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Isn't there a law against impersonation? or "passing off" as someone else, for personal gain? If there isn't, there should be.

BC Mary comment: When these two comments came in yesterday, I thought they were very strange because I've made it clear that I don't do "Me good, You bad" partisan politics on this blog. Very strange indeed. These comments seemed to be coming from somebody I knew (the name) but they were utterly unlike anything he would've written. What to do? Well, I wrote to the person I knew, and said, "Is this you?" In real life, he is known for the depth, accuracy, and humour of his comments, and I just couldn't believe that this hateful stuff had actually come from him (as it appeared to do). So I asked, and in a moment I'll be able to show you why I have turned away from partisan politics. Can you believe that people get paid for doing these dirty tricks? ... 

BC Mary wrote ...

Haven't heard from you in a long time ... and I have missed you. I hope all is well with you.

Today these two comments arrived on The Legislature Raids from "CAL" but they are so unlike you, I'm wondering if they really do come from you.

I decided long ago, to avoid partisan politics, EVEN during election campaigns. BC Rail stuff, yes, and on that score I admit to having a declared revulsion  primarily for Gordon Campbell but also for Leonard Krog; and my feelings are solidly based upon BC Rail reasons. 

Your blog has always carried an easygoing p.o.v. which I admire very much. However ... in these two comments from "CAL" (copied below), serious allegations are made without sources (so unlike the Cal I know), plus errors (Fastcars) and the "Inland Island Hwy" (what is that??) etc. ... I just gotta ask:

... is this YOU?  And please don't get me wrong. I'm not challenging your opinion. Jeez, no. I'm the BC Mary who got thoroughly beaten up by my friends for honouring a friendship with Paul Nettleton, when he chose a different team! So this isn't about your opinion (if these are your opinions). No, I just want to let you know that these two politically partisan comments were accepted because, at first, I thought they came from you ... otherwise, I wouldn't have let a toxic  political debate get started on The Legislature Raids.



Then I sent him the comments in question. Here they are. Somebody calling themselves "CAL" wrote:

the ndp are fricken IDIOTS!

the ndp tried this same scheme yrs ago, i think was called the FAIR WAGE scheme:

-contractors went on the payroll temporarily to give the illusion that govt funded jobs (ie the Inland Island Hwy, painting contracts at the Ledge, FastCats, etc), were creating employment.

In reality, they werent. After the project ended, the employee contracts were terminated, and the workers when back to being self-employed contractors.

AND GET THIS!!! a direct result of FAIR WAGE scheme, costs soared on ALL govt funded projects this scheme was used, and projects were not proceeded with, or where done half-assed, ie the Inland Island HWY, for prime example.

As a result of budgets overruns, stop lights were installed instead of overpasses, and the Inland Island HWY failed to provide the non stop speed it was designed for.

When will the ndp ever learn?

FastCars, Inland Island Hwy, etc and so on.

Just how short are BCers memory?

Dont let the NDP FOOL YOU AGAIN!!

I will be NOT be voting npd, not provincially, not federally, not ever.


and then this 2nd one:

Don F your analogy is way off.

Hugh, the ndp have proven time and again that they are incompetant to run the province. Dont take my word for it, look at the lack of talent in their ranks for proof.

The ndp were utterly useless at holding the Fiberals to account for the Rail BC Fiasco.

Bill VanderZalm, who hasnt been elected in almost 2 decades, was the unofficial leader of the opposition in respect of holding the govt to account for the HST.
All Carol James could do is hold his hand and hoper her face got included in the media print, becuase be darned if she understood a how and what VanderZalm was doing.

The ndp are so woefully out of their league, its not even funny. If they were a Toyota, they would have 500,000 klicks on their clock, not 100K, and they would be the toyota that was scorched by the disaster, not the one in your cozy, safe garage.


Within minutes -- I'm pleased to report -- there was a reply from the man known for the depth, accuracy, and humour of his comments. He said:

Most definitely NOT me Mary.

I'm hoping to get back to the blogging soon....Actually stuck in the science geek bunker as I type this...

How are things with you?


BC Mary's conclusion
: I'm so glad I asked. Now I'm wondering how many pathetic souls are surfing the net, looking for places where they can deposit these toxic droppings which distort the facts and destroy the meaning of a social democracy. 



Please explain.
I think this is what was intended FYI
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