that surrounds us.

We would blithely assume the checks and balances were secure and good would triumph over evil.

Well Apex, I think it`s time for you to wake up and pay attention and get involved in a ^positive way because BC Rail is merely the proverbial tip of the proverbial iceberg

Like we used to say in the sixties, ``Ìf you ain`t part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.``
Last call, Apex.

This blog is about BC Rail. You show up very late in the game, all ready to lambaste anybody who demands justice with regard to BC Rail.

If justice is too difficult a concept for you in the matter of a priceless public asset sliding secretly into private pockets, you've obviously come to the wrong discussion group.

Last call. Any more slagging will be deleted.
I think that BCers have every right to demand a full inquiry into BC Rail. To NOT demand an inquiry would be irresponsible.

There may be a federal election soon. The NDP candidate for Kamloops, Michael Crawford, agreed with me that there should be a full inquiry.
"Christy Clark talks of families ..."

How come when I read a headline like that I immediately start to think about families with names like Genovera's and Gambino? Oh now I remember, because she is just the new capo (or would that be capa?) of the Campbell Crime Family.
The biggest injustice is that Liberals won elections three times all based on lies and misrepresentation to the voting public. I won't sell BC Rail, there is no deficit, I won't bring in HST or raise taxes.......all bullshit that is swallowed up by people thinking that the Man is there for them.

These liars need to be stopped with checks and balances put in place to protect the voting public. No justice in BC just opens the door for vigilante justice. Anyone who supports these liars are just fleas hanging on the dog.
Ape-Pecs sez:

"No more dillusions, please."

Not only does this excrescence on the very idea of rational discussion make up facts, and arrogantly display his ignorance with pride, but invents words as well - apparently. I think he was looking for the term "delusions" (false beliefs or impressions) but the one he made up seems almost appropriate as it alludes to (or at least makes me think of)"dilution" which is a process that has obviously happened to any intelligence he may have ever had at a previous time.

I'm seeing a head filled with a very weak solution composed of saline solution mixed with a minute, almost infinitesimal number of brain cells.

Thank you once again for a strong, constructive message.

Drawing the federal Members of Parliament into the BC Rail story is also entirely helpful.

I hope people keep sending their messages to Christy Clark via her web-site, for which you gave us the link (much appreciated). Here it is again:


I sent her the first 4 paragraphs from this posting. Also, Gary E. has done his homework. It is important.
Apex, should pull his head out, from where it's stuck. You roll over and play dead, that's giving, Christy and Campbell permission to, just keep on crapping on us. Campbell and all those involved in that crime, belong in prison. The BC people want back, the Railroad that was stolen from us.

Sorry Mary.

If Apex doesn't like it, that's T.F.B.
It occurred to me today that Justin Trudeau should be called upon to remember his father's anti-foreign ownership legacy and start challenging the legitimacy of American ownership of arms of the BC government, in the House and publicly, and also to raise a not-unrelated inquiry into "what happened to CN?".

Show some leadership Mr. Trudeau; people talk about you being a PM-in-waiting. Give us reason to think that's worthwhile. Stand up for Canada, sir.....Lord knows Iggy is keeping his lips zipped about what the provincial Liberals are doing in BC.....makes you wonder who has the goods on who doesn't it?

He might be too close to the Martin/Kinsella clique though, I don't know.
This Ape guy is so negative, he is pathetic. He has nothing worth while to contribute to this site. He needs to roll over and play dead.

From what I read, Ape is willing to bend over and say, kick me Campbell. This site is not about negative whiners. Campbell is a criminal, who thieved the BCR and, fraudulently sold it.

Campbell said, the BCR wasn't for sale. That was, one of Campbell's election lies.

Campbell is the most corrupt premier, in the history of Canada. BC has finally beat Quebec, as the most corrupt province in Canada.

Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, is the most corrupt, underhanded event, also in the history of this country.

I think, Ape should start his own site, for the pro Liberal people.
I am anon 8:11

No, no, Mary. I was just stating the crap that Campbell and the BC Liberals dish out to the people of BC. I was just feeling down about, all of the dirty tactics of, the Campbell crime family. The contempt I feel for the media.

I would like to cram down their throats, every shitty lie, deceit and corrupt dung, they flung at us. Campbell and all of his corrupt conspirators, belong in prison. In fact, I think Campbell and the Liberals, deserve a little Egyptian justice.

Harper, stated his fear, the unrest of the other country's may spread to Canada. Serves him right, he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar of money too. And, I don't forget Harper's part, in the HST either.
I am anon 8:11

No, no, Mary. I was just stating the crap that Campbell and the BC Liberals dish out to the people of BC. I was just feeling down about, all of the dirty tactics of, the Campbell crime family. The contempt I feel for the media.

I would like to cram down their throats, every shitty lie, deceit and corrupt dung, they flung at us. Campbell and all of his corrupt conspirators, belong in prison. In fact, I think Campbell and the Liberals, deserve a little Egyptian justice.

Harper, stated his fear, the unrest of the other country's may spread to Canada. Serves him right, he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar of money too. And, I don't forget Harper's part, in the HST either.
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