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BC Rail: How I watched the entire Leaders' TV Debate and discovered the meaning of political life

BC Mary comment. It's "Federal Leadership TV Debate Day" + one ... and although it's true that I watched the whole performance, I found it incredibly flat and unsettling. Strange to say, I also found the answer to how I want to vote. More of that later.

Right now, this blog -- which is entirely focused upon BC Rail -- has 5 comments in the queue waiting for me to decide what to do with them. They're not about BC Rail. They're not even about good governance or the fate of the country we love. Example [a mere excerpt, leaving out many fiery questions about BC Mary's bad behaviour]:

... And what about those who receive dividends from those big big corporations because they are SHAREHOLDERS? GUess what, they taxed on that income too, but receive a dividend tax credit.

Are you going to complain about individuals who recieve a dividend tax credits as unfair and unjust?

Before you do that, you better get educated, becuase from your rant, you clearing are emotional and not educated at all in respect of income tax, or economdics.

Ahem. Yes ... 

These knock-off droppings are what I dislike most of all: political party-line brainless denunciations of "They're good, Everybody Else bad" ... apparently (in my case) because I applaud that good lady, Sheila Fraser, who has nailed a prime minister who damwell deserves to be nailed. Not because he's "Conservative" because Stephen Harper is no Conservative at all; just ask David  Orchard. Go HERE for that disgraceful  story. [Disclosure: I had a Progressive Conservative Party membership card at that time.]  Some readers will remember Orchard as the brilliant organic farmer living in Saskatchewan -- who seemed symbollic and well-schooled in everything that was good, strong, Canadian about the old P.C.P. It was a heady time, I tell you.

Just go HERE for Wikipedia's summary of David Orchard's time in the spotlight, including the ominous arrival of the Canadian Alliance, drooling at the thought of the historic Progressive Conservative Party as road-kill. And it didn't take long. Read about the signed agreement between Orchard & MacKay which declared that there would never be a merger; then read about the merger ... which put a certain ominous Stephen Harper in the leadership role of a once-historic conservative party, thenceforth known as the Conservative Party of Canada (C.P.C.) (no longer "progressive"). Go HERE to see Harper's happy face announcing that he's another wonderful "Conservative" prime minister, as of January 23, 2006.

It had been a bumpy road, up until then ... my favourite moment was when "The Communist Party of Canada" which had always been The C.P.C.,  took Harper's upstart CPC to court for stealing their acronym. Ha. Guess how that turned out. But it was a good moment, almost as good as when the Harperites -- re-inventing themselves for the umpteenth time -- discovered that they'd made themselves into the Canadian Reform Alliance Party -- oops, no, no, not that one ... this one: C.R.A.P.

It goes to show, i.m.h.o., that S. Harper had and still has a powerful backroom machine headquartered in Calgary with its strong U.S. oil links. It didn't take long for toxic politics to kill Orchard off ... Stockwell Day got the boot (sorta) ... Preston Manning stepped away ... and it really didn't take long before this Michelin Man emerged, boss of everything. He even (I'm not making this up) had David Orchard thrown OUT of the party (whatever it was called, by then). Like, how the heck dare he? But that's the Stephen Harper we have come to know.

David Orchard became a Liberal. Not the BC fake kind of Liberal In Name Only ... but a real federal Liberal.

Peter MacKay at that time, was the last leader of the original, historic party of Sir John A. MacDonald, Diefenbaker.  My membership lapsed and I still think that Canada lost a very good person when we  let the C.R.A.P. party crush David Orchard. Many others thought so, too: "He speaks for Canada" ... "He can take us back to our roots" ... thoughts fully expressed HERE.

In my opinion, many ghosts were riding on Harper's shoulders in yesterday's TV debate. His "closed" expression says he's a dead man walking ... happy to do what he's told, but a robot all the same. Only a soulless machine would revise an old letter to make it look as if the Auditor-General of Canada is praising the Harper Gang of today -- when, in fact, it was praising the Martin Liberals of a bygone era. How unethical, how dirt-bag stupid, how mechanical is that. Read about it HERE. The findings of Sheila Fraser simply confirmed the CRAPsters' blind, aggressive stupidity once again. Don't miss Prime Time Crime's important new info. HERE, under today's date.

And I find that same, blind soulless, aggressive stupidity in these 5 letters. Decision: they are deleted. Meantime ...

The TV debate did clarify how I'd like to vote. Mind you, how we vote is really nobody else's business; right? But I'm going to tell you my voting-wish because I can't vote as I'd like to vote. Here's why, in two parts:

1) I've been admiring Jack Layton (his credentials HERE). The media rode roughshod over him at first, hitting him over and over about his health. Is that cricket? I don't think so. And I began thinking: why don't people say "Jack, this is real courage you're showing: broken hip, prostate surgery, and you're sounding strong, well-informed, decisive, and caring about the right things. Well done." I thought he was courageous in all the right ways.

