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BC Rail: If privileged people do the stealing, does that make it OK for ordinary people to keep doing the losing out part?

Monday morning shocks

By BC Mary
Monday, May 16, 2011

Early this morning, May 16, 2011, I turned on the TV to CBC Newsworld.  With no ado whatsoever, thank goodness, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation took me to the small northerly town of Slave Lake, Alberta, because 50% of that little town burned to the ground last night click HERE

... including their Town Hall, their High School, and their Library ... while 7,000 residents ran for their lives ... and the wildfires are still burning hard. Imagine. Just like that.

Next I saw the rich farmlands around Borden and Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (not that far away, as crows fly) being destroyed by drowning in an incredible, historic flooding.  Farm after farm, family after family, homes, livestock, everything drowning with the water still rising. Imagine. Just like that.

There's a spot of trouble south of us, too. HERE.

But mostly, down south of the international border, we see cheers and rejoicing at the $1Billion Florida launch of the Shuttle ENDEAVOUR on its final journey.  That's correct: each launch costs them $1Billion. At the same time as U.SA. hits its $14 Trillion debt limit today, they  will be dipping into pension funds to add borrowing capacity, says Reuters today, May 16, 2011. See that HERE.

Apropos of the world as perhaps only the despicable Col. Russell Williams once perceived it, today's "news" shows a major star of the financial world getting himself hauled off to the slammer HERE

instead of marching to his personal preference of becoming president of France. Incredible, when he's SO important. See that HERE.

For ordinary folks, there's special stuff. Like, about ordinary people being beheaded while shopping ... ordinary people being dug out of newly-discovered pits ... or given day parole after murdering 4 children last year.  The reader might get the uncanny idea that this is only to be expected. As in, Ours not to reason why, ours but to do or dieHERE.

Oh, and what do ordinary folks think about the reported death of the notorious, the infamous Osama bin Laden?  Phhttt. Shrug.  Probably a fabricated narrative intended to pull attention away from somebody's birth certificate.  Maybe the Strauss-Kahn arrest was fabricated too (he was a socialist, you know).

On the other hand, many important things get UNfabricated: such as Christy Clark's astoundingly amazing photo finish (she won, of course, in the final few moments of election day) and nobody cares. What do ordinary folks know, after all.  [Answer: seems obvious to me that ordinary folks are supposed to know very little. Try finding a photo of Gordo's longtime girlfriend who was paid  big taxpayers' bucks in his office for many years. Try finding out much about Strauss-Kahn already. Try ... well, you get the point.]

So I ask you: is there some law against helping citizens resolve a legitimate, responsible inquiry into ... for example ... w.t.f. happened to the nation's 3rd largest railway?  How come somebody else thinks they own it, against our wishes? Why is the deal they made with the Campbell Gang still partly secret?

Why haven't charges been laid where bribery and deception have occurred? Is there some law that prevents the news of our world being presented to us as fairly and squarely as possible? Is there some law that says certain evil things can and should happen without recourse? Did  Gordo slip new legislation into being, which decrees that some familiar crimes are OK, but other kinds of familiar crime are criminal? You think I am kidding? I am not kidding.

The loss of BC Rail is, in my view, a tragedy equal to a wildfire ... equal to a historic flood ... equal to the loss of sovereignty ... and I tell you frankly ... next Monday morning, I'd like to see, on CBC Newsworld or in The Globe and Mail, or The Guardian U.K., or even on CNN or preferably all of the above, a wall of full-on support for the people of British Columbia who have also suffered and paid and suffered and paid, because "somebody" stole our railway -- BC Rail -- and nobody is willing to unlock those evil secrets.  Are we really supposed to believe that because privileged people did the stealing ... it's OK for ordinary people to keep doing the losing-out part?

Today's news makes me think that this might actually be true. One of Gordo's mangiest crimes was to impersonate and degrade the name of the historic Liberal Party of Canada.

