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If the value of BCRail right-of-way is worth "over $7 billion", then BC Rail right-of-way and operating rights are worth that - and much more - to the province of British Columbia. Therefore, are well worth fighting for.

BC Mary comment:  Here's a good discussion somewhat spoiled by the mean spiritedness of partisan politics. But the constructive parts illustrate the false economy of Campbell's strange system of crippling these massive public assets in order to "sell" them and their benefits to private, corporate interests headquartered far away. It just doesn't make sense:


... “We think they [the BC Liberals] are trying to destroy the company [BC Hydro], then unload it. They mean to set it up to become a loss … They did the same thing with BC Rail.”

Kari Simpson asked, “Shouldn’t BC’s resources be for British Columbians? Why sell them off to American companies?”

Chris Delaney replied: “It shows the influence of the big business lobby on the Liberal Party… I’m not anti-corporation—there are benefits. But the greater benefit of the province’s resources should come to British Columbians …

“Why would you sell BC Rail to an American company? Why wouldn’t you sell it to CP? They sold BC Rail for $1 billion; but it’s been estimated that the value of the right-of-way alone is over $7 billion.”

End of quote.


BC Mary comment:  So if the value of the BCRail right-of-way is worth "over $7 billion" to CP or to anybody else, then surely to God, BC Rail right-of-way and operating rights are worth that -- and much more -- to the province of British Columbia. And are well worth fighting for.


I choose to call it a give away rather than a sale. This without a doubt has been the most blatant insult! With all the feeding off the so called sale by Campbell and friends and never a reckoning to the public. There is a tax concession we hear of once in a while that it has been said could leave us owing CN money but again no reckoning.
Shame to all involved and shame to those who continue to cover up the corruption that has been dumped on the people of this province.
These are soulless creatures that run amok amongst us doing their dastardly deeds.
But!! We now know their deeds and we now know their names, we know of the media's complacency,we know of the Judicial complacency, all players have been exposed and it is with this information and how it is used that a final chapter can now be written, our job is to keep it in the forefront and not let them forget we know.
Don F.,

You have shared a bushel of encouragement, and wow, does that feel good ... many thanks!

There's a powerful TV advert being shown recently, something in Black-and-White showing street violence ... until one of the rampaging youths notices that they're being watched (or filmed) and they quietly slink out of sight. A life was saved. And the motto is:

When someone is watching, the violence stops

It makes me think of folks like us, watching over BC Rail ...

and although I won't tell you how I know,

I do know that we have made a big difference in the BC Rail affair, and I'm proud of that because we did it together -- which is how it must be, in my view.

Please keep watching and speaking up and writing, Ron ... they say that each time we succeed in expressing our thoughts, we're speaking for 100 other people who never got around to doing exactly that.

It is important.
Mary,CP is no better than CN.CP was granted vast areas of vancouver island in exchange for building a railway.They logged the timber ,then were let off the hook on the E&N.And where does this 7 billion number come from? This "lease" is for 50 generations.The next one won't remember.Or care? I think we need to deal with this now.The BC NDP are pretty silent on this issue.I think the courts might be the only way to to get some of these crooks into jail.Thanks for letting me rant.,
Campbell's sale of the BCR, was corrupt and out and out theft. The theft was for the greedy land barons, and For Campbell's own benefit.

The theft of our assets, never does anything for the people. Campbell's theft and sale of our rivers, benefits who? Campbell is a criminal, and so is everyone else, involved in the BCR scam.

We need a bit of Egypt happening in BC, and indeed in all of Canada. Harper has been caught, with his hands in the cookie jar too.

For obvious reasons, Christy will block a criminal investigation, into the corrupt sale of the BCR. She can't afford not to.

However, there are thousands of us, who will not forget Campbell's, treachery and crime of, stealing our BCR and selling it. We have every intention of, keeping this theft, in the minds of the BC citizens. Pee on the media too, they are a disgusting disgrace.

I agree with you about CP but that's an excerpt from the "BC First" web-site, and I provided the link for that.
hi Mary, I was surprised to learn today that all your research and writings over the last 10? years have been officially put in a vacuum. According to AGT today, he instigated the investigation into the sale of BC Rail and the consequent scandals 3 months ago and everyone else is catching up.
Well I'll be a humpty dumpty!

Ha ha ha ha haaaa ...

Good one! Thanks for this.
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