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Rise up, Canada!


Rise up, Canada / Debout, Canada

Click HERE for the answer to any bozos who dare to look at what's happening to this country and say "So what?"

BC Mary comment: "The Harper Government" wants to buy 65 of this new U.S. F-35 Stealth fighter aircraft. Harper didn't know exactly how much they would cost. No wonder. These planes would be coming to us without engines. Isn't the engine the most critical part of any aircraft? 

Canada’s F-35s: Engines not included

Government will be required to provide powerplant for stealth fighters, documents show

The Ottawa Citizen -  April 17, 2011
The multi-million dollar F-35 stealth fighter that the Conservatives want to purchase comes with all the accoutrements of a high-tech aircraft — everything, that is, except an engine.

Go HERE to see photograph by Reuters.

The multi-million dollar F-35 stealth fighter that the Conservatives want to purchase comes with all the accoutrements of a high-tech aircraft — everything, that is, except an engine.

The government will be required to provide engines for the 65 planes to be delivered by U.S. manufacturer Lockheed Martin, according to newly released Defence Department documents.

The proposed F-35 purchase, estimated to cost between $14 billion and $29 billion depending on what figures are used, has been controversial. Opposition parties are calling for a review or cancellation of the program, while the Tories have made it a key part of their defence policy.

The DND documents, which outline answers to questions about the F-35, also note that the stealth fighter could be used in a secondary role for search-and-rescue.

The records, obtained through the Access to Information law by peace activist Tamara Lorincz, are from a series of meetings last fall when defence bureaucrats and military officers toured the country to promote the F-35 deal.

“Engines are provided as gov’t furnished equipment,” noted the documents.

The term “government furnished equipment” signifies that the engines are being provided separately by Canada.

It is unclear how much extra the engines will cost or whether there would be additional costs for installing the power plants into the fighters.

In an e-mail late Friday, DND stated that Canada is purchasing the least costly variant of the F-35.

But DND did not provide an explanation about why the government is required to provide the engines.

It also did not provide any details on the price tag of the engines or the cost to install them.

But the e-mail suggested the cost of the engines is included in the overall price.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has labelled the F-35 as a good deal for Canada and notes that the aircraft will cost around $75 million per plane.

The Conservatives say the entire purchase will cost around $14 billion but a report from Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page puts the number at $29 billion.

The Government Accountability Office, the U.S government’s equivalent of the auditor general, has also warned about serious ongoing problems with the aircraft and rising costs. Mike Sullivan, a senior official with the Government Accountability Office, estimates that the F-35 model that Canada is buying will cost between $110 to $115 million.

U.S. defence specialist Winslow Wheeler, who has also raised concerns about the F-35, has warned that the extra cost of an engine could boost the price of an aircraft for Canada to around $148 million.

“If Canada’s government can get an F-35 for the mid-70 million dollars per airplane, well they should sign a contract right now and get it delivered,” said Wheeler, an analyst with the Center for Defense Information in Washington. “Because I can promise you nobody on this earth will ever get a flying F-35 for $75 million per copy. It’s pure fantasy.”

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yeah, Rise Up, but after listening to the video I turned to my wife and said..... Do you remember the $1,000,000,000 Sponsorship scandal that the Liberals spent to keep themselves in government?

It its not the Conservatives, and its not the Liberals, the only party left is the one that has never been government, never had the opportunity to sell the public short on election promises.....

This is a non partisan blog, have I crossed the line here BC Mary by pointing out that there is only one viable party, the ndp.
Finally some passion !

Methinks Harpers Follies may just be getting an exit soon !

It gladded my heart to see videos of University students across the land getting out the vote.

Was sorry to learn that Elections Canada is no longer allowing voting at University sites (though they will honour votes from U. of Guelph polling site).

Hope these invigorated, smart and savvy University students will 'rise up' against this attempt to squash their voting rights.

Please no Harper majority - i'd prefer a coalition government over that.
From the Guelph Mercury newspaper:


... [The Liberal Party incumbent for Guelph riding] Valeriote had a problem with the happenings reported at the ballot box and attributed to Conservative campaign members.

