Friday, April 22, 2011


Unbelievably beautiful



BCR 4618 leads 762 and 3911... Cleared to the mile 154 on Seton Lake.


Corporatists crippling British Columbia

Regional News

Corporatists crippling British Columbia's political economy (while robbing its citizens): 

Two examples—Campbell coalition gave away BC Rail to oligarchs and DFO 'stacks' salmon quotas to cut jobs and up corporate profits

Posted Monday, April 25, 2011 -  by: Jim Scott, Saltspring News

Once proud and independent BC communities have been stripped of their railroad and once proud and independent fishermen are being reduced to wage-earning employees, the equivalent of grocery store clerks working in a vertically integrated food corporation.

... unlike Alaska, where the license to catch fish is held by a fisherman who must be onboard the boat when it is fishing, Canada has respected the capital investment in the boat over the rights of the citizen to make a living. 

- Alan Haig-Brown.

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Thanks Mary! Wonderful picture of "our" rail cars.

We must all push and and not let this go away, (I know it won't) and we WILL get our full public inquiry and will hold all of those to account for this travesty, and once again BC Rail will belong to the people of British Columbia.

Have a Happy Easter.
Never will we forget Campbell's election lie, The BCR wasn't for sale.

We won't forget, the taint on Christy Clark and family either. All those involved, need to do time and pay heavy fines.

The stink of them hangs in our BC air, that all of us have to breathe. And, that is intolerable.
It's too bad that this beautiful picture is marred by having a CN rail car so visible.
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