2) I was also thinking about what we've learned about Michael Ignatieff. Not Canadian? Ha. Few of us are as Canadian as he and his family are. Rarely have we had a prime minister who has already made a distinguished contribution abroad [see a bit about that HERE]  and then brought its honour with us back home ... for Canada's benefit. Plus: Ignatieff brings no toxic partisan politics with him.

I realized, during the debate, that I desperately want to vote for BOTH OF THEM ... for both Liberal and NDP (federal, not provincial). For historic old political parties. Familiar. For two decent men with enormous gifts to bring to the task of leading this wonderful country. Much, much more trustworthy people. 

Then I fully understood why Michelin Man began this election campaign by denouncing an old, honourable tradition: coalition. Ha! He knows it too: that, if the federal Liberals and the federal NDP were to join forces, Canada would once again be Canadian.

And frankly, I think a Liberal-NDP coalition would listen to us if British Columbia tries to inform a federal Liberal-NDP coalition government ... tries to make it clear to them that BC Rail was stolen from us ... that Ottawa can do something, because BC Rail lost its regional status and comes under a federal statute when (wrongfully) CN seized it.


Very good post Mary!
I also watched the debate and came away feeling as you that there is a humanness in Layton, a trooper, who when placed in debate with the likes of Harper, just shines. Harper is an empty individual without conscience or moral fiber. It was refreshing to see the stark difference, Layton is humble and human, Harper is a machine.
I have no qualms about where my vote will go, we simply can't maintain the status quo any longer and hope to survive as a nation with any respect in the world, a nation unified and working for the good of itself and not corporate shareholders with their pockets overflowing with our hard earned money whilst our children and elderly starve! To anyone out there who can't understand this simple analogy I say to you perhaps another country with your philosophy would suit you better.
Don F.
Many thanks, Don.

I enjoyed writing this post today because it took me back to some good old times when we knew a lot more than we do now, about what it means to be Canadian.

And that's alarming, because it's not that long ago!!

I blame Harper, his leadership, his backroom boys, and his iron determination ... he keeps yipping about "the election nobody wanted" but I'm not the only one saying that it's possibly the most important election we've ever had

It's the People vs Harper in all his disguises from Reform to Alliance to C.R.A.P. to C.P.C.

Did you see today's Prime Time Crime item about legal ways to publish the letter faked by the Harper Gang?

That's the signature of the Harper Gang and its nasty methods.
Great post Mary.
What was the CRAP but a coalition? Remember their war cry 'Unite the Right'? Now a possible united front of REAL Canadians against the ideology of foreign corporate interests is a bad thing? Not in my book. And what's all this CRAP about nobody wanting an election? Can't happen soon enough for me. I missed the debate due to a 'mistake' in the online TV listings on CTV Calgary's website. They had it starting at 7:00 PM MDT. If it is re-broadcast I will find it somehow. I want to see Harper's deer-in-the-headlights impression.
I find Layton as I would a used car salesman. Phony and full of bs.

The only credible voice I heard last night was harpers.

Thank you for listening to...
we have the respect and envy of the world. Don F doesnt see things this way. I feel sorry for Don F, to be so miserable in such relatively great times.

Thank you for listenging to...
I agree, Great Post, Mary!
Only problem I have with Michael Ignatieff is that he's succumbed to Harper's poison by allowing the PM to take the initiative on the subject of any 'coalition'.

Instead of permitting Harper to finesse the issue, Ignatieff should have prevented Harper's gambit by simply stating the obvious: That coalitions are perfectly valid democratic institutions and that Harper is the one playing fast and loose with the truth, history and parliamentary traditions and precedents.

Unfortunately, by letting Pee Wee get away with his patent lies Ignatieff has lost the high ground and permitted the conservative slander to be repeated again and again...

He should have replied to Harper's provocation with strong and principled leadership and made the prospect of strategic voting (for either NDP or Liberal candidates) a viable choice for those of us, like you, who are desperate to force Harper off the national stage for the good of the country.
I have to agree with you, G West ... I've never given any credibility to Harper's notion of the evils of coalition.

It would've been much better if Ignatieff had turned on Harps and called it "just another lie", putting the country at risk for personal benefit.
What does CKDA stand for?

Crapcon Koolaid Dispensing Agent?
CKDA, Charlie Sheen also believes he has the respect of the world but is a fool as you know.
As far as who has lost respect for Canada the United Nations comes to mind along with Steven Harper, Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark.
There is also a new one who doesn't have a name he just calls himself CKDA.
Hi Ron,

CKDA was the name of a radio station in victoria not so many yrs ago.

Back when there were few street people, no needle exchange, no Open Door, no Homeless Industry.

I beleive Guergis did coke. I am glad she is gone, and her parading her baby may make BC Mary give her the benefit of the doubt, but does nothing for me.

Thank you for listening to ...

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