Elections Canada media adviser James Hale said Thursday the episode “was a minor incident. It was mostly yelling and shouting.”

However, several witnesses allege an attempt was made to seize control of a ballot box during the incident.

“What happened at the polling station, it was nothing but thuggery,” Valeriote said. “The type of conduct seen at the polling station is the type of conduct condoned by the prime minister in Ottawa and it’s now been exported to Guelph.”

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed the case on the campaign trail Friday, prior to Elections Canada’s decisions.

Harper said the party was interested in making sure election rules were followed.

“It’s worrying. I can’t believe it,” Ignatieff said, during a campaign stop in the Ottawa suburb of Orleans.

“This is part of a pattern. First you have a prime minister check the Facebook page of people coming to his meeting … and then you have a Conservative operative trying to grab a ballot box at a university in a town precisely where students were mobilizing to get out the vote,” he said.

Guelph NDP candidate Bobbi Stewart said she was in disbelief over the matter. Cancelling the student votes would have amounted to “another erosion of our democracy,” she said.

Guelph Green party candidate John Lawson said the Conservative party’s handling of this matter is now “a key issue” in this campaign. “It’s about the politics of intimidation and exclusion. This is politics of fear.”
Well, Harper is batting a thousand, he is alienating the student body for votes too. How is it that @$$ is ahead in the polls?

I can't believe this. He has criminals working with him. The Conservatives are held in contempt by the House.

I just read about the jets, with no engines. His arrogance and stubborn attitude, to refuse to answer legitimate questions, concerning, his jet buying spree. I just answered my own question, that's why he was avoiding questions, no engines.

How can it be, people don't see through him? Canada is in dire danger, if Harper wins a majority. Canada will be owned by, the giant company's Harper is working for.
For the first time in ten dirty long years the citizens of BC finally have a chance at wiping out the god-damn BC Liberals.

Not only does the mis-named Liberal filth need to be wiped out as a party, but the NDP needs to institute public and police investigations into a decade of organized criminal activity by the Campbellite/Clarkist plutocrats.
"Clarkist" - new term, but I like it.....I was gonna use "Clarkian" but it sounds too philosopical/adjectiveal..."Clarkist"sounds like a cult, which is what we're dealing with....
If all the students at U of C had been allowed to vote in Calgary West, MP Rob Anders would never have served a second term.
We learned we certainly can't trust Elections BC.

Harper is practically going nuts and acting bizarre, so frantic, is he to win this election.

He is behaving as Campbell did, when he was so rabid to win, that he twice lied to be re-elected, for two different elections. The BCR wasn't for sale election lie. The HST not on Campbell and Hansen's radar, along with the lie about the provincial election.

Are there still scrutineers to oversee the ballot counts? It seems terrible to be so suspicious, but, my trust is totally gone, when it comes to the BC Liberals and Harper.
Hey, good of you Anon 12:40 pm to ask if there are still scrutineers. Let's not let that system disappear on us.

And while we're at it, let's never allow our voting to be done by computer like in the U.S. You can bet Harper and the Clarkists are just jonesing for that. So bloody easy to manipulate without anyone knowing.

Someone was agonizing about Harper still being ahead in the polls. Listen folks, polls are tallied by private organizations, and there's no third party oversight on them.

Don't ever believe that polls cannot be or won't be manipulated. Polls are just another tool by used by the mainstream media to herd the public in the direction they and their pals want us to go.

So don't assume Harper sits atop the heap in the public's mind.
What really angers me is. Harper has involved Canada in two wars now. The billions of tax dollars wasted on those wars, jets with no engines and a fake lake. We are looking at at, 11 billion for cuts. No doubt, most of those cuts will be our health care.

Canada was a peacekeeping nation, until Harper. Are we a state called, Canada U.S.A? Canadians, don't want to be involved in wars. We help people of other nations, we don't bomb them and kill, innocent men, women and children. Canada, was not a war mongering nation. We have always been, a benevolent country.
Annymous 1:33, did you just wake up, or are you really that clued out?

The Liberals got us into the Afganisgtan war. Not Harper.

The NDP, the Liberals and the Conservatives unanimously voted to go into Libia. Canadians DO in fct want to be involved.
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