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Michael Smyth to new BC premier: TACKLE THE BC RAIL DEBACLE FIRST

BC Mary comment:  Michael Smyth asks the new premier to tackle the BC Rail debacle. But ... psssttt! ... don't be fooled. He's referring only to the $6million pay-off to cover the legal costs of the Defence (Basi, Virk, Basi) in the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial. 

Who does Michael think he's kidding? The British Columbia public has waited 7 years for the full story of how our publicly-owned railway slid into private pockets. We've learned a few things about BC Rail. 

So spell it out, Michael: A Full Public Inquiry into the dumping of BC Rail ... that's what we must have.  Your own commenters are telling you this very clearly ... {Snip} ...

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Mary, rumor has it, Campbell is going nowhere. He will be steering Christy Clark and the BC Liberals, every inch of the way, until a new election.

How could Campbell and Christy allow a criminal investigation, into the corrupt sale of the BCR? They can't afford to. The trial was a travesty of justice, a total farce. The two of them had beaming smiles on their faces, saying they were exonerated, from any wrong doings attached to the corrupt sale. However, they are not going to prove their exoneration, by an investigation. That speaks for it's self. The media is another travesty, a disgrace to their professions. The corruption in this province, is so deep, a person can drown, in the filthy mire. As long as Campbell is around, no-one will oppose him. We all know what happens to the people that do. That includes, the courts, judges, RCMP, Elections BC, the FOI, the media. There is nothing in BC, that isn't corrupt. Hansen, even stacked the HST panel. To clear anything up, we have to run the BC Liberals, right out of this province. We are up against a monster, who thought nothing of, twice lying to win, two different elections.
You are absolutely right Mary. An absolute FULL INQUIRY and nothing less.
Anon 12:07,

I do believe you care about BC and that your wish is for a better day ahead.

You can help by looking for the constructive steps we can take toward a better future.
Michael Smyth is not really on our side on this issue.

He goes to great lengths trying to suggest we are somehow victims of nameless, faceless lobbyists.

This is false and I am pretty certain he knows this.

It was not a lobbyist who seduced the vain and fickle Gordon Campbell to leave municipal politics and run provincially for leader of an assorted lot of disenfranchised political whores.

It was not a lobbyist who planted the seed of surrending BC Rail to corporate elitists.

It was not a lobbyist who guided and funded and stroked the mark Campbell to position the conditions for the great train robbery.

It was David McLean, head honcho of the wealthy McLean (Family) Group.

It was David McLean, titular head of the 'American' CN.

It was David McLean, chief fund raiser of Gordon Campbell's 'election' campaigns.

It was David McLean, major donor via the MFG and CN to the BC Liberal party.

It was David Mclean, new found older 'best friend' of the hapless and pliable, fatherless Gordon Campbell.

Why on earth, would such a wealthy and powerful and busy man like the great David McLean take so much time out his important and time devouring schedule to mentor such a little, unimportant non entity, the likes of the real estate hustler Campbell?

Campbell's reward was a position light years beyond his capabilities and qualifications, however short lived.

McLean's reward was a quadrupling of his and his family groups wealth and the eternal gratitude of his handlers who made him appear internationally respectable as titular head of CN.

CN's reward was virtually complete control of all north-south, east-west flow of North American Free Trade goods, and with the addition of BC Rail, unhampered access to the New World Order 'Asia/Pacific Gateways'.

I think Mr.Smyth should rethink who's side he is on, and call for a 'full' BC Rail inquiry.
Two things: a "limited" inquiry into the guilty plea deal alone will not be able to be limited, even to begin to look at the why and wherefore means that the Defence's position has to be taken into account; agreeing to that inquiry is tantamount to agreeing to the larger one.

And Smyth's not a total write-off:
And take the advice of the province's registrar of lobbyists and start cleaning up the lobbying racket that led to the BC Rail Scandal in the first place.

Well, that lobbying racket led to the SALE of BC Rail (or lease or giveaway or whatever it exactly was) and any inquiry into it is going to lead straight to Patrick Kinsella, on the one hand, and the new Premier's brother on the other.