No wonder the BC Liberal Party is thinking of changing its name to better suit its current identity. Some like the "Conservative Reform Alliance Party", that's C.R.A.P. But the best suggestion I've heard so far is the

Witness Protection Party.


Anonymous comment noted in passing:

Too bad our former beloved Premier wasn't in this club


Mary, Mary, Mary,

It is so wonderful when you actually get your back up and write about what you think and how you feel, all, of course, backed up with links to relevant articles and such. This is DEFINITELY NOT meant to demean the INVALUABLE work you have done over the years documenting, providing links and archiving the entire sordid BC Rail ongoing travesty like no one else. I sometimes lay awake at night HOPING against hope that you are working on a back up to the wonderful, wonderful archive of tragedy and CRIME that the Ledge Raids chronicles.

This post, everything that Robin contributes and Kim's offering "on being human" today at Sister Sage's are some of the only things besides my guitar that allows me to still give a sh*t!

Thank you for being BC MARY!
You know, Mary, I watched all of those same news stories on the CBC this morning. It felt very surreal to me in the way it was all presented. I somehow missed the important item of pension funds being raided because the tanning bed John Boehner led Republicans want to cut services to poor and middle income people rather than tax the rich folks and their oil companies.
Koot, m'darlin' ...

Beejaysus, as our friend RossK would say in such baffling circumstances ...

Beejaysus, this calls for at least 3 kisses on top of your handsome head.

And btw., I can't count the times that something you've written has kept me going for another day, another week.

So BIG THANKS right back at you.

Well, I told Ross, the BC Liberal party should be called, the T.F.B. party.

Don't like the theft of your BCR. The theft of your rivers, The HST given to big business. Well that's T.F.B. you will be forced to contend with our lying and thieving anyway.

Your comment just helped me to fully appreciate something else about The Newz as seen on May 16, 2011

and that is (prompted by your "surreal" remark:

This is the first time I've fully experienced Marshall Macluhan's famous dictum:

"The medium is the message."

I felt it. You felt it. I hope others felt it, too.

Now, what are we going to do about it?

Well, at very rock-bottom least, we can keep asking the questions and shining a bright light on what the scoundrels persist in doing.

And to the aforementioned scoundrels, I say: "T.f.b."

You have testified terribly well today, Mary; and i truly appreciate all that you have done here.

Let me only say that there are two tracks, and one of them is going in the right direction. That's the one we're on. Though it may seem dark now, we will come out into the light someday. And when this trip is over, the people of BC will have their railway back.
Oh, Mary, you do see the disconnect.

But yet, I still think that maybe, other than private blogs, the CBC is still the best we're going to get at almost authentic(albeit safe enough) reporting.
I find myself watching and trusting mostly Public TV; Ontario TVO, Alberta Access, Knowledge Net and Spokane,KSPS in USA which is gov't funded to some degree(lately slash/funded in the USA and possibly soon to be here, who knows?)
But oh my! did I ever talk back to the telly during The Agenda,(TVO)when Steve Paikin had Stephan Dion and others discussing the environmental issues forgotten in the election debates last week. I have never really supported the Fed. Libs but I did admire the brave environmental stance that Dion took. Unfortunately when Stephan said that it takes courage by premiers such as Gordon Campbell to bring in a carbon tax; I almost lost my dinner! I shouted at the telly that those carbon tax monies are going into "general revenues" nowhere to be seen; certainly not to promote green alternatives.I almost phoned up the station to invite him out to B.C. to hear about the realities of Campbell's years.
The air was blue...I didn't realize the pent-up anger that's been brewing here. I'll bet the same situation exists in so many Point Grey homes over the past while as well.
Say where did those last minute boxes of votes for Christy come from???
There is a disconnect between those who rule and those who pay the bills ie;taxes. In 1919 there was a walk from B.C. across the country to Ottawa around a general strike after the WW1 young soldiers came home to no (as reported on CBC)the unemployment rate for males between 16 and 29 is 14%; that is twice the general rate of 7%.
The "Fight the HST" was a good start, last year.
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