Friday, April 15, 2011


Anti-Harper web-site goes viral!

Vancouver-based anti-Harper website attracts 2 million hits in first 4 days.

As our good friend, RossK at Pacific Gazette says so often, "The kids are all right."  

Visit the whole wonderful story HERE and see the 4 kids who created the website.

They get it.  Go here (Margaret Atwood did) and be refreshed: 

Click HERE


High Five, Five, 

Sorry, I think I've messed up the format ... too tired tonight ... back tomorrow.

Thanks for this Mary,
A remarkable example of how modern social media can play a massive role in the outcome of events. All politicians should head this.
Good on them! The neatest part of this is that they are just stating facts and making no false claims, just telling it like it is.
Funny how the past comes back to haunt, Mr. Harper never saw it coming, sweet!
The Truth Shall Set US FREE!
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