It's a not an area I expect her take action on, given that those near and dear to her and plugged into that particular gravy train, and have on intentions of relinquishing their first-class tickets on the same choo-choo.

All in the family; that must be what she means by "families first".
Well, i guess i just thought that the new law office was a little off topic; but, by all means, publish the fact that two of the oh-so-special prosecutors have now set-up a law office in The Landing, which is owned by David Mclean.

Winteringham MacKay George Law Corp
Suite 620
T (604) 659-6060


And, i might as well add that CN has an office in THe Landing as well:

Canadian National
Suite 420
T (604) 665-4208
I found that Janet Winteringham is assisting with West Coast LEAF intervening in polygamy reference question
“In Bountiful and elsewhere, women and girls live with gender inequality because of the practice of polygamy. To date, the polygamy provisions have been largely ignored in this province,” says Winteringham. “We are assisting West Coast LEAF because we are committed to ensuring that the polygamy provision is enforced in communities like Bountiful so as to prevent any further exploitation of women and girls.”
West Coast LEAF was granted leave to intervene in the Reference on the constitutionality of section 293 of the Criminal Code on February 16, 2010.
Quick read of some of the decision regarding applications that the witnesses be able to give evidence annonomously.
"4] During oral submissions, the applicants clarified that it was their intention that the identities of their witnesses would be disclosed to the Court and that any witness who testified behind a screen would also be visible to the Court.

[5] The Attorney General of British Columbia (the “AG BC”) and the Attorney General of Canada (the “AG Canada”) vigorously oppose this application. They argue that the relief sought would fundamentally degrade the integrity of the proceedings and unjustifiably violate the open court principle.

Ha ha ha
[50] As noted, the AG BC relies on the Dagenais/Mentuck analysis, which applies to applications which seek to restrict the openness of judicial proceedings.

ha ha ha
[65] More unusual still is the fact that the AG BC has initiated this reference in a trial court, as opposed to an appellate court where virtually every other reference in this country has been brought.
You can read more about the references the AG of BC and Canada use references to the OPEN COURT PRINCIPLE.
Smyth is a loyal "consigliare" to the Pat McGeer segment of the Libs.

Am I the only one who remembers the Liberal Party collapse in 1975, when McGeer, etc crossed the floor? The current Libs are really a Lib-Socred alliance. You notice that Caucas is opening up to Real-Libs who were reduced to independent status.

The worst Socreds are: Kevin Falcon, Rich Coleman and the rest of the Fraser Valley crime stopper clowns, not to mention most Kootenay and Okanagan MLAs.

Frankly, if Clark is elected, then this blog will likely turn into an anti-Socred blog. Clark needs to tar BVB elements with anti-party status. She is not as adverse to disclosure as one might suspect. Of course, I support a Dix government. Dix is an educator; and not one of the over-influential 9500 provincial attornies.
Greetings, Anonymous 3:09.

Thanks for your comment which I found interesting.

One major correction: this blog will NOT turn into an anti-Socred blog. Why?

because the focus of the blog is BCRail

and I'm convinced that we're ALL interested in the details of how BC lost its major lifeline.

So far as I can see: partisan politics cure nothing ... and I don't care how you vote, as long as you remember what happened to BC Rail ... and how that's being repeated and repeated until, in my nightmares, I see the beloved province of BC turned into a sterile gravel pit ...

oh wait, there's a gravel war going on, too.

But I think you'll know what I tried to say.

I also try to figure out the mind of W.A.C. Bennett who called 50% of BC citizens "socialist hordes" after he had "nationalized" BC Electric, created BC Ferries, created Simon Fraser University, seized the PGE, and in these spectacular ways, made things BETTER for us all.

So why did he also have to split the province into two warring factions, each faction yelling "Me good, You bad!" and getting us nowhere except deeper into insanity. It grieves me no end, that those public benefits can be destroyed so easily ...

and supposedly "democratically". Remember RCMP Staff Sgt John Ward explaining at the press conference Dec. 29, 2003, that Organized Crime had crept into all levels of society "since 2001"?

Which political party do the Organized Criminals belong to, I wonder? .

I hope you'll comment again ... and it would help a lot if people would chose a User Name so that there's continuity in our conversations.
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