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Eliminate partisan politics and the issues become clearer.

BC Mary comment: Here's an important demonstration of how citizens may rise above partisan politics to discuss a vital issue: why we need a public inquiry into BC Rail, why the current premier won't allow it, and how the next BC government is almost certain to do so. 

BC citizens should never feel that we are  helpless spectators. Yes, we do have a right to know every detail about how BC Rail was taken out of our public ownership and slipped into private pockets ... that's why we need the public inquiry.

But we also have a duty to understand what went wrong with BC Rail and to take corrective steps where necessary. Presentations like this can only help the process. 

Go HERE to pick up on this conversation:



Thanks for the link -- well done interview.
I've asked the candidates of the four main Federal parties whether they think there should be an inquiry into the BC Rail case.

I've heard back from all but the Green party.

Nice work, thanks from all of us!

Now ... what did the 4 main federal parties say?
These were the email responses:

Conservative (MP)Incumbent: Said BC Rail is not federal jurisdiction, so she is not in a position to agree or disagree with having an inquiry.

Liberal Candidate: Said BC Rail is a Provincial, not a Federal matter.

NDP Candidate: Said there should be an inquiry into BC Rail.

Green Candidate: Have not received a response yet but I will try again.

I think it's pretty lame for the Conservatives and Liberals to sluff off the BC Rail case. It's a big issue in BC.
Thanks for this information, Hugh. And now, more work for you to do!

I agree that it's pretty lame of the Cons and Federal Liberal candidates to shrug off the BC Rail case, especially

when the painful fact is acknowledged that BCRail lost its special status as a regional railway (OUR regional railway) and was swallowed up by the legislation which overwhelmed CN in its day as well ...

So the candidates who tried to shrug you off, that way, should be ashamed of themselves for knowing SO LITTLE about BC Rail that they don't know even that much.

Go back to them, Hugh. Look up the details and then go back at them. Politely ask them how we can correct the situation if we allow this level of official secrecy to continue